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RINJ Awards "Dirty Toilet Broadcaster Award" to 2DayFM and Kyle Sandilands of Sydney Australia


International Women's day

March 8, 2012 - Sydney Australia -
RINJ Foundation has today awarded the first of its kind, "Dirty Toilet Broadcaster Award" to 2DayFM and Kyle Sandilands in Sydney Australia.

Southern Cross Austereo (SCA), newly structured  corporate owner of 2DayFM needs to pay heed.

When 2DayFM live-interviewed a 14 year-old about her sex life in 2009, it should have realized there was a serious, systemic, moral problem within 2DayFM's management.

This wasn't a random interview on the street; it was planned and deliberately set up in the studio.

This type of conduct, completely devoid of any moral compass has continued in other forms and only gets a whistle blown when someone specifically is targeted by 2DayFMs morning broadcaster to Sydney's young people in the 18-24 range.

The on-air belittling of a specific woman's breasts and calling her a fat slag in November 2011 was not even the most recent broadcast to put this "Dirty-Toilet Broadcaster" in disgrace, but it is well-remembered.

The people of Sydney can now see that SCA finally agrees that it has gone over the line and fears doing it again. They better fear it. The closer you look at these greedy clowns the angrier you get.

That's why RINJ has awarded 2DayFM with the first ever "Dirty Toilet Broadcasters Award".

SCA says it is not going to fire Kyle Sandilands and Sandilands is not as much of a problem as is the entire newborn SCA. The Sandilands audience slid a point in the Nielsen’s. That's no big deal in radio land, is it?

The 18-24 market is gold to advertisers. Not all advertisers  will forever resist Sandilands who is able to hold a piece of the market by talking toilet. Blue chip products will stay away because they know about branding and how something like this tarnishes a brand.

The fly-by-nighters will advertise on this show and be a hero to society's fall-downs for a short time. Then the slackers grow up, fit society, morph into nice people, get married, have a baby and stop acting and talking like jerks and look on their 'Sandilands Days' as something they would rather forget.

Major brand managers know this evolution of youth and must stay away from Sandilands' show and anything like it. Good brands last forever by avoiding this kind of poison.

If you are 18-24 you seem to think the world sucks; you are immortal; you think the future looks awful and you have to live in it; you would rather think about pleasure, beer, xxxx, sex and food. Jobs are scarce anyway; the environment is messed up; and you want to say "f'' this shite" thirty times a day. Sandilands is a cheerleader with raunchy commentary on everything and he muck rakes and rabble rouses this volatile audience into frenzy. Some of his disciples have gone forth and acted raunchy, angry, violated people's rights and become woman haters and muck-racers themselves. Do people act like that because the media inspires such conduct? Yes, for sure it happens.

The brats, the wannabes, the thugs, the haters, the rebels, the malcontents turned to Sandilands. Some have turned away.

The part that some people don't understand is that Sandilands is actually hired to do this toilet-job, and to push all the limits in what they at SCA call an "edgy" show. Really, that's the problem. In order to stand out SCA and 2DayFM have given up on 2DayFM's lacklustre ability to deliver quality, value and assortment in broadcasting artistry and brought out the toilet talk.

This media outlet wants to crank up misogyny and mess with unwanted sex talk. It is a systemic problem within this broadcaster.

SCA seems not to care about your community values, Sydney; it only cares about money. This is the most arrogant bunch of greedy amateurs we have encountered. The disdain they have for their constituents is unbelievable.

When any media company in your community has said by deeds that community values take a back seat to greed, you the community is in big trouble: huge trouble. The medium is the message. The medium governs you to some extent and has a huge responsibility. In this case the medium is an arrogant monster which wants to own the minds of all the youth you spawn for their own greedy purpose.

Regardless of SCA's alleged RED light and "cough" switch to shut Sandilands down when he begins to spout misogyny and child exploitation, 2Day FM has earned the RINJ "Dirty Toilet Broadcasters Award".

Dirty Toilet Broadcaster Award