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Fighting for the safety of women and children.


Abortion (In Depth) The RINJ Foundation

This article is meant to be a discussion in a medically and scientifically new day. No matter where you are, you live among some ultra-dangerous microbes that are evolving. They are human enemies. They are spread by dangerous sexual encounters and are capable of killing all humans.

Rape is a serious medical emergency for you even if you live in a developed nation. If you are raped it is your responsibility as well as society's responsibility to make sure you are medically cared for. Forget police and other male-dominated patriarchal institutions and their male advise. If you don't want to go to court, don't. Get medical help if you have been raped. If you change your mind once your head is clear, you can decide to help police put the rapist in prison but be assured, it is not a pleasant process, however many jurisdictions will suppport you brilliantly. Get good advice. Your medical health is paramount and your first priority. Don't wait a minute.

Read if you wish: Abortion is only a problem because of male leadership.

What you will do with your body should be your choice. But don't try to kill your baby. See a doctor. Discuss. Learn. If you can safely carry a baby to term and deliver the baby who resulted from consenting sex, one of your choices is adoption. Killing the baby is not a choice that you have. Doctors are not permitted to do a frivolous abortion in most countries if not all. But that is between the patient and the doctor to decide. Consult a genuine medical practitioner.

It is our view that governments should not be legislating women's bodies. Keeping it real, there are so many thousands of scenarios where triage practitioners must make decisions about life and death that legislating any particular medical or surgical procedure is sheer folly because every case is different. Doctors and their support medical practitioners are the ones seeing the patient, not politicians and jurists, and those doctors are sworn to save the lives they can save. That includes infants of course.

It may seem atrocious that patriarchs want to legislate abortion. In developed nations this should not happen. Let doctors do their job. On the other hand, in undeveloped countries where sheer mayhem exists, abuse of the abortion procedure happens too often and when it becomes a widespread crime it is a matter of state. Dealing with the abuse would be better than criminalizing abortion but in some countries, abuse has no bounds.

Children cannot be pregnant but are too often raped. Often the crime and the pregnancy is discovered too late for any remedy other than medically induced abortion or in the worst cases a surgical abortion.

Nobody should be forced into pregnancy. There are many reasons why that cannot be allowed to happen. If you have been raped, take the "Plan B" medical solution immediately. Don't guess. If you have been raped you must get medical attention for many reasons. Our experience suggests that in developed nations there is no excuse for patients not getting medical attention in these circumstances. As a woman member of society you have responsibilities.

Some of the microorganisms spread during intercourse are lethal if untreated. If you are in a developed nation, call the emergency number and get an ambulence or walk into a medical clinic. Grow a spine and at least report the rape crime to trusted medical workers. You probably will be saving your life. Rape is a threat against your life. It can be and most likely is a serious medical emergency. Don't listen to random men who say that it's no big deal. Our war with microbes starts with intercourse. It is a new day on this topic. Pregnancy prevention and the mitigation of morbid diseases you could otherwise spread are in first responders' protocols. Legislators are correct to be wary that making induced abortion available from medical practitioners creates abortion on demand, yes, but most good doctors will not kill a child so patients in developed countries are expected to get help fast and prevent the implantation of an egg fertilized during rape. The ideal situation is to intervene the morning after the rape or the unprotected sex.

Triage is a different story. Abortion is a medical procedure that can save lives but is to be decided by a patient and doctor on a per case basis. When bus-crash or plane crash victims come into an urgent care (emergency) room, they are not always lucid. Decisions will be made about your life. The first order of medical business is to safe your life. If you were pregnant and in a plane crash, the horrible reality is that people die. We certainly hope that will not be your baby but the doctors present will need to decide which lives they can save and then go about saving those lives they can save. Legislators who interfere with that process are completely ignorant and never will be otherwise until the have their medical degrees, licenses and a personal inventory of practice experience. Butt out in other words.

