Be a warrior. Donate to deliver safety to vulnerable women & children.

You can deliver safety to vulnerable women & kids.
Be a Warrior. Donate now. We'll get it done for you.

Be a warrior for vulnerable women & children--a valiant hero in the quest for safety of children & their families.

RINJ Sexual Assault Clinics (RSAC) & RINJ Health Clinics (RHC) are FREE.
Good people like you who donate $cash to humanitarians help your own community. Governments do not do this work. In many countries where we work, governments are the problem. Caring for survivors and prosecuting Islamic State rapists, for example, helps prevent malicious violence and extremism landing on your doorstep. Helping, healing, teaching, speaking out at The United Nations, does more to fix a wrong than guns and violence. A warrior's gift to RINJ Canada hits where needed, without delay. Counseling survivors; treating & curbing the spread of HIV/AIDS & other STD's; & PTRS/PTSD treatments win us accolades.
Your community will cheer for YOU because the nurses you support gather bio-medical forensic evidence & win convictions against raping terrorists keeping your community safer. Press Donate or read more options.

Be a warrior protecting women & children from sexual violence--a warrior hero fighting for the safety of children and their families. - The RINJ Foundation Sat Mar 24 07:49:54 2018
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‣ Many cultures and religions today share the view of the medieval theologian Thomas Aquinas who argued that rape, though sinful, was much less sinful than masturbation or coitus interruptus, because it fulfilled the procreative function of sex, while the other acts violated the purpose of sex.

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Secure Donation by Credit Card or Visa Debit: "Donate"We use the highest security standards.
Want to raise money for RINJ to support critical programs? Start today. Volunteers educate their communities and raise funds to help survivors of sexual violence by asking friends and family for support and organizing fundraising events. Start Now.