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Boycott of entities promoting misogyny & 'rape culture' is ongoing.

Boycott of 'rape culture' Providers.

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We Support Companies That Act Responsibly
We Support Companies That Act Responsibly

RINJ Foundation - Current Boycotts

February 2017 Commences the Boycott of rape rappers Marshall Bruce Mathers (Eminem) and Sean Michael Anderson (BigSean)

RAPE RAPPERS Marshall Bruce Mathers (Eminem) and Sean Michael Anderson (BigSean) The RINJ Foundation strongly urges the boycott of rape rappers and their labels.
In a poorly mastered rap recording by RAPE RAPPERS Marshall Bruce Mathers (Eminem) and Sean Michael Anderson (BigSean), America's most popular and most vulgar heroes demonstrate why and how America became a global pariah. The February 2017 recording includes lyrics about raping American author Ann Coulter.
"And fuck Ann Coulter with a Klan poster. With a lamp post, door handle, shutter. A damn bolt cutter, a sandal, a can opener, a candle, rubber. Piano, a flannel, sucker, some hand soap, butter. A banjo and manhole cover," Eminem raps.
Read more about why Boycott Eminem/BigSean.

Boycott of Roosh Vorek

"Women's value comes exclusively from their fertility and beauty." Other than that they have no value, says Daryush Valizadeh (born June 14, 1979), who is also known as "Roosh V" and Roosh Vorek.

We have a surprise for RooshV. Come on out to Queens Park Toronto at noon on August 15th 2015 and be prepared to spend a little bit of time.

"Roosh V" is an American Misogyny Evangelist, anti-feminism writer and "pick-up artist" known for his writings on seduction and hatred of feminists.

From advocating for the decriminalization of rape to urging men to sexually abuse women who suffer mental illness; to dehumanizing all women as an entire group, Roosh V is the owner of misogyny advocacy web site "The Return of Kings", part of the 'Manosphere', a misogynist hate-scene that has been developing a growing presence coincident with the rise of the Misogynist extremism of the Islamic State Caliphate (ISIS).Roosh-daryush-valizadeh

Misogynists from all over the world are attracted to Roosh and his "Return of Kings" MRA Mansphere website not only because it, like all hate groups, provides an easy scapegoat to blame all of their failures on, but because it also promises to provide them with an easy guide to sexually assaulting women. The site promotes methods of exploiting women for sex in undeveloped countries around the world.

The most dangerous concepts that this pariah propagates are about what to do with women in the real world: how to treat them, why and how they owe men sex, why consent is not required, and how to best take full advantage of women.

"Women's value comes exclusively from their fertility and beauty." They have no other value, says Roosh V.

The RINJ Foundation urges the boycott of this hate propogationist.

This man knows that he is a hate promoter and just like Hitler once did, he guards his event locations closely just like the White Supremists he has fashioned his organization after. The Toronto venue will be announced to ticket holders at the last minute.


We have a surprise for RooshV. Come on out to Queens Park Toronto at noon on August 15th 2015 and be prepared to spend a little bit of time.

This thug has identified Toronto CANADA, the birthplace of The RINJ Foundation and the SlutWalk as a major focus for his sloth and the largest venue on his world tour. At the risk of promoting this hate monger, we share his video. Decide for yourself:

We have a surprise for RooshV. Come on out to Queens Park Toronto at noon on August 15th 2015 and be prepared to spend a little bit of time.

Boycott Bill Cosby Events

At the beginning of January 2015 The RINJ Foundation issued a wire service press release that announced a global boycott of Bill Cosby the entertainer.

Bill Cosby has been accused by more than a dozen women of committing unlawful sexual acts. Some of the allegations are horrible. Some allegations fit The RINJ Foundation's definition of rape.

  • 90% or more of all rapes are never prosecuted.
  • 96-98% of all rape allegations are true.

The RINJ Foundation has no reason not to believe the allegations made against entertainer Bill Cosby. Cosby has denied all allegations of wrongdoing despite much corroboration and a vast number of complaints over a long period of time.

We believe the complainants on the balance of probability.

That however is not why The RINJ Foundation added Cosby to its list.

Why #Boycott #BillCosby?

Because at some point we need to say "no" to people who are doing comedy tours or other money-makers on the basis of publicity they have received from survivors of their alleged sexual violence.

In detail we have examined many complaints and while dismissing none, note that some comprise criminality to a horrid degree; some are boldly misogynistic and criminal; few are just revoltingly immoral with nominal criminality if any, depending on the jurisdiction. That's a fair and generous assessment of the balance of probability of the accused's culpability.

Should women and children be subjected to the kind of humiliation Bill Cosby has subjected to the select group of women and teens who have dared to complain about his sexual malfeasance? No. That's our point. The argument that Cosby has not been convicted of his alleged offences does not hold any water with us. RINJ has boycotted and even blockaded large corporations and so-called "comedians" like Daniel Tosh ( for dangerously promoting rape culture.

Only 6% of rape crimes ever lead to a prosecution of any kind. Statistically 96% to 98% of all sexual assault accusations prove to be true. For most major crime the false allegation factor is usually only 2% and in study after study, sex crime shows little to no variance in this context in any country. On the balance of probability the complaints against Cosby are a gold standard for their probability of truthfulness.

