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The RINJ Foundation Announces Boycott of Southern Austereo Advertisers.

Advertisers speak up in time for Christmas shopping!
Are you in or out?


Toronto, Canada - December 11, 2011 - The RINJ Foundation has responded to members, supporters and colleagues in Australia who voted unanimously to launch a boycott of all products and services advertised on any show of 'Vile Kyle' Sandilands.

RINJ dot Org urges women around the world to support companies such as Holden, Goodguys, Coles, Vodafone and Ford whose spokespersons said early last week they would refuse to advertise with Southern Cross Austereo for as long as Sandilands remained in a job.

RINJ dot Org urges women around the world and particularly in Australia to Boycott products advertised on 'Vile Kyle' Sandilands's shows in Sydney Australia and elsewhere.

RINJ further suggests that advertisers who intend to cancel their advertising with Southern Cross Austereo, Level 15, 50 Goulburn Street · Sydney, Australia to please make that known to RINJ as quickly as possible to enable RINJ  to promote their decision in time for final Christmas shopping.

The decision of RINJ is based on a survey of members and supporters following Southern Cross Austereo's confirmation on 9 December 2011 that Sandilands would return to the "Kyle and Jackie O Show" in 2012 despite years of abusiveness toward women and children.

The RINJ Foundation issued a warning statement on Facebook offered by the RINJ Australian team in the midst of their campaign comprising tens of thousands of individuals offering their written complaints to Southern Cross Austereo.

According to a RINJ  spokesperson the unequivocal apology issued by Sandilands and endorsed by the SCA CEO to Alison Stephenson is owed to her but it does not speak to the underlying issues set out by RINJ and tens of thousands of persons comprising the constituents of the broadcast region of Southern Cross Austereo.

RINJ has urged other groups to seek sanctions against the Southern Cross Austereo network from its broadcast licensing authority, the Australian Communications and Media Authority.

On the Eve of White Ribbon Day
, part of Australia's campaign to stop violence against women, the country was shocked when a  quasi-syndicated air host at Southern Cross Austereo's Sydney, Australia FM station launched into a series of personal attacks against a popular Australian journalist about her breast size, calling her a  "piece of s---" and threatening to "Watch your mouth girl, or I will hunt you down." (Read more.)

RINJ became involved when supporters complained in emails and one poster on the RINJ Facebook page noted, "when I listened to an old video of this "Kyle and Jackie O" rape-joke tag-team exploit the rape of a 12 year old by strapping her into a chair and polygraphing her at age 14 (apparently) about a rape that happened to her at 12 ... I shed a tear for my little sister. Do you think you can try and do something about this horrible situation where a radio network is exploiting rape and mistreatment of women and children for shock-jock-ratings and advertising money"

"It seems sad that this may be  indicative of a sliding culture in Australia similar to the decline in the USA" responded Micheal O'Brien, co-founder and spokesperson for RINJ dot Org.

"In the past two years", said Mr. O'Brien,  "Vile Kyle Sandiland, a person holding out to be a broadcaster without notable talent or eloquence, has come to rely on extremely offensive attacks on women and children to gain notoriety and ratings. He has proven himself a propagator of hate-speak against women and to be a rable-rousing muck raker who exploits the rape of 12-year-old children to gain ratings.

"Tacky 'free speech' is one thing but when a wannabe-broadcaster misuses his microphone at Southern Cross Austereo in Sydney Australia or anywhere for that matter, to wilfully bring harm to people, he and the network's principals should be charged and brought before their peers sitting as jurists in a criminal court."

The RINJ Foundation is an international organization headquartered in Toronto and founded by persons in Canada, Britain and Australia.

RINJ seeks removal of media content condoning sexual assault and rape. Allowing this content on social networking sites and in other media further normalises a rape culture and the high instance of sexual violence in global society.
1) RINJ reports all inappropriate content to the public, advertisers and law enforcement where that seems appropriate. 
2) RINJ reports to advertisers any ads appearing on pro-rape, pro-child-molestation media content, web pages and social network groups. 
3) RINJ promotes a global boycott of advertisers and their products advertised on pro-rape content in any media.