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RINJ Campaign Asks Belevedere Vodka To Assist Oksana'a Makar's Family


Noon Saturday, March 31, 2012 - Toronto Canada - On March 24 RINJ Campaign announced an international boycott of Belvedere Vodka following that company's online publication and global dissemination of content that appears to recommend Belvedere Vodka's male customers drink to excess or at least to the point they begin to perform unlawful acts such as forcible confinement; sexual assault; forced fellatio; rape; aggravated assault; abuse of women; and violent bullying while drinking.

As the global community discussed Belvedere Vodka's advertisement that supported drunks raping young women, on Thursday March 29, Oksana Makar died from her rape and injuries done to her by three, male, drunken rapists. Vodka drinkers. (See https://www.facebook.com/rape.is.no.joke for more.)

Despite the two weak apologies from Belvedere:

1) The damages is done. The apology was the barest minimum and did not undo the damage.

2) We are opposed to the corporate culture that allowed this in the first place and believe that culture still exists.

3) This LVMH subsidiary, Belvedere, may well represent the attitude of a large multinational led by Louis Vuitton et. al. which has as its main customers, women.

4) The acts of this liquor manufacturer are so egregious that the situation can now be compared to rape where saying sorry afterwards doesn't fix anything. This company is a powerful opinion-leader and trend-setter and needs to be opposed in its disgusting attitude toward women.
The 3 drunken rapists who violated Oksana Makar were worried that she would go to police. To avoid this — all were intoxication — they took further steps.

The 3 drunk men tried to strangle Oksana with a cord, leaving her barely conscious. Then they wrapped her in a blanket and dragged her to a nearby construction site, where they set her on fire. She was discovered the next morning, still conscious, by a passing motorist.

Oksana had burns to 55% of her body. She endured the amputation of her arm and horrible pain across her entire body.

We had prayed Oksana Makar would survive. Doctors and family along with hundreds of thousands of prayers failed to defeat the evil that was done. Oksana died 29 March. Her funeral was hours ago. Rape Is No Joke, Belvedere Vodka.

RINJ wants Belvedere Vodka to assist Oksana's parents in the memory of their daughter.


Offending Belvedere Promotional Poster Image

Belevedere Vodka's ad  brand promotes a rape culture which is a complex of beliefs that encourages male sexual aggression and supports violence against women. This advertisement of Belvedere encourages a continuum of threatened violence that ranges from disgusting sexual remarks to sexual touching, forcible confinement, terrorizing women, to rape itself.

Belvedere seems to advance that violence be
seen as sexy and sexuality as violent and further wants to promote a concept that alcohol drinking favourably leads to sexual assault and rape.

Boycott Belvedere Vodka

*LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton S.A., better known as LVMH, is a French multinational apparels and accessories company headquartered in Paris, France. The company was formed after the 1987 merger of fashion house Louis Vuitton with Moët Hennessy, a company formed after the 1971 merger between the champagne producer Moët & Chandon and Hennessy, the cognac manufacturer. It controls around 60 subsidiaries including Belvedere.

RINJ Campaign is an international organization headquartered in Toronto and founded by persons in Canada, Britain and Australia.

RINJ seeks removal of media content condoning sexual assault and rape. Allowing this content on social networking sites and in other media further normalises a rape culture and the high instance of sexual violence in global society.
1) RINJ reports all inappropriate content to the public, advertisers and law enforcement where that seems appropriate. 
2) RINJ reports to advertisers any ads appearing on pro-rape, pro-child-molestation media content, web pages and social network groups. 
3) RINJ promotes a global boycott of advertisers and their products advertised on pro-rape content in any media.