MeToo Works for adults, not for Children. Sadly, children are the majority silent victims of sexual predators. - The RINJ Foundation Sat Aug 20 01:13:19 2022

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RINJ #MeToo Campaign - Fighting for the safety of women and children.

#MeToo Campaign 2017: Success for many Adults.
(Read MeToo-2018)

Accused Rapist Bill Cosby Finally Convicted of Aggravated Sexual Assault, Three Counts, April 27, 2018 Accused Rapist Bill Cosby Finally Convicted of Aggravated Sexual Assault, Three Counts, April 27, 2018 Read The RINJ Foundation's Indictment of Bill Cosby"

MeToo Works for adults, not for Children. Sadly, children are the majority silent victims of sexual predators. The RINJ Foundation


MeToo for Children? No. Hence the RINJ message to child predators is that there will eventually be consequences.

Kids Who Are Raped seldom talk. We find out in clinic with the first symptoms of STDs.

We spot pubic lice in eyebrows. We see herpes lesions. We investigate psychosomatic symptoms; physical manifestations or complaints of disease symptoms; self harm inclinations; radical mood swings; and physical trauma. We pull blood for onsite lab analysis and perform diagnostics.

We also find out when the survivor grows up and sheds their fears enough to talk. For rapists of children there must be consequences. We do the investigation; gather dna evidence; collect other identification evidence; prepare a statement of particulars and facts; and prepare charging documents, then go see a judge to seek carriage of the file; prosecution of the offender; and a strict penalty on conviction.

RINJ advocates there should be no time limitations on the crime of rape. In most of the world, no woman or child would speak out about being raped. The shame, the fear, the hate and the danger impede prosecuting rapists.

In the Philippines, every second female has been sexually assaulted. Nobody dare talk about it without validly fearing assassination attempts. Hundreds of thousands of women are sold into domestic servitude while their children are raped at home. The world tolerates this just as much as it tolerates President Duterte and his kind who every time we write an article that pisses him off, he tells another rape joke. Rape is no joke.

In Myanmar the Burmese raped Rohingya Muslim children as if it is their birthright. The underfunded United Nations struggles to raise funds to help these people with little sympathy.

#MeToo for kids? No. Sadly, children typically will not do this. Below 13 years of age they are not allowed to even have a Facebook Account. #MeToo very successfull for adults but not for children

In countries like the Philippines where the congress has approved the death penalty, a criminal age of responsibility of 9 and an age of 13 for sexual consent, more than half the female children have been raped. Don't buy a kid. End Child Sex Trade

The first World Congress on Sexual Exploitation, held in Stockholm in 1996, defined commercial sexual exploitation of children as “a sexual abuse by an adult accompanied by remuneration in cash or in kind to the child or third person(s).” Child Sex Trade in Indonesia represents a serious problem for the world

Indonesia child sex trafficking involving children particularly on the resort islands of Bali and Batam has removed countless children from their families. The Indonesian government has been criticized by the RINJ Foundation and other international human rights organizations for losing control of the problem.

In China where female infanticide has left the population balance at 118 men to 100 women, female children have little or no value as humans and hence nearly 100% are sexually assaulted at one time or another in their childhood.

China's problems stem from the one-child-per-family law. Selling baby girls is one way of trimming the family until a boy baby is produced. The kids are trafficked as sex slaves and often end up in Indonesia.

In the Philippines where children are grossly mistreated by the government, kids have no value as humans. (i.e.: Manila street kids hauled away in garbage trucks when foreign dignitaries visit. Summary execution of children by kid-killing-cops in the "head for a head" program for punishing drug users when the Duterte Death Squads (DDS) can't find the locally-listed drug user or Duterte-opponent they seek.)

Consequently, because missing children is more of a norm than a panic, Philippines criminals have been able to make that country the number one source for child pornography and cyber sex slave auctions. Children have a lessor value since Rodrigo Duterte became leader of the Philippines


98% of all rape allegations are true. Weinstein is accused of sexual assault and other sexual misconduct by over six dozen women and allegedly raped Ambra Battilana Gutierrez, Natassia Malthe, Lysette Anthony, Rose McGowan, Annabella Sciorra, Sarah Smith (pseudonom), and two other unnamed survivors whose cases are being investigated by police. Full list at time of publication.

A Caution for Hollywood Weinstein "Dears". Your delay in speaking out has caused many women and children to be raped.