You must never think about using abortion as a method of birth control because killing your child is a crime for one thing, and doctors are bound to save lives not take lives. Remember that. Read through this discussion to learn when your egg has become a child. If it is going to happen it happens fast.
Induced abortion is a sad moment the doctor must decide.
Induced abortion is a medical procedure the doctor and patient must decide.

Fighting for the safety of women and children includes making certain complete health care is available to all women and girls. Abortion care must be safe, timely, affordable, non-discriminatory and respectful. Care must be effective, efficient, accessible, acceptable, patient-centered, equitable and above all, safe.

Read if you wish: Abortion is only a problem because of male leadership.

Men run most governments. Men of these patriarchs have for eons devoted a large percentage of their time to legislating what women can and cannot do with their bodies.

This must stop.

Legislating induced abortion, for example, is a fool's game. Trust the medical profession to do its job. Interfering with that costs far too many lives.

Using abortion as a form of birth control is unacceptable. That would be murdering a child. You have control of your body and what you do with it. But once you have used your body to create a new life, don't dare take that life. The penalty for murder can ruin your life so think about that before taking a child's life. If you need an induced abortion for legitimate medical reasons you will have that abortion without any legislation, just a doctor's oath to save the lives they can save. Meanwhile the time has come wherein contraception is so easy and so widely available, using abortion as a method of birth control is nothing short of murder. It's a new day. Throw out what you thought you knew and start over, learning.

If you don't want to have a baby use contraceptives or abstain from intercourse. Once a human life has been created the Universal Declaration of Human Rights applies and the right to life prevails.

Doctors and patients need to make clear note of this.

Discussing rape, birth control, contraception, abortion and reproductive rights 2022-08-20 - Notwithstanding your reproductive rights, for safety reasons, RINJ has vehemently urged women in areas of armed conflict to avoid pregnancy. Always use some form of contraception. Extremely high infant and maternal mortality rates plus heightened incidence of rape in war zones drive The RINJ Foundation Women to share this generalized advice. Much more than half the women die under these circumstances. Almost the same number of babies die. Use good judgment. Use a contraceptive. Get to safety. Then plan your family.
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  3. RINJ Urges use of IUS
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"Denying the reproductive rights of family partners is a violation of human rights," says RINJ.

Read the headlines. Most politicians are male and most don't have the first clue about how a woman's body works. Some of the anecdotal examples are beacons of stupidity about the womb. Why get into it.
RINJ does not support nor oppose any of the so-called pro-life or pro-choice groups having particular interests in the topic of abortion. Neither reflects reality.

Criminalizing Abortion Is Wrong-Minded

But abuse of the procedure may make that necessary in some undeveloped countries.

Gender infanticide is one such abuse of the induced abortion procedure. Governments fear prosecuting these murders (killing a child at any stage in life is murder) because of a backlash from the misguided "pro-abortion" sector. The RINJ Foundation Women maintain that there are (or should be in all countries) sufficient pieces of legislation both in state law and in religious guidelines, such that the state should get out of the womb. Thou shall not kill.
On the other hand, to generalize and say that all induced abortions are criminal is also wrong. In an ideal world, criminalizing abortion would not be needed to prevent abuse of this procedure.

Good Doctors Do Not Kill Babies

Canada decriminalized abortion over 30 years ago when its highest court struck down a section in the Canada Criminal Code that criminalized abortion.

Regardless of this Jan. 28, 1988 decision, the vast majority of hospitals in Canada do not perform abortions on demand and some provinces do not have standalone abortion clinics.

In Canada, the induced abortion procedure is regulated by medical policies, codes of ethics and protocols.

Most scrupulous doctors honour the rights of the unborn child. Those that don't should be prosecuted.

Yes, some of the abuses of this 1988 decision are not prosecuted and should be. For example, people go to Canada to do "female infanticide"--kill the unwanted child because of its gender. The Morgentaler Clinics, a quasi-abortion-retail-chain created by Doctor Henry Morgentaler who found the loophole in the Canadian Criminal Code and convinced the Supreme Court to toss the law, have slaughtered countless children as a method of birth control on demand.

