Government forced vaccines are unethical, a sign of despotic moves to come

Canada’s governments wants to take coercive measures against Canadians like refusing health care to COVID-19-unvaccinated persons and forcing under threat of criminal prosecution the vaccination of anxiety ridden patients who fear needles and vaccines. Why did Trudeau appoint an unethical Health Minister? Using a sledgehammer on people suffering anxiety disorder trying to compel the sufferer to complete the feared act, is contraindicated and will surely backfire.

Unvaccinated because of malicious intent or because of anxiety neurosis?

Are they unvaccinated because of malicious intent or because of anxiety neurosis?
The answer is that the 10% of Canadian communities who refuse vaccination against COVID-19
suffer anxiety disorder. Anxiety patients need help not brutality.   Art inspired by horrorpops/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto FPMag

Mistreatment of the misfortunate and the unwell is sickening behaviour. Justin Trudeau and his arrogant fascist cabinet must be ousted from their minority rule and forbidden to hold office again.

by Geraldine Frisque and Sharon Santiago

“90.37% Of Canadians over 12 got a jab. Concomitantly between 13 and 25% of all Canadians suffer anxiety disorder including trypanophobia.

Health care workers must treat all patients equally. Otherwise they are not health CARE professionals and must be suspended.

“Only a fascist megalomaniac sitting as an economist Canadian Health Minister would unethically urge forcing needles into Canadians’ arms. That is not a Canadian way ahead nor is it ethical. Opposition parties and parliament members must defeat this draconian BS that Russian President Vladimir Putin refuses to do, ‘because it is undemocratic’,” says Katie Alsop of RINJ Women.

Many unvaccinated Canadians confide they suffer chronic and severe anxiety disorders.

Canada’s government says 90% of people over 12 are vaccinated and that some 13% of Canadians suffer anxiety disorders. Do the math, Justin Trudeau, and Jean-Yves Duclos.

Jean-Yves Duclos is an incompetent health care minister. He is a draconian economist who does not have the first scintilla of understanding of health care. He wants to force needles into patients who suffer anxiety disorders.

“Fifty per cent of hospitalizations now, in Quebec, are due to people not having been vaccinated,” Jean-Yves Duclos said.

“That’s a burden on health care workers, a burden on society which is very difficult to bear and for many people difficult to understand.

“That’s why I’m signaling this is a conversation which I believe provinces and territories, in support with the federal government, will want to have over the next weeks and months,” said the economist who has been portending to be a health care leader.

But, “Anxiety disorders are characterized by excessive and persistent feelings of nervousness, anxiety, and even fear,” says the Canadian Ministry of Health.

Does the Trudeau Cabinet actually believe that the unvaccinated are of sound mind and body despite an unvaccinated majority that is  so anxiety ridden they favour a belief that vaccines are part of a conspiracy to inject microchips or nanobots into their body? Canada deserves better government than this and must immediately seek that end. Mistreatment of the misfortunate and the unwell is sickening behaviour.

The impact of mental health problems and illnesses is especially felt in workplaces and among working aged people. • People in their early and prime working years are among the hardest hit by mental health problems and illnesses like anxiety disorders. • About 21.4% of the working population in Canada currently experience mental health problems and illnesses, which can affect their productivity. • Mental health problems and illnesses account for approximately 30% of short – and long-term disability claims and are rated one of the top three drivers of such claims by more than 80% of Canadian employers

Read if you wish: Investing in Mental Health in Canada

  • “People with trypanophobia, the fear of needles, must not be mistreated. ‘Antivaxxers‘ are people who prey upon persons suffering trypanophobia.
  • Antivaxxers, is a term that refers to individuals who deliberately sew misinformation as a mischief to harm members of their communities. They should be prosecuted civilly or criminally by governments.
  • The 13 to 20 % of Canadians who suffer anxiety disorders need treatment, not force and fear of prosecution applied to them by governments.
  • The 25% of Americans who fear needles  get kind assistance, not bullying.
  • Readers who experience these anxieties might try:
    1. Bring support for your vaccination. Hold the hand of your spouse, family member, friend, or clinical staff member to help keep calm.
    2. Use distraction. Listen to music in headphones or focus on anything other than the shot. Have a casual conversation with the vaccinator.
    3. Inform the vaccinator about your concerns. Many vaccinators have given thousands of shots. You are not the first patient to be apprehensive about receiving the vaccine.
    4. Look away. There is no reason to watch the injection.
    5. Relax the muscle. This can reduce the pain.
    6. Lay down if you have fainted or felt dizzy when receiving injections in the past.
    7. Therapy is an option. Mental health specialists can help provide strategies to cope with anxiety surrounding your vaccination.
  • Government using a sledgehammer on people suffering anxiety disorder trying to compel the sufferer to complete the feared act, will backfire.
  • The correct approach is cognitive therapy which in many ways resembles ‘teaching’ anxiety sufferers ways to cope with the anxiety so that the disorder does not endanger their lives.
  • The people of Canada must rise up against the Federal Ministry of Health which is being run by unprofessional politicians, from enacting extreme violations against civil liberties and violation of correct ethical medical practices.
  • The vaccines available are irrelevant to the ending of the current pandemic and variant specific-vaccines are still months away.
  • It is an economist health minister, Jean-Yves Duclos who is telling provinces to mandate vaccines but this medically incompetent authoritarian forgets that most of the unvaccinated are people sufferings severe anxiety, afraid to admit their illness, because they are afraid of everything, and need treatment, not abuse.
  • Civil Society does not universally endorse government imposed jabs on adults, especially since the current vaccines are not directed at the current, evolved SARS-CoV-2 virus which looks very little like the ancestral origin upon which all of todays vaccines are based.
  • Read between the lines. Vaccine makers are not saying their vaccine prevents illness or will end the pandemic as the Trudeau-appointed economist pretending to be a doctor as an appointed Health Minister is saying.
  • The Canadian government has gone too far and must be shut down by the coalition that created the minority rule of the Liberal Party. The people of Canada need to vote on this authoritarian monstrosity.
  • This draconian misconduct telling provinces to force Canadians to get a vaccine is way over the line of arrogance. Trudeau must go.