The List of women accusers of Harvey Weinstein
You probably did not want to hear this. But you Hollywood women make so much money from the public's pockets, you have a higher degree of responsibility to uphold the common law. Good citizens report crimes and you should be among the best citizens because of your position in the public trust. Leading women to believe "silence is golden" is your wrongdoing. But thanks for coming forward. You don't want to imagine the kind of rapes, mutilations and deaths we see as a manifestation of gender based violence. If you did you might understand why we make the occasional comment that might sound 'hissy'.
women survivors of Harvey Weinstein sexual misconduct. It can take years for a raped survivor to tell their story. Years. And no matter the reason, and there are good reasons, that is nevertheless a sin against the offender's next victim and a perpetuation of raped culture.

That is because something like a quarter of all females on the planet, as an average, are raped survivors. Concomitantly it is not true that a quarter of all men are rapists. Few men raped but that same few raped many children and women. Each rapist (like alleged rapist Harvey Weinstein) that law enforcement catches will prevent dozens of heinous gender-based crimes.

Power of Hollywood Adult Women on 'screen' is stunning. But few talk about the kids.

The elite group of extremely wealthy actresses and models like Angelina Jolie, Rose McGowan, Gwyneth Paltro, Ambra Battilana Gutierrez, Asia Argento et. al. who recently complained about alleged scumbag Harvey Weinstein's sexually deviant misconduct make their living from public trust.

When women actors came forward with their horrifying accounts of Harvey Weinstein sexual abuse, their millions of adoring fans reacted. Just the familiarity and bonding power of the 'screen' has walloped the multi-billion efforts of endless numbers of Civil Society entities through the years in just a few weeks. Alyssa milano metoo
  1. Actor Alyssa Milano, in October 2017, encouraged women to share their personal stories of sexual harassment and the accusations against US producer Harvey Weinstein of sexual assault and harassment exploded onto Facebook and Twitter.
  2. The power of the TV /Movie screen is so "nuclear" it may have elected #sexistpig & misogynist Donald Trump. Trump was almost a household name following years of reality shows and "The Apprentice" starring 'The Donald' Trump. "Thanks, Hollywood (not)".
  3. The mid-December 2017 polls in the Alabama USA Senate race said "No" to Republican favourite Roy Moore because of #metoo accusations of sexing a 14-year old.
  4. The voices raised about Al Franken's sexual misconduct caused him to resign his senate seat.
  5. #Me Too has given Twitter a whole new set of hastags:#SexualHarassment #SexualAbuse #Hollywood #LouisCK #GeorgeTakei #CharlieSheen #AndyDick #RichardDreyfuss #JohnGrissom #DavidGuillod #DustinHoffman #JeremyPiven #BrettRatner #StevenSeagal ...

Some of the Men #MeToo Accused of Sexual Misconduct

Adam Fields (Film producer)
Accused of offering a promotion to a woman at his former employer, Relativity Media, in exchange for sex. He has denied the allegations.

Al Franken (U.S. Sen. D-Minn.)
Accused of forcibly kissing Los Angeles radio anchor Leeann Tweeden while rehearsing for a 2006 USO tour; Franken also was photographed with his hands over her breasts as she slept. He also has been accused by three other women of touched their buttocks. Franken has apologized, though hasn't admitted to groping or other inappropriate touching. He has acknowledged that some women felt that he had done something offensive during their encounters. He faces a Senate ethics investigation for improper conduct.

Alex Gilady (International Olympic Committee member )
Accused by two women of rape and by two others of inappropriate conduct. Gilady denied the rape accusations, said he didn't recall one of the other allegations, but acknowledged a claim he'd propositioned a woman during a job interview 25 years ago was "mainly correct." He stepped down as president of an Israeli broadcasting company he founded. The IOC has said it is looking into the allegations.

Andrew Kreisberg (Showrunner)
Accused by 19 women of sexual harassment and inappropriate touching. The "Supergirl" and "Arrow" showrunner has been suspended by Warner Bros. Television Group. He told Variety he has made comments on women's appearances and clothes "but they were not sexualized."

Andy Henry (Casting employee)
Admitted to urging women to take off their clothes during coaching sessions in 2008 while working on the "CSI" series. He was fired by his current employer.

Brett Ratner (Filmmaker)
Accused by at least six women of sexual harassment. Playboy shelved projects with Ratner and Ratner stepped away from Warner Bros. related activities. He denies the allegations.