Hence Canada, one of only a few countries that (somewhat accidentally) decriminalized the induced abortion medical procedure, suffers little abuse. But those abuses are extremely serious and should be prosecuted.

Doctors who perform induced abortions on demand as a method of birth control are committing the crime of murder of a child and should be charged with murder.

Doctors who are by circumstance compelled to choose between the life of the patient mother and the patient fetus must save the life or lives they can save without interference.

Many Doctors are validly cynical about the strength and enforcement of medical policies, codes of ethics and protocols and prefer that induced abortion on demand be criminalized. The RINJ Foundation medical teams generally agree that countries like Canada need to work harder to end the abuses of its current lack of anti-abortion law before the global medical community is more completely convinced that decriminalizing abortion is timely. What Canada is on its way to proving however is that decriminalizing induced abortion is possible while still preserving the sanctity of life, if not now but in the future. Prosecuting the murder of unborn children, simple law enforcement, is the next best step. Any government omission or commission that challenges the sanctity of life is indeed, dangerous.

The challenge is to tackle abuses, not medical procedures themselves.

We need to listen to our brothers and sisters in the medical community and allow them to do their jobs within their best medical practices and code of ethics.

Too much impunity exists in the world for murderers of every kind. Overpopulation is causing blips in human development and immoral thinking about the value of human life. Can we regain the sanctity of life while maintaining a sensible population and total fertility rate? We need to try.

Probability and Logic

If you were a serious medical researcher you would know that on average 75% of all conceptions fail. Some regions of the globe are worse than others.

Why is that important?

That is what researchers, compiling a wide range of surveys and studies,estimate for the percentage of fertilized eggs that do not result in a full-term pregnancy, factoring in miscarriages but also failed implantation that usually pass without the mother ever missing a menstruation period.

You still there? Did you want to argue that conception yields a life?

Well, it does in a very small number of instances. At inception of pregnancy it is impossible to know which ones will succeed. Most fertilized eggs fail to implant.

Between the time an egg is fertilized to the time the egg implants solidly is what? Is there life? No. It's possible, but not likely. Do you understand that? Wait a while. In a very short time you can talk to your baby and your baby is "listening". Don't even think about ending your baby's life.

Next. 31% Of pregnancies with confirmed implantation end in miscarriage. Are you starting to get the idea that life is precious?

Get a medical degree before you start arguing about what you think you can "*recommend" in another woman's body. Then you need to have her consent before collecting medical information and making a diagnosis.

Induced abortion is a health care procedure. Induced abortion is a health care procedure the Doctor/Patient must decide

Fighting for the safety of women and children includes making certain complete health care is available to all women and girls. Abortion care must be safe, timely, affordable, non-discriminatory and respectful. Care must be effective, efficient, accessible, acceptable, patient-centered, equitable and above all, safe.

Discussing the medical procedures involved in a failed pregnancy requiring intervention is beyond your ability *unless you are the patient or the doctor in the case.

Medical research lab studies on IVF patients have found that a very large percentage of eggs harbour chromosome abnormalities (the leading cause of miscarriage) and another study found that in natural cycles, about 22% of all conceptions never complete implantation.

Further studies on environmental impacts are needed but another factor in failed pregnancies exists and is more prominent in environmentally challenging regions of the world.

If a miscarriage does not take place naturally the patient could die. The medical decision and choice of intervention procedure and its timing is not your call.

It should suffice that it is a crime to bring harm to another person. A baby is a young person and they need your protection. In other words, the laws that you need to protect the sanctity of life exist as globally common statutes. There are valid mitigation arguments for extenuating circumstances that make what is normally a crime, not a crime. Self-defence, the right to your life, is one.

Being number 20 on a triage list that has patients in worse condition than you but you are at death's door and your care comes too late--did anyone commit a crime? Courts, precedents and law exist for the universal protection of the right to life.

*You don't decide what happens inside her womb.


