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Fighting against violent men to win the safety of women and children. Rape Is No Joke

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  1. Trudeau & Philippines’ Troubling Attitude on Mass Killings
    Published: Fri, 17 Nov 2017 07:11:40

    In Manila, wherever you go you will be bothered by child-beggars & broken women looking for a hand out. Hundreds of thousands of women and children live like this. They live among rats and cockroaches that outnumber them in the … Read

  2. Possible Truce with DPRK say Women
    Published: Fri, 17 Nov 2017 00:08:56

    “Mr. Kim has complained to the UN about US Military Drills Threatening DPRK National Security and seeks immediate discussion… China sees this as a bargaining point,” say RINJ Foundation Women in Korea. The DPRK may freeze nuclear arms development in … Read

  3. Trump’s Political Coffin Nail: Rodrigo Duterte
    Published: Mon, 13 Nov 2017 03:14:27

    31st ASEAN Conference 2017 American real estate tycoon and current US President Donald John Trump may have put a nail in his political coffin kibitzing with a mass murderer. Hanging out with Rodrigo #Duterte might make all the rumours floating … Read

  4. Pay Attention to DPRK @ 68th UN-CEDAW Session
    Published: Wed, 08 Nov 2017 19:49:52

    Instead of learning about human origins, about the raw creative power of nature, and about our future in this universe, the male dominated patriarch ruling the world is blinded by the need to assert male control or power, enforce gender roles, … Read

  5. Trump Agrees DPRK Folks Special-Ivanka Denies Dad’s Bad. What a weekend.
    Published: Mon, 06 Nov 2017 12:49:46

    We just came through a weekend to remember. War drumbeats are softening. Attending the World Assembly for Women last Friday as a US Presidential 13-day tour of Asia started, US Presidential adviser Ivanka Trump told a half-empty conference room that equal … Read

  6. Moms Protect yourself & family in Nuclear War.
    Published: Sun, 05 Nov 2017 03:20:30

    Make Your Plan Now If you survive detonation of a nuclear weapon, we share here what to do next. This article is aimed at women who are centrepoint in their family. This advice will help your family survive. Start learning. … Read

  7. Abortion Law Is Dangerous
    Published: Sun, 05 Nov 2017 01:38:59

    Induced Abortion is a decision of Doctor/Patient, not legislators. Induced Abortion used as birth control is frivolous murder. Law saying, “No Abortion” can kill both patients. All governments must provide health care. Government must provide contraception. Any Induced Abortion law … Read

  8. Corrupting Influences. Duterte, Roque, Philippines. – Sison
    Published: Fri, 03 Nov 2017 06:02:50

    By Jose C. Sison “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” This is a saying that squarely applies to Philippine politicians and government officials without any exception, including the officials in the present administration of Rodrigo Duterte. Hence it can be … Read

  9. Possibility of NKorea striking USA is Propaganda Bunk.
    Published: Thu, 02 Nov 2017 07:32:54

    Updated November 3, 2017 – Unless North Korea has figured out a way to turn a super-sized cargo helicopter upside down and screw a nuclear bomb payload through the earth to come up on the other side of the world … Read

  10. It is not OK to Kill Non-Believers – a lesson from Marawi.
    Published: Thu, 02 Nov 2017 00:54:53

    Women and children in Lanao del Sur, Philippines have a lot to learn about the modern world and the ability of Civil Society volunteers to bring about change. Working together and appreciating the reasonable opinions of others is a door-opener … Read

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‣ Note about FGM: Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is a violent sexual assault of a high order of criminality at many levels. FGM is usually committed against female babies, children, or women, without consent. Read FGM as a crime of Sexual Assault - Defined

Videos. What are The RINJ Foundation Women doing?

The RINJ Foundation is an international membership-driven NGO with numerous operational service units purpose-built and managed to achieve its goal (see about) to protect children & their families from violence. The RINJ Foundation began with the mantra "RapeIsNoJoke" as a women's group campaign opposed to gender-based violence (rape) & expanded at a furious rate of growth.
Read more about who we are and what we do in our "about RINJ" section.

