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Toronto October 14, 2011:
We seek the removal of Facebook content that condones sexual violence.

Facebook should provide the option to report pages and comments condoning sexual violence and remove such groups for being in breach of the user Terms and Conditions (FB Section 3: Safety, point 7), which specify that no hateful or threatening comments should be made.

We will use any lawful means to achieve our goal. We have failed with the petition route to convince Facebook to provide a means for flagging and deleting pro-rape content pages and now vigorously seek to
a) work from within Facebook in a democratic process to amass enough Facebook user 'votes' to sway Facebook's opinion on this type of content; and

b) make certain that Facebook advertisers are pressured so significantly that they will withdraw all advertising from pro-rape content pages on Facebook.

We feel that if we are able to succeed at a) and b), Facebook will return to this issue with a different mindset.

Our Website contains our mission statement:  
Having failed in our first stage we are for mid-October announcing *details* of our new directions:

1) Advertiser/Product Boycott,
2) Global Graffiti Contest,
3) Social Network Marketing Strategy,

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The Twitter address is here:

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The boycott:

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The Censorship Argument:

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RINJ Foundation October 14, 2010
RINJ Foundation

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