Civil Society Puts Zaporizhzhia Nuclear PP under surveillance to learn who is lying

When Biden asks, “we must change perceptions around the world,” like he did with Afghanistan, Biden means, ‘these are the lies that will work to hide what we are doing?’

“And there’s a need, whether it is true or not, there is a need to project a different picture.”

About Men Who Lie Habitually
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People know politicians lie and it seems voters do care. Look at Scott Morrison.

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Lies about things that will eventually kill folks living in Europe will indict Biden and the other sociopaths risking Europeans who don’t want to die or glow in the dark. Male power-crazed fools play war games with the biggest nuclear reactor in Europe. These are the same people who continue to work hard at prolonging the proxy war in Ukraine which they provoked and now hope to continue for another year because they think that’s what it will take to weaken and even drain Russia,” says Nurse Practitioner Monique Deslaurier who is on assignment from Calais, Maine in Ukraine to do some specialized GBV care training and certification of new nurses working in RSAC Rape Clinics and RSAC Women’s Shelters.

“American politicians like old, foolish, eccentric Karen Lorraine Jacqueline Speier (D) boldly declaring that “Russia and China are two of our worst enemies in the world” and we must do whatever it takes to hurt them, are inciting a racist culture to excuse murders and misconducts that made America the vilest thing that massacres human children for fun,” NP Deslauriers added.

“Public servants are being replaced with anti-social personality disordered egomaniacs. They must be held accountable to ‘we, the people’ in all countries. But they believe they have impunity for any level of wrongdoing,” suggests NP Deslauriers.

Civil Society Monitoring team has begun surveillance work at the nuclear power plant near Zaporizhzhia.

“I attended a meeting wherein I was asked about treating radiation sickness and I learned that a team is now going to be assigned to a listening and visual surveillance of the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant and its six nuclear reactors. They say the politicians interfering in the security of this nuclear facility, the largest anywhere in Europe, must be held accountable for their lies. Somebody is telling lies. Both stories can’t be true,” she added.

Russia has opened the doors to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) which has been sounding alarms because it has been completely bypassed from Zaporizhzhia and has no information whatsoever, it said up until recent meetings with Russian officials, but that is in contrast to IAEA incongruent complaints that everything is being done wrongly. They simply did not know.

Video 18 August: “We do not place heavy weapons on the territory of Zaporizhzhia NPP,” according to a statement from the Russian defence ministry a week ago Thursday..

“The Ukrainian side has repeatedly stated that the Russian Armed Forces are striking at the plant, and that Russian heavy weapons are being placed on the territory of the nuclear power plant. We are ready to provide the IAEA with pictures with a very high resolution, which show that we do not place weapons, especially heavy ones, on the territory of this plant”, said Igor Kirillov, Head of Radiation, Chemical and Biological Defence Forces during a briefing in Moscow on Thursday 18 August.

We are women. One of our gender gave birth to each of these quarreling men who are threatening the human race with their out-of-control misconduct, like killing the daughter of a man they don’t like and pouring weapons into a den of thugs or shooting bullets and bombs at nuclear reactors. We know the Americans and Ukrainians have been doing this. We are there.

Sergiy-Kyslytsya has been accused of being a compulsive liar.

Sergiy Kyslytsya who is the Ukraine permanent ambassador to the UN Security Council has repeatedly been accused of being a compulsive liar by people following the Ukraine War.

Sergiy Kyslytsya writes on Twitter: and on Facebook

 “Bullshitting is not lying. Harry Frankfurt explained it well. A liar cares about the truth, he tries to prevent others from learning it; a bullshitter doesn’t care about difference between the truth & falsity; bullshitter makes up ideas to suit his purpose.”


When a mother sees two or more of her children in a fight, each with a bruise, a bump or a bleed, we know it matters not about the stories and the lies, but that they are all guilty of fighting. The men involved in this war, behave like delinquent children on steroids. This is what must be stopped and they must be punished harshly.

Looking at the Rome Statute, the West’s artillery attacks shelling a Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) having six, large, nuclear reactors mostly built in the 1980s is the last straw against this NATO-driven fiasco of a proxy-war against Russia.

The actor-oligarch-puppet President Zelenskyy is allowing his people to be used as cannon fodder in a proxy war. He is being told, “don’t sue for peace; stay away from the negotiating table.”

But in the case of sending clouds of radioactive dust over all our homes in Europe, Biden with his minions and lying allies is committing a crime against humanity with his lies and policies for his administration including ambassadors instructed to tell lies and put at risk a series of nuclear reactors that Russia plans to use to power the occupied territories which is its responsibility under the laws of war. Russia must do whatever it can to provide for the safety of the public and within reason, the peaceful enjoyment of their family homes.

Listening to the UN Security Council members’ lies during recent Security Counsel sessions has been alarming.

The world’s food supply has been trashed, putting millions in grave danger. And now these warring men who kill large chunks of their populations or other nation’s populations are playing games with a nuclear power plant that has been well guarded and protected by Russian troops and well run by the company that operates the plant.

Civil society is Watching the plant and will report on the conduct of the sides.

Thus far the Russians have been on watch protecting the plant and the Ukrainians and American mercenaries have been firing upon the 105-hectare Zaporizhzhia site putting the six nuclear reactor units at risk. This much we know from recent observations. How much America is tied up in this disaster is yet to be proven but enough has been seen thus far to imply that these men are playing war games with our lives.