Charlie Rose (PBS and CBS host)
Accused by several women of unwanted sexual advances, groping and grabbing women, walking naked in front of them or making lewd phone calls. He has apologized for his behavior, but has questioned the accuracy of some of the accounts.

Chris Savino (Producer)
Accused of harassing up to 12 women. Fired from Nickelodeon. He has apologized for his behavior.

Dan Schoen (Democratic Sen. Minnesota state)
says he plans to resign after they were accused of misdeeds that ranged from groping colleagues to persistent unwanted sexual advances and sexting.

Danny Jordaan (Former South African soccer association president )
Accused by former member of parliament Jennifer Ferguson of raping her in 1993. Jordaan denies the accusation.

Dustin Hoffman (Actor)
Accused by woman of sexual harassing when she was 17. He has apologized for his behavior.

Ed Westwick (Actor)
Accused by two women of sexual assault. The BBC pulled an Agatha Christie adaptation from its television schedule and halted production on a second sitcom starring the former "Gossip Girl' actor. Los Angeles police are investigating. He denies the allegations.

Gary Goddard (Director-producer)
Accused by one man of sexually molesting him when the man was 12. He denies the allegation.

George Takei (Actor)
One man alleges sexual assault. He denies the allegation.

Gilbert Rozon (Comedy festival organizer)
Accused by at least nine women of sexually harassing or sexual assaulting them. Rozon stepped down as president of Montreal's renowned "Just for Laughs" festival and apologized "to all those I have offended during my life."

Giuseppe Castellano (Penguin Random House art director)
Accused by one woman of sexual harassment. Penguin Random House is investigating. Castellano has not commented.

Glenn Thrush (New York Times White House reporter)
Accused of making drunken, unwanted advances on women. He disputes some of the accusations but has said he had had a drinking problem and apologized for "any situation where I behaved inappropriately."

Hadrian Belove and Shadie Elnashai (Cinefamily executives)
Accused of sexual misconduct. Movie theater shut down in the wake of allegations due to crippling debt.

Hamilton Fish (New Republic publisher)
Multiple sexual harassment allegations. He has resigned from the magazine.

Harvey Weinstein (Producer)
Accused by over 6 dozens of women of sexual harassment or sexual assaults, including rape. Fired by The Weinstein Co. and expelled from various professional guilds. Under investigation by police departments in New York, London, Beverly Hills and Los Angeles. Weinstein denies all allegations of non-consensual sex, but he has apologized for causing "a lot of pain" with "the way I've behaved with colleagues in the past."

James Toback (Writer-director)
Accused by hundreds of women of sexual harassment. Beverly Hills police investigating complaints. He has denied the allegations to the Los Angeles Times.

Jann Wenner (Rolling Stone publisher)
Accused by one man of sexual harassment. He says he did not intend to make the accuser uncomfortable.

Jeff Hoover (Kentucky House Speaker)
Stepped down as speaker this month after news surfaced that the Republican had settled a sexual harassment claim from a GOP caucus staffer. Hoover denied the harassment allegation but said he sent consensual yet inappropriate text messages. He remains in the Legislature.

Jeffrey Tambor (Actor)
Two women an actress on his show "Transparent" and his assistant allege sexual misconduct. He denies the allegation, saying in a statement that he has "never been a predator ever." Tambor said this week he doesn't see how he can return to the Amazon series.

Jeremy Piven (Actor)
Accused by three women of sexual misconduct. He denies all allegations.

John Besh (Celebrity Chef)
Accused by 25 women of sexual harassment. He has stepped down from the company he founded.

John Conyers (US Rep. D-Mich.)
Accused of sexual harassment toward staffers in his office, and has settled one claim of harassment. He has denied the allegations, even the one he settled.

John Lasseter (Pixar and Disney Animation chief)
Accused by several women of unwanted touching and has announced he is taking a six-month leave of absence. He has acknowledged some "missteps" with employees and apologized for any behavior that made workers uncomfortable.

Johnny Anderson (Staffer for Democratic Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards.)
The deputy chief of staff for programs and planning resigned to avoid becoming a "distraction" to the governor. Accused of sexual harassment, he denies any wrongdoing.

