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You may also send us a note to explain in greater detail which of our services you wish to donate to:

  1. Safety of women and children from sexual violence.
  2. Medical assistance to rape survivors and those infected with HIV/HBV/other STDs
  3. Current projects: Fighting HIV/HBV and other STDs resulting from incest and rape.
    COVID-19 Patient Support (Mostly home care and in some countries we provide clinical diagnostics and RT-PCR tests for COVID-19 and/or radiography and analysis plus other testing. This applies mostly where we operate HIV clinics. Contact us with your questions.)
  4. The Nurses Without Borders
  5. RINJ Sexual Assault Clinics
  6. HelpLine Workers (global)
  7. Prophylaxis Medication Support (Where we pay for the patient medications directly to a pharmaceutical solutions provider which then drop ships to the patient or arranges pickup.)
  8. Test and Treat HIV/HBV Emergency Project
  9. Feminine-Perspective Magazine (Gender Equality)
  10. Bulk donations of food/medicine
  11. Funding of Other Agencies
  12. Needs of patients in Venezuela / Philippines / Iraq / Syria / Yemen / Ghana / Colombia
  13. Trial Preparation and prosecution of rape/incest/sex assault
  14. Women’s Rights

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Donate today Listing the needs of patients in Venezuela. Food is desperately needed. Drugs for patients with chronic illness – medications for diabetes, COPD, for hypertensive heart disease,  like beta blockers, ace inhibitors, calcium channel blockers, clinic needs like IV ringers, saline, glucose, basic analgesics like acetaminophen, non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs, anti-histamines, H2 blockers, pediatric meds. The people of Venezuela Have  NOTHING. Photo Credit: Rosa Yamamoto


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Confidentially report an exploited child.

Visit The Nurses Without Borders unit

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Donate TodaySome people who know the organisation do specify where they would like funds to go. For example if you add a note “HIV” 100% of your gift will go to purchasing the free HIV self-test (blood test not saliva) kits the RINJ Nurses Without Borders provide patients in developing nations.

Generally, all personal donor funds are used to purchase supplies.


Hence, once the cost of processing your donation is paid and the net amount is deposited in our Royal Bank of Canada account, more than 97% of your donation reaches women and children in need.

The remaining 3% pays administrative costs like phone bills, bank fees, internet bandwidth (which is how you are reading this). The vast majority of RINJ workers are unpaid volunteers, interns, and exchange program workers. It’s hard work and not something most people would want to make a life out of, but someone must do that work and it is an ideal place to learn the craft of nursing and medical doctoring.

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Fighting for the safety of women and children around the world.
Fighting for the safety of women and children around the world.

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HIV Prevention   The Nurses Without BordersRINJ HIV Programme in the Philippines

Click image to enlarge. Medical workers in Burnham Park, Baguio City, Philippines, meet thousands of Filipinos and share discreet information on free testing either at the Cordillera Region ‘RINJ Sexual Assault Clinic’ (RSAC Nurses Without Borders) or with a free self-administered blood test. (See our How-To instructional Video.) Photo Credit: May 28, 2018 – The RINJ Foundation


Check our Security Encryption Verification. Donate to The RINJ Foundation Women and fight for the safety of women and children around the world.



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