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Released at Toronto, October 24, 2011:

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"You know shes [sic] playing hard to get when your [sic] chasing her down an alleyway"

This "alleyway" community is nothing compared to pages we have caused to be closed down through lobbying and reporting to Facebook and its advertisers. There are other festering pages of porn, sexual violence and child-molestation advocacy  we seek to close down. We never picked on the "alleyway" page, the media chose that one as emblematic without actually drawing readership to child porn and pro-rape trash. The pro-child-molestation and pro-rape pages we primarily loathe. That's the truly disgusting content RINJ is targeting first. The "alleyway" is just a pretender.

The "alleyway" has been cleaned up to some extent, we agree. But, it now has a thread that is cryptically talking about killing young women members of RINJ.

The horrible content our researchers see is disgusting: videos of minors having sex as in the Amber Cole matter; child porn images; rape; hate-speak; and pro-child-molestation. Facebook is open to persons 13+ but lets face it we suspect younger  kids could be on Facebook too with their older siblings or by other means. Families share their picnics on Facebook. This horror that is accessible to all who are logged in is not appropriate.

Our mantra is "Rape Is No Joke" because Facebook once used that as a stupid answer to some media inquiries. Our goal is to get rid of the pro-sexual violence content, not jokes. We want advertisers to pull their ads and we want consumers to boycott products advertised on pro-sexual-assault pages.

The Royal Bank, Sony, Blackberry and others have pulled their ads because the freely supplied content by unregulated, unfettered contributors of malfeasance is so bad, they must. Have you really not seen the disgusting content our researchers continue to find on Facebook? We don't get aid to do this work. Facebook should be monitoring its own content. Child Porn is not a joke. Sexual assault of children, women, men, anyone is not appropriate anywhere but particularly not for a family social network.

Many members of the RINJ Foundation as men, women, parents or parents-to-be, do not want this pro-rape content on Facebook or anywhere in an environment that holds out to be a universal social network pointing the way ahead for future family social networking across a large community of nations.

Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and recognized in international human rights law in the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) sets out: ...[Freedom of speech and expression may] "therefore be subject to certain restrictions" when necessary "for respect of the rights or reputation of others" or "for the protection of national security or of public order, or of public health or morals"

The group/page "You know shes [sic] playing hard to get when your [sic} chasing her down an alleyway" has now become a pervert-magnet page on Facebook! It's too late to save it by cleaning it up. There's too much yet to do. Shut it down. You want a humour page? Find something funny.

Rape Is No Joke.
RINJ Foundation
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