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Should Men Be Cops?


Sunday, August 5, 2012 -

In a recent statement made on Facebook and on its web site The RINJ Foundation is asking the question, "Should Men Be Cops?" following a recent spate of victim blaming episodes around the world which coincidentally followed dozens of criminal charges being brought against cops for rape. 

According to the RINJ statement, "The recent conduct by police forces around the world suggests that the patriarchal thought process is incompetent for solving crimes against the person when a woman is the victim. It isn't working. Cops are raping women. Cops are ignoring the rape of women. Cops are blaming women for their rape. This isn't an isolated problem it is an epidemic."

"Among the the more notable charges brought against cops are two cases in New York City while hundreds of cases around the world get little attention. This is a very much under-reported subject. 

You can participate in the debate on our Facebook Page.

The statement notes that "Some women are saying, "Men must not be cops. That now must be a woman's job".

"Cops are raping women using guns and knives.

"Other cops appear to cooperate in a campaign of victim blaming.

"Toronto cops say don't dress "slutty" as Brit coppers say don't drink if you don't want to be raped. Do not trust a male cop. 

"The RINJ Foundation  urges all women to consider police services as a career."


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RINJ seeks removal of media content condoning sexual assault and rape. Allowing this content on social networking sites and in other media further normalises a rape culture and the high instance of sexual violence in global society.
1) RINJ reports all inappropriate content to the public, advertisers and law enforcement where that seems appropriate. 
2) RINJ reports to advertisers any ads appearing on pro-rape, pro-child-molestation media content, web pages and social network groups. 
3) RINJ promotes a global boycott of advertisers and their products advertised on pro-rape content in any media.