RINJ - Rape is No Joke
The RINJ Foundation Announces  Future Shop As New Ally


Toronto, Canada - December 25, 2011 - The RINJ Foundation has suspended it's boycott of Future Shop after reaching an agreement of understanding with the company's representative.

RINJ has learned that Future Shop advertising did not appear on content promoting the rape drug "Rohypnol" by the choice of Future Shop or it's agents but by some systemic fault with the adverting process on Facebook", said RINJ co-founder  and spokesperson, Micheal O'Brien. "We need to work together to remedy those flaws.

"The RINJ Foundation has apologised to Future Shop which through a series of dialogues cleared up the misunderstanding which caused RINJ dot Org to issue, through its volunteers, some fairly poignant statements which have been now withdrawn," he added.
"In our campaign to raise awareness of an issue paramount" to our organization, we mistakenly asserted that Future Shop Canada was an adversary, and not as we have now realized an ally in supporting our cause.  We appreciate their understanding in correcting this misinformation as they appreciate our patience and understanding in trying to comprehend the root cause of the Facebook ads that can sometimes unknowingly appear in pages with content supporting and encouraging rape, rape drugs and various forms of assault.
"Christopher Ian Bennett," O'Brien continued, "Future Shop's Director of Corporate Communications responded immediately and pledged his complete support on behalf of Future Shop and accepted our apology for the misunderstanding.  We look forward to adding their voice to our own ongoing campaign of awareness against sexual assault.

"We are pleased to say that Future Shop and RINJ dot Org have emerged as allies in the fight against pro-rape content that presently clouds the future of social media advertising and content,' concluded the RINJ spokesperson.

The RINJ Foundation is an international organization headquartered in Toronto and founded by persons in Canada, Britain and Australia.

RINJ seeks removal of media content condoning sexual assault and rape. Allowing this content on social networking sites and in other media further normalises a rape culture and the high instance of sexual violence in global society.
1) RINJ reports all inappropriate content to the public, advertisers and law enforcement where that seems appropriate. 
2) RINJ reports to advertisers any ads appearing on pro-rape, pro-child-molestation media content, web pages and social network groups. 
3) RINJ promotes a global boycott of advertisers and their products advertised on pro-rape content in any media.