  • The RINJ Foundation strongly urges women not to even contemplate abortion as a form of birth control. Concomitantly governments are urged to provide families with their inalienable reproductive rights and accessible contraceptives needed for family planning. For one reason, it is urgently important to stem the surge in unwanted pregnancies in developing nations. For another, murdering children by using abortion as a form of birth control is a capital crime. 'Don't kill any sentient being', is good advice, but 'don't kill children' is a law every mentally-well human being agrees on.
  • Killing children is a heinous crime at any time in their precious lives. Sometimes medical practitioners face serious life and death decisions related to pregnancies. Sometimes the decisions are not much different than triage. Who can we save? Doctors save the lives they can save. If you are a medical practitioner reading this you know how painfully hard these decisions can be and in many cases how absolutely clear the decision can become under certain trauma or disease circumstances. When baby's life and mother's life are in peril, decisions are taken. We must leave that decision to the responsible physician and the patient. Interference causes disastrous domino effects. Far too many at-risk women die as do their baby, because of a decision to avoid aborting, leaving the living children motherless, without care, to all die eventually as well. (Yes. That is absolutely true. We have been in many communities around the world where that happened. Those tears never go away.)
  • In providing health care to patients, abortion is a medical procedure that may at times need consideration. Please remember that every life is precious. Save those patients you can save.
  • Abortion is not a moral persuasion but a medical issue. Safe induced abortion is not available in most of the world's communities. That's wrong. Abortion is a medical procedure that is used to save lives.
  • Notwithstanding the aforesaid, religion and medical science don't seem to mix. At no time in the history of mankind have religions' medical edicts been helpful in the advancement of medical science or the improvement of the human condition. Both Jesus and Mohammed were beacons of misogyny while their science did little except assure followers Earth was flat. With all due respect, theirs and their followers' medical science opinions lack relevance and credence today.

The decision of a rape survivor regarding a Plan B pharmacological solution is the right of the patient and her medical team and none of anyone else's business.

Note: Any other approach opens the door to an abuse called genocide rape. If you feel that preventing pregnancy after sex is wrongful, this might be an example of circumstance where committing one crime to prevent a greater crime is a reasonable defence.

It is important that rape survivors report the crime and get medical help from their health care provider as soon as possible.

Reproductive Rights

  • Despite obvious conflicts with spiritual leaders, reproductive rights belong to families who must have the unfettered ability to choose freely and responsibly if and when to have children.
  • Close examination of mass deaths in the world suggests government's are doing an awful job of protecting children and their families. It is completely disingenuous for violent men to be arguing that abortion is violence toward children. Notwithstanding that observation the RINJ Foundation suggests that an abuse of this or any medical procedure bringing harm to a person could constitute a crime. All life is precious. 'Don't use abortion as a method of birth control', is our warning, worth repeating.
  • Families must have easy access to valid and safe contraceptives as well as safe and validated health care for them and their children.
  • Lack of access to safe, timely, affordable and respectful abortion care as part of safe and validated health care is a critical public health and human rights issue not to be ignored suggests the World Health Organization (WHO).
  • The global maternal death rate at childbirth is horrifying. The same is true of infant mortality. Children born into severe poverty are not surviving. The alleviation of this problem lies partly in the global goals of human development. Family planning is one of the tools for poverty's mitigation and elimination.
  • Maintaining a Total Fertility Rate (TFR) of 2.1 is a valid goal for family planning educators. Earth has limits on what number of human occupants it can support. Approaching 9 billion world population the TFR must maintain somewhere around 2.1 barring any catastrophic events.
  • Family planning and reproductive rights belong to each and every family. Governments must be asked to provide free of charge, safe, modern contraceptives.

Caring for children and their families is something the people of Earth need to relearn with real global values for human development.

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What do feminists want for women:

  1. an equal opportunity for education;
  2. equal opportunity to drive vehicles and use any form of transportation;
  3. fair and equal wages;
  4. freedom from discrimination;
  5. no restrictions on owning property; and
  6. to be safe from violence and slavery.

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