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MEDIA RELEASE - June 10, 2014

Victim blaming takes on new meaning as Washington's pretentious Washington Post hosts more misogyny and rape culture from the right. Sexual assault 'victimhood' [sic] is now a coveted status that confers privileges says the Post's columnist George F. Will.Condemning the Obama administration and claiming it is riding to the rescue of "sexual assault" victims (as if helping rape survivors is a bad thing), George Will describes the recent spate of rapes as a "hookup culture" - a "cocktail of hormones, alcohol…"Clearly the 72-year-old gentleman has never been raped.

.:: Boycott The Washington Post: Cancel All Advertising ::.

Toronto - June 10, 2014 19:59 hrs. - The RINJ Foundation board met and discussed over the weekend and finally decided today on a boycott of the "Washington Post" after reading the Posts' irresponsible rebuttal to criticism of George Will's Friday column.

"It is the Foundation's position that being a rape survivor is not a status to be coveted under any circumstance," said The RINJ Foundations executive director, Micheal O'Brien.

In a statement released by the RINJ Foundation on its web site, the organization warned that victim blaming must end in the West's media before the scourge of rape elsewhere on the globe comes to an end.

"Glorifying rape," says the Foundation's statement, "and blaming future victims of this heinous crime is the essence of the problem. We call it a 'Rape Culture'. We accuse the Washington Post of promoting 'Rape Culture'."

"We are trying to tell people in India not to rape as two girls are taken down from a hanging tree, meanwhile George Will says "victimhood" is a coveted status," said Mr. O'Brien.

The Post’s Fred Hiatt said Will’s Friday column "achieved the goal of a good op-ed by sparking a [discussion]" but The RINJ Foundation's position is unequivocal: rape is unacceptable--no discussion.

The RINJ Foundation urges all its supporters and corporate contributors to cancel advertising in the "Washington Post" until such time as the 'Post' exhibits a more rape-adverse moral compass, adopting a more realistic and law abiding approach to the topic of rape and apologizes to all rape survivors for it's cavalier attitude toward their pain and suffering.

"In all of the thousands of rape survivors we have encountered, none felt their status was to be coveted," added O'Brien.


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Micheal O'Brien, Executive Director 
The RINJ Foundation, micheal@rinj.org