Mr. Cosby's conduct of trying to make money from the woes of women he has allegedly victimized speak to his character and also his probability of guilt. His cavalier attitude makes this worse. On the balance of probability The RINJ Foundation's board has made a decision to boycott this person. How one conducts their behaviour will inevitably determine how their life will go. #BillCosby made his choices and his conduct has seriously degraded and tarnished his life's work. He should not have the stage nor a microphone to advance misogyny or rape culture again in his life and should spend the rest of his days making recompense to the people he has victimized.  That is the opinion of The RINJ Foundation.


This tour could have been done at another time but instead is being timed to capitalize on heated publicity created by media attention to Cosby's penchant for having women and girls around him claiming similar methodologies of sexual misconduct. Not funny, #BillCosby.

Cosby's promoters have decided to launch a tour to exploit publicity Cosby's alleged sexual violence and rape-drug crimes have attained. But most people would agree survivors of sex crimes should not be exploited like this.

Mr. Cosby is set to perform in the Canadian cities of Kitchener on Jan. 7, 2015; London on Jan. 8 2015; and in Hamilton on Jan 9, 2015.

RINJ urges people not to attend any shows where Cosby will appear.

It is the position of The RINJ Foundation that Mr. Cosby is a significant promoter of "rape culture" and that he sets a bad example to all persons.

The RINJ Foundation board of directors finds deplorable the fact that anyone would be trying to make money on the entertainer's reputation for sexual violence and the general infamy of this entertainer.

The RINJ Foundation: Jan. 1, 2015 - Boycott all events of this alleged sexually violent predator. The RINJ Foundation: Jan. 1, 2015 - Boycott all events of this alleged sexually violent predator. Crosby's alleged preference for rape drugs is of particular concern in many of the allegations.

Boycott Of Products Advertised In The Washington Post

Toronto - June 10, 2014 19:59 hrs. - The RINJ Foundation decided today on a boycott of the "Washington Post" after reading the Posts' irresponsible rebuttal to criticism of George Will's Friday column.

"It is the Foundation's position that being a rape survivor is not a status to be coveted under any circumstance," said The RINJ Foundations executive director, Micheal O'Brien.

In a statement released by the RINJ Foundation on its web site, the organization warned that victim blaming must end in the West's media before the scourge of rape elsewhere on the globe comes to an end. "Glorifying rape," says the Foundation's statement, "and blaming future victims of this heinous crime is the essence of the problem. We call it a 'Rape Culture'. We accuse the Washington Post of promoting 'Rape Culture'."

"We are trying to tell people in India not to rape as two girls are taken down from a hanging tree, meanwhile George Will says "victimhood" is a coveted status," said Mr. O'Brien.
The Post's Fred Hiatt said Will's Friday column "achieved the goal of a good op-ed by sparking a [discussion]" but The RINJ Foundation's position is unequivocal: rape is unacceptable--no discussion.

The RINJ Foundation urges all its supporters and corporate contributors to cancel advertising in the "Washington Post" until such time as the 'Post' exhibits a more rape-adverse moral compass, adopting a more realistic and law abiding approach to the topic of rape and apologizes to all rape survivors for it's cavalier attitude toward their pain and suffering.

"In all of the thousands of rape survivors we have encountered, none felt their status was to be coveted," added O'Brien.

Wire Service Press Release
RINJ Interactive Pages Statement

Boycott products advertised on pro-rape content pages of Facebook.

A series of pro-rape and 'rape joke' content on Facebook drew attention from the media and women's groups.Rape Is No Joke (RINJ), a group opposing the pages, argued that removing "pro-rape" pages from Facebook and other social media was not a violation of free speech in the context of Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the concepts recognized in international human rights law in the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. RINJ repeatedly challenged Facebook to remove the rape pages. RINJ then turned to advertisers on Facebook telling them not to let their advertising be posted on Facebook's 'rape pages'.

Boycott of Advertisers Found Advertising on Pro-Rape Internet Content

By October 16, 2011, unfortunately the news is that Facebook is not budging and will continue to publish the voluminous content it gets for free from cyber gangs, anarchists and perverts.

We of the RINJ Foundation believe that Facebook in due course will change its thinking. 

Rinj has contaced companies like Brita, Charmin, Chevrolet, Curves, Future Shop, Ikea, MDG Computers , McDonald's, Netflix, Royal Bank, Samsung, Sears, Silpada Designs , Snack Pack Canada,, Yoplait and many more  notifying them that their Facbook advertising is running on pages having content vigorously promoting rape, hatred and other violence in  a most graphic manner.

RINJ has amassed thousands of pages of evidence proving that  advertisers are supporting unregulated, unfiltered content that is Racist;  pro-rape, pro-child molestation. anti-Islam and  anti-Semitic.

It's hard to believe large companies like these do not have staff monitoring placement of ads and accounting staff verifying proof of  delivery of their advertising and where it was placed.  