Any government trying to create a criminal case out of people fearing vaccination enough to refuse vaccine, must be brought down electorally. Opposition must immediately pick up the case and enact all devices to bring a vote of nonconfidence anywhere in the world.. This is what happens when governments become too accustomed to violations of human rights.

For a long time it has been clear that the available vaccines while having some effect are not meant to stop the spread of the evolved variants since the ancestral virus for which the vaccines were designed became a thing of the past.  Therefore the argument of the economist who is acting as the Health Minister in Canada is rancid.

There is significant evidence to suggest that surviving a course of the Omicron infection provides substantial immunity. If it is true that the unvaccinated will suffer the most, that will be their punishment. If they survive, and if it is true as scientists are saying that the nature of the Omicron is such that surviving it leaves a strong immunity to the entire SARS-CoV-2 family of pathogens, then the problem is solved, we just need to get through the period of sickness in the next three or more weeks to get there.

Sinister politician points to forcing needles into the arms of anxiety ridden patients without due process.
In each case he would need to obtain a court order of non compos mentis, but he wants to skip formalities and force jabs. Health care? No.
Unethical conduct from a despotic government that has become too accustomed to riding roughshod over constituents.
File Photo: Video capture from live broadcast.
Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto FPMag

Government agencies of Canada need to be dealing with the issue of chronic anxiety disorder that is keeping Canadians away from the jab. Politicians like Jean-Yves Duclos who threaten the mentally unwell causing more anxiety, and more trauma to everyone, must be recalled by just means.

The ominous suggestion that provinces should initiate a forced vaccine program is scurrilously violating the social psychology of the nation and stepping well beyond the lukewarm support for the Federal Liberal government which does not govern by majority and does not have the support of a majority of the Canadian public (52% disapprove according to a November Ipsos-Reed poll). More than that, the Health Minister is an economist not a health care professional and has zero credibility.

When companies institute mandates for vaccines, they are making it a condition of employment, not a condition for personal freedom. That is why mandates can only be applied by companies and institutions that assemble people to conduct their business or operations. Governments may not force needles into people’s arms.

Government imposed laws making it a criminal offence not to be vaccinated are draconian and in violation of the Canadian Constitution as well as the universal declaration of human rights.

The Canadian government has been telling its public a series of lies and has trended toward authoritarian rule. This idea of of pushing the provinces to create a criminal offence of being unvaccinated is more than a slippery slope, it is a step far beyond the perimeter red line of Civil Liberties in Canada.

The Canadian government is as responsible for the failure to protect Canadians from the Omicron variant of COVID-19 as the unvaccinated. The unvaccinated tend to be extreme anxiety sufferers, or clinically diagnosed morons or idiots and as such, non compos mentis, can and must be vaccinated under the Canada Mental Health Act.

Many unvaccinated Canadians are people with anxiety disorders. According to the Canadian government’s data, in 2013 some nearly 13% of the population suffered significant anxiety disorders. The vast majority of people who are unvaccinated, suffer anxiety and fall into a class of people afraid of needles.

In the Philippines, the government set out to kill those individuals it considered to be drug addicts. The RINJ Foundation argued that drug addicts are mental health care patients and not necessarily criminals who should be mass murdered. At present according to mortuary and similar records, there were nearly 40,000 people killed in the Philippines because they were suspected of being drug addicts. Some just had a limp.

In the case of Canada’s federal government,  seeking to punish the unvaccinated, government is ignoring the origin health issue of mood or anxiety disorders or exacerbated variants of those disorders which further anxiety inducements will not help.

This crosses a line. This Trudeau government which has significantly botched the pandemic response by lying to the Canadian people about respirator masks; lying to Canadians by withholding infection rate data and failing to test and contact trace thus pursuing Trump inspired sinister policies, now seeks to violate civil rights in Canada.

People who refuse to vaccinate are unwell. Many of the unvaccinated believe vaccines are imposed on them because they contain microchip spying devices or similar science fiction nonsense. The Canadian Health Minister is a sociopathic fool if he thinks these people are well. They are not and this is not an indicated method for dealing with an unwell portion of the Canadian public , over 13% suffering

The people who are unvaccinated will become sick with the virus and if they survive, their vaccination will be the real deal.

Democracy dies in the dark. The Canadian Federal Government has taken many steps to vary the true data of this pandemic. Now it seeks authoritarian rule.

Canadians should not stand for that. It is time for the lackluster opposition in the parliaments across Canada to find their spines and bring down these governments who throw away the Canadian Constitution and civil liberties in Canada.

The RINJ Foundation