USA Killing of 6 kids, 4 moms in Atmeh, Syria. Human Rights Violation filed

Children killed by US Forces in Idlib Syria.

Children killed by US Forces in Idlib, Syria.
Screen capture. Watch the video below.

The RINJ Foundation is in the process of filing formal criminal complaints against US President Joe Biden for the mass murder of 6 children and four moms in the village of Atmeh, in the Idlib Governorate of Syria. Among the deceased were two infants.

Witnesses say that a woman detonated an explosive vest when American soldiers launched an attack against a building that housed 7 families.

US President Joe Biden “is accused of misusing the US Military for political purposes violating the sovereignty of Syria and the rights of the Idlib governorate for his own personal political gain. It became  another American mass murder of children.”

Janti Soeripto, President and CEO of Save the Children US, said: “The reports we are hearing of children’s deaths and injuries in the vicinity of the US operation are deeply alarming and unacceptable. The US, like all parties to the conflict in Syria, are required to protect children from harm and must take responsibility for all impacts resulting from their actions. They are required to protect civilians in line with their responsibilities under international humanitarian law. Children should never be reduced to collateral damage. There needs to be an urgent, immediate investigation into this incident.”

According to Dale Carter a security analyst for the RINJ Women organization:

“A better planned mission would have waited for an appropriate opportunity and captured al-Quraishi and if and upon conviction, interviewed him for years to follow for the names of would-be terrorists and their planned operations. Thus a real military operation could have prevented the deaths of civilians from terrorist attacks instead of becoming terrorists and killing more kids and their moms, again.”

Syria is the number one most dangerous country in the world for children. according to the Save The Children global NGO.

“Wherever the US Military goes, children die,” says Dale Carter.

A US Drone strike on Aug. 29, 2021 killed the Afghan aid worker Zemari Ahmadi and nine of his family members with a Hellfire missile. Others were fatally wounded in rooms along the courtyard.

America has a long history of killing children and saying ‘That’s OK, just collateral damage’