We ask these companies to withdraw their advertising from pro-rape content pages. In the alternative we are organizing a global boycott of those companies who refuse and insist on continuing to support and pay for this objectionable, offensive content some of which violates numerous statutes in many countries. 

Effective immediately we are going to begin a boycott and widely promote this boycott of any product advertised on a pro-rape Facebook content page.

When you identify an advertiser on any such page, post the full name of the advertiser and the product here at Also, if you can post a wall image of a screen capture of the advert and page, that would be awesome.

Budweiser? No!

The RINJ Foundation has added to its very small list of boycotted products and services the beer brand Budweiser following an intense effort by the brand to appeal to its more misogynistic brand loyalists in order to bolster sagging sales. The brand appears to liken itself to a form of rape drug that diminishes the word "no?" from the English vocabulary, meaning, give her lots of booze and she will not say "no" which is still rape anyway because the absence of no is not a yes and any answer will intoxicated is irrelevant because an intoxicated person does not have sufficient capacity to make that decision.
 Budweiser? No!

'The perfect beer for removing 'no' from your vocabulary' is what Budweiser says in an April 27, 2015 advertising campaign.
The RINJ Foundation says, "Boycott Bud".

Boycott of Belvedere Vodka

The Boycott Of Belvedere Vodka

Noon Saturday, March 31, 2012 - Toronto Canada - On March 24 The RINJ Foundation announced an international boycott of Belvedere Vodka following that company's online publication and global dissemination of content that appears to recommend Belvedere Vodka's male customers drink to excess or at least to the point they begin to perform unlawul acts such as forcible confinement; sexual assault; forced fellatio; rape; aggravated assault; abuse of women; and violent bullying while drinking.

As the global community discussed Belvedere Vodka's advertisement that supported drunks raping young women, on Thursday March 29, Oksana Makar died from her rape and injuries done to her by three, male, drunken rapists. Vodka drinkers. (See for more.)

Despite the two weak apologies from Belvedere:
  1. The damages is done. The apology was the barest minimum and did not undo the damage.
  2.  We are opposed to the corporate culture that allowed this in the first place and believe that culture still exists.
  3. This LVMH subsidiary, Belvedere, may well represent the attitude of a large multinational led by Louis Vuitton et. al. which has as its main customers, women.
  4. The acts of this liquor manufacturer are so egregious that the situation can now be compared to rape where saying sorry afterwards doesn't fix anything. This company is a powerful opinion-leader and trend-setter and needs to be opposed in its disgusting attitude toward women.

The 3 drunken rapists who violated Oksana Makar were worried that she would go to police. To avoid this (all were intoxicated) they took further steps.

The 3 drunk men tried to strangle Oksana with a cord, leaving her barely conscious. Then they wrapped her in a blanket and dragged her to a nearby construction site, where they set her on fire. She was discovered the next morning, still conscious, by a passing motorist.

Oksana had burns to 55% of her body. She endured the amputation of her arm and horrible pain across her entire body.

Volunteers had prayed Oksana Makar would survive. Doctors and family along with hundreds of thousands of prayers failed to defeat the evil that was done. Oksana died 29 March. Her funeral was hours ago. Rape Is No Joke, Belvedere Vodka.

The RINJ Foundation wants Belvedere Vodka to assist Oksana's parents in the memory of their daughter.

The RINJ Foundation has issued two press releases Announcing a Boycott of Belvedere Vodka:

  1. /release/march30_2012.htm

The RINJ Foundation - Boycott Kyle Sandilands' Radio Show In Sydney Australia

The list of pro-rape and misogynistic statements made by Kyle Sandilands has spanned many years and grows worse. Southern Cross Austereo and Sandilands new employer. Australian Radio Network(ARN) has by supporting Vile Kyle and continually renewing him exhibited a tendency to:
1) Promote the rape of women.
2) Exploit the rape of children.
3) Promote abuse of women.

The RINJ Foundation - Boycott Better Than Pants

BetterThanPants has a T-Shirt That promotes Rape They say "If you want to joke about rape and offend lots of people, just buy this shirt and have some fun." We don't think these disgusting people are funny.

The RINJ Foundation - Boycott Roger David Stores

The RINJ Foundation - Various Boycotts Of The Past

The RINJ Foundation has thousands of screen captures of very damning evidence of rape-culture promoting content in various social media, containing advertisements of organizations alleged to be good corporate citizens.

RINJ Foundation Boycott

Rush Limbaugh

The RINJ Foundation - Wire Service News Articles

We Stand #WithRefugees

Be a part of this important humanitarian action. #WithRefugees .

‣ RINJ Sexual Assault Clinics are FREE. The good people like you who donate a few $ really make a difference. Governments do not do this work. In many countries where we work, governments are the problem. The things we do help prevent malicious violence and extremism landing on your doorstep. The kind of work we do, helping, healing, teaching, speaking out at The United Nations, do more to fix a wrong than guns and bullets. Cheaper too. Please donate today.

What do feminists want for women:

  1. an equal opportunity for education;
  2. equal opportunity to drive vehicles and use any form of transportation;
  3. fair and equal wages;
  4. freedom from discrimination;
  5. no restrictions on owning property; and
  6. to be safe from violence and slavery.

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