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Update: 07/16/2020 HIV Test & Treat Project

  • HiV is no longer a death sentence if you test and treat.
  • HIV is not your fault.
  • HIV must be fought. We must fight and win this one!
Rohingya GBV Survivors HIV/HBV Mitigation Program

Rohingya GBV Survivors HIV/HBV Mitigation Program will be extended to other regions.

The number one job of The Nurses Without Borders / (RINJ Sexual Assault Clinics) in treating rape and incest survivors somehow became treating patients with sexually transmitted diseases including HIV/HBV.

The RINJ Nurses Without Borders, because they know how, want to test/treat everyone who has had a high risk incident.

As are rape and incest  a pandemic, so too are HIV and HBV and other STI.

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The RINJ Foundation HIV Test and Treat Project

RSAC Nurses  are telling children who are infected with HIV as a result of rape and incest that they want to not only test but also treat them and make them better.

RSAC Nurses  explain to incest and child rape survivors that RINJ Women are working with scientists to make and test a pretend (DNA) HIV Virus microbe that White Blood Cells in their body can practice beating up without getting hurt. We replace the aggression chromosome in the fake ‘bad-guy’ Virus DNA with a past vulnerability (Hah hah its their “kryptonite”.) and then we let all the little antibody ‘soldiers’ practice defeating the bad “Crash-Test-Dummy-Virus” until the body knows how to make really good fighters to make the body healthy again. Before we did this, the bad-guys were beating up our little soldiers. Now our little protectors will win and make us healthy again. Yes. Pow. Just like that. The bad one who made us sick will be gone.

In adult terms, RSAC Nurses are testing, then treating with ART prophylaxis until that ART treatment suppresses the virus to a point of being undetectable.

For those persons who want to be on the test program, RSAC Nurses (RINJ Sexual Assault Clinic nurses)  supply a medicine that is experimental and likely to work to hunt down the hidden virus microbes and bash them on the head then pee out their carcasses. Disease free. If it doesn’t work on a particular patient, at least they have suppressed the virus to the point of being undetectable. The patient is no longer spreading the virus and in the meantime, while still taking prophylaxis ART meds, is healthy. Like it? Then do it. Test and Treat.

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