Rape(RSAC) Surgical(TRF-RSC) & HealthCare(TRF-RHC) Clinics

RSAC (RINJ Sexual Assault Clinics) are Nurse-led sexual assault clinics medically treating rape survivors in combat zones and sexual violence survivors in refugee camps Asia and Africa. RSACs in combat zones or refugee camps also perform rape kits and investigate & report the occurance of gender-based violence & sexual violence in war zones. New locations are planned. Read more about rape as a war crime.
The Nurses Without Borders
Free medical care in The Rinj Foundation Remote Health Care Clinics (TRF-RHC) is planned for women and children in areas of dire need around the world. Narrow specialty RINJ Sexual Assault Clinics (RSAC) work well in major cities as out-of-sight treatment clinics existing for the purpose of caring for survivors and performing forensic evidence collection for police and court services. In many developing nations of the world this concept does not work for cultural reasons. The RINJ Foundation found it extraordinarily effective to provide basic health care in regions of armed conflict and refugee camps. Caring for survivors of rape as a war crime (Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court) has become a significant operational unit of The RINJ Foundation. Learn more about RSAC Nurses Without Borders.

Community related services such as victim advocacy, crisis hotlines, community outreach, & extensive public health education programs are provided based on each RSAC's resources at the discretion of the local RSAC nurse-led team. Learn more about this operational unit in the context of actual projects like Sinjar and Rojava.

The RINJ Foundation - Remote Surgical Clinics(TRF-RSC) support groups of TRF-RHC units as transportable basic surgery, regional centers performing routine minor and emergency major surgeries while connected to a telehealth diagnostic center. These are the largest mobile units we operate built into 40ft recycled steel shipping containers.

The care model we use insists on full service including follow up and basic long-term patient health co-management and care.

  • Trauma care;
  • Physical injuries treatment and minor surgery;
  • Sexually transmitted disease detection treatment and prevention;
  • Sexual assault forensic testing;
  • Pregnancy issues, from abortion to delivering your baby;
  • Legal course of action counseling;
  • Criminal prosecution assistance;
  • Mental health care; and
  • All needed follow-up care.

Yes. This is where your gift goes. Please make a donation.
Donate Today
Each clinic has a total need of:
  1. 5 Professional Staff (3 Nurses, 2 security/assistants)
  2. 1 Health Care Administrator (Certificate)
  3. Support for all staff incl. food and lodging.
  4. 3 Regional volunteers who speak the language of the locals.
  5. Medications we must buy and supply to patients for ongoing treatment.
  6. Equipment maint., spares, Oxy + other gases, disposables.
  7. $377,500 USD Per year Per Unit
Note: We receive a steady flow of nearly-expired meds, supplies, equipment etceteras which defray some of the above costs. "Thank you so much!" :') to those donors.

Read more in our"RSAC" section.

The RINJ "Rape Help Line"

Type '' into your phone's browser. Remember: " RapeIsNoJoke". It is a HELP LINE. A set of directions pop up. You won't need to dial a number. You can next 'click-to-call'.

Somebody is here for you: WhatsApp or Txt or Phone (+1)6477399279. Step-by-step guide for survivors of rape. Call 911 or your local emergency services number. Go to a safe place if you are able.

Read more about Help (talk) Line.

FGM Clinic

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) Survivor reconstruction clinic.The RINJ Foundation is planning the integration of a major surgery (general anesthetic, over-night stay) clinic within one of its RSAC facilities, hoping to complete the project in or before 2017. Surgery will reverse some damage and mitigate the FGM side effects in most cases.

Read more about Female Genital Mutilaton (FGM).

Newest RSAC Clinics

  1. Philippines
  2. Sinjar
  3. The Islamic State(since mid 2014)

Rape Kits

Rape Kits are for a nurse or doctor to gather forensic data about sexual violence crime in a clinic or hospital examining room. RINJ manufactures its own rape kits in the Philippines. 'Rape kits' are also described around the world as physical evidence recovery kits [PERK]; sexual offence evidence collection [SOEC] kits).

Read more about the RINJ Rape Kit Program.

Sex Offenders

RINJ shares learning for the betterment of court processes; provides data to the public about 'wanted' sex offenders/suspects or recently released-from-prison rapists who may be of interest to the community; encourages a more diligent execution of duty by law enforcement investigating sexual violence complaints; educates the public on the latest occurances and approaches to minimizing sexual violence crimes; and plays a role in overseeing how survivors in war-torn countries find remedy.

Start reading articles about sexual violence.

War Crimes of Sexual Violence

War-Crime The RINJ Foundation NGO