Kevin Spacey (Actor)
Accused by at least 24 men of sexual misconduct or assault. London police reportedly investigating two sexual assaults. Fired from "House of Cards" and replaced in Ridley Scott's completed film "All the Money in the World." Massachusetts prosecutors are investigating one allegation. His former publicist has said he is seeking unspecified treatment.

Kirt Webster (Webster Public Relations CEO)
Accused of sexual assault by one woman. Firm renamed and Webster is "taking time away."

Knight Landesman(Artforum publisher )
Accused by multiple women of sexual harassment and sued by one woman. He has resigned from the magazine.

Leon Wieseltier (New Republic editor)
Accused of sexually harassing numerous women. Removed from the masthead of The Atlantic magazine. He has apologized for his behavior.

Louis C.K. (Comedian)
Accused by five women of sexual misconduct. Planned release of film "I Love You, Daddy" halted. Netflix special canceled. He says the allegations are true and has apologized.

Mark Halperin (Former NBC Journalist)
Accused of harassing about 12 women while at ABC News. Book contract terminated. Fired from job at NBC News. He has denied some of the allegations.

Matt Zimmerman (NBC News booker)
Accused of inappropriate conduct by multiple women at the network. He was fired from NBC.

Matthew Weiner ("Mad Men" creator)
Accused by one woman of sexual harassment. He denies the allegation.

Michael Fallon (British Defense Secretary )
Accused of inappropriate advances on two women, the Conservative resigned. Sexual harassment and assault allegations have also emerged against a number of other U.K. political figures. Labour Party legislator Carl Sargeant is believed to have taken his own life after harassment allegations cost him his post as the Welsh government's Cabinet secretary for communities and children. He had asked for an independent inquiry to clear his name. Also, Labour Party member Ivan Lewis has been suspended over an allegation of sexual misconduct; Lewis disputed the account but apologized if his behavior had been "unwelcome or inappropriate."

Michael Oreskes (NPR news chief )
Accused of inappropriate behavior or sexual harassment by at least four women while at The New York Times, NPR and The Associated Press. He has been ousted from NPR.

Nick Carter (Singer)
Accused by pop singer Melissa Schuman of raping her approximately 15 years ago. Carter has denied her allegations.

Richard Dreyfuss (Actor)
One woman alleges sexual harassment. He denies the allegation.

Robert Knepper (Actor)
Accused by one woman of sexual assault. He denies the allegations.

Roy Moore (Defeated U.S. Senate candidate R.-Ala.)
Accused of sexual assaulting two women decades ago when they were teenagers; about a half-dozen other women have accused Moore of inappropriate conduct. The former state Supreme Court chief justice denies the allegations. He has rebuffed pressure from national Republican leaders to step aside; the state GOP is standing by him.

Roy Price (Amazon executive )
Accused by one woman of sexual harassment. He resigned from Amazon.

Russell Simmons (Def Jam Records mogul )
Accused by model Keri Claussen Khalighi of coercing her to perform a sex act and later penetrating her without her consent in his New York apartment in 1991. Simmons has disputed her account, saying the relationship was consensual.

Stephen Bittel (Florida Democratic Party Chairman)
Accused of sexually inappropriate comments and behavior toward a number of women, Bittel resigned. Meanwhile, Democratic state Sen. Jeff Clemens resigned after a report that he had an extramarital affair with a lobbyist, and Republican state Sen. Jack Latvala is being investigated by the Senate over allegations of harassment and groping. Latvala has denied the allegations.

Stephen Blackwell (Billboard magazine executive)
Accused of sexual harassment by one woman. He has resigned from the magazine.

Steven Seagal (Actor)
Accused by two women of rape. Three others allege sexual miscondict. He denies the allegations.

Tom Sizemore (Actor)
Accused of groping an 11-year-old actress in 2003. Utah prosecutors declined to file charges, citing witness and evidence problems. He denies the allegation.

Tony Cornish (Republican Rep. Minnesotaa state)
Accused of misdeeds ranging from groping colleagues to persistent unwanted sexual advances and sexting.

"MeToo" project working for adults.

The RINJ Foundation Women are teaching children to forcibly resist gropers.

If every person who has been sexually assaulted, raped or harassed posted "#MeToo" on their social media page, the silent suffering would stop and impunity for sexual misconduct would end.

Helping Children

Yes #MeToo is working, except for kids. We RINJ women workers from our rape clinics and medical outposts want to say #MeToo for millions of children, the most aggressively assaulted people in the world. Watch the video.

RINJ Foundation Women are Teaching Kids to Forcibly Resist Gropers.

The RINJ Foundation Women are teaching children to forcibly resist gropers The RINJ Foundation Women are teaching children to forcibly resist gropers.
RINJ Women are teaching children to forcibly resist gropers.

The RINJ Foundation Women are Teaching Kids to Forcibly Resist Gropers.

The RINJ Foundation Women are teaching children to forcibly resist gropers. #MeToo

end child sex trade

Read more about #MeToo:

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What do feminists want for women:

  1. an equal opportunity for education;
  2. equal opportunity to drive vehicles and use any form of transportation;
  3. fair and equal wages;
  4. freedom from discrimination;
  5. no restrictions on owning property; and
  6. to be safe from violence and slavery.

What's happening now?

Did you know that Women stay abreast of world events some men think only THEY can manage? RINJ Women invite you to read our world news reports, opinions and research from a Feminine-Perspective.

World News Headlines

Headline: USA, Canada push China to invade Taiwan but China not ready

By Micheal John OBrien, Fri, 19 Aug 2022 19:32:25 GMT

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Asian Women activists who organize the protest against militarization of the South China Sea say that the American influence on South and East Asian families is sickness, hunger, unemployment, and fear of imminent war. “But China,” says CCP member Sara … Read the full article →

Headline: Fragmentation of globe is costing the Human Race say experts

By Micheal John OBrien, Fri, 19 Aug 2022 08:11:15 GMT

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As the carnage continues in Ukraine, Donetsk PR, Luhansk PR, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, and almost everywhere America has tried nation building via military intervention, it becomes increasingly clear that the human race has been left behind in the priority … Read the full article →

Headline: Google exec joins Taliban, ISIS, al Quaeda bloody death culture

By Katie Alsop, Wed, 17 Aug 2022 02:32:38 GMT

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Google management has complained to its middle managers and general worker population via its own platforms about “*sales productivity and productivity in general” and if 3Q results “don't look up, there will be blood on the streets” as seen and … Read the full article →

Headline: USA war on One-China Policy endangers women of Asia and their families

By Micheal John OBrien, Mon, 15 Aug 2022 19:08:27 GMT

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America's pride in being obnoxious and irritating in Asia is a Breach of the Peace terrifying and endangering Millions of Asians 20 to 100 Km from where American Warships Menace Asia with enough warpower to erase millions, ordinary families worry … Read the full article →

Headline: Salmon Rushdie and attacks on Kabul Women—Last straws for Khawarij

By Micheal John OBrien, Sun, 14 Aug 2022 06:55:40 GMT

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Editorial: Remembering Saleem Sinai in Midnight's Children and standing by Salman Rushdie during the fight of his life, brought the author a smile. Salman Rushdie off ventilator, now ‘talking and joking' after on-stage knife attack Reuters Video. Read the full … Read the full article →

Headline: Will the bubble burst on Zelenskyy’s corrupt Ukraine Regime?

By Micheal John OBrien, Sat, 13 Aug 2022 09:02:59 GMT

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Publicity Junkies Ben Stiller, Bono, Angelina Jolie, Jessica Chastain, have led the nonstop media adulation of the American press for Volodymyr Zelenskyy. But lately, media representatives from Russia, Finland, Germany, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Macedonia, Ireland, Canada, the Netherlands, Germany, the United … Read the full article →

Headline: One woman killed and one injured in attack on Donbass Rape Clinic by Yankees

By Melissa Hemingway, Wed, 10 Aug 2022 05:48:02 GMT

Feminine-Perspective Magazine Headline Image

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Four Americans raided a basement rape clinic within a city in Ukraine-controlled Donbass. Their objective was to capture or kill a 17-year-old girl they had gang-raped. In the attack, one of the women guards whose call sign is “Lori” was … Read the full article →

Headline: 2 Bullies warring in S. Asia, USA and China, will wreck the world

By Micheal John OBrien, Mon, 08 Aug 2022 21:59:47 GMT

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Context is important when listening to the American propaganda oozed by all its media with some rare exceptions. China tends to be a propagandist, but it does not have the media control and therefore has lost the propaganda fight and … Read the full article →

Headline: Is America about to get a face full of nukes?

By Micheal John OBrien, Sun, 07 Aug 2022 17:33:35 GMT

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Where will angry America fire its nuclear missiles? At the whole world? How long will America even have a stone to throw? It has created enemies and united them against itself. China, Russia, Iran and North Korea plus a few … Read the full article →

Headline: USA brings its dangerous acts against China to a new level via ASEAN

By Micheal John OBrien, Fri, 05 Aug 2022 10:30:24 GMT

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America went to the ASEAN Foreign Ministers conference to sling more insults at Xi Jinping while claiming impunity for USA misconduct in shunning China's sovereignty over the Taiwan island by sending a USA Congressional delegation to Taipei despite Beijing's protests. … Read the full article →

Headline: Fallout from US Congressional Visit to Taiwan will hurt. Boeing may lose $40B A/C deal

By Micheal John OBrien, Thu, 04 Aug 2022 14:34:57 GMT

Feminine-Perspective Magazine Headline Image

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China has sanctioned Taiwan by ending the import of some fish and fruits from Taiwan and banned China's export of natural sand to Taiwan. Iran, Russia, Syria and South American nations have communicated support for China in “whatever action the … Read the full article →

Headline: US Congress Delegation in Taiwan is grotesque USA

By Katie Alsop, Wed, 03 Aug 2022 04:36:17 GMT

Feminine-Perspective Magazine Headline Image

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Editorial: Nancy Pelosi has moved the human race into a deeper part of the extinction chasm it already occupies due to American hegemony. Video: Nancy Pelosi insults Xi Jinping and adds instability to Asia Graciously, Tsai Ing-wen, the elected president of … Read the full article →

Coalition member. We Stand #WithRefugees

Be a part of this important humanitarian action. #WithRefugees .

‣ Human trafficking is the 2nd largest Criminal Industry in the world; it exploits one million children each year. -RINJ

RINJ: Rape Is No Joke → Twitter: @RapeIsNoJoke@RapeIsNoJoke on FaceBook

RINJ Principals

About The RINJ Foundation
"RINJ" ( / ) is a private, non-profit, association of humanitarians including nurses, midwives, medics, EMS workers, doctors, lawyers and investigators fighting for the safety of women and children around the world. This association of members comprises an organized and structured global NGO, Civil Society group and *Social Movement. (*Including several of its subsidiary units RINJ in some regions seeks to empower oppressed population elements to mount effective challenges and resist the more powerful and advantaged elites.)
The RINJ Foundation
RINJ operates 100% on funds from private funders to ensure RINJ
  • freedom to offer humanitarian assistance when & where needed; &
  • maintain RINJ independence from political, religious & economic influence.
RINJ volunteers provide assistance to women and children in distress, to survivors of natural or man-made disasters & to victims of armed conflict. RINJ fills its role regardless of race, religion, creed or political convictions.
  • RINJ volunteers observe neutrality and impartiality in the name of universal medical ethics; the rule of law; and the universal right to humanitarian assistance.
  • RINJ claims full & unfettered freedom in the exercise of its functions.
  • RINJ volunteer/members undertake to respect professional codes of ethical standards & maintain independence from political, economic or religious powers.
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  • Impartiality & neutrality are not equal to silence. When RINJ workers witness extreme acts of violence against individuals or groups, the organisation may speak out publicly. RINJ may seek to bring attention to extreme need and unacceptable suffering when access to justice or lifesaving medical care is impeded, when medical facilities come under threat, when crises like rape for the purpose of genocide are neglected, or when the provision of aid is inadequate or abused.
  • Crimes Against Humanity, 2012 to 2022-08-20. RINJ Claims the right for any of its members capable, to arrest and detain for transport to the Hague any ISIS person who
    1) in a contiguous set of actions to or from the moment of being observed comitting an act in contravention of the Rome Statute; and
    2) who in so doing also simultaneously claims to be or showing that they are, by uniform, flag bearing, or outright statement, members of the alleged War Criminal Group known as "The Islamic State".
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Who are the "RINJ Women"

We are the (Rape Is No Joke) RINJ Women who fought in the 2000s to get the money-making pro-rape and child sex slavery content off social media platforms, ending on 4 November 2011. Some of us collectively decided to continue our work for the universal rights of women and girls. We incorporated on 21 August 2012 after years of fighting as a grass roots organization called The RINJ Campaign. We have no restrictions. That's our story. We move forward striving for gender equality universally despite the setbacks that have been experienced globally, and despite the attacks of misogynistic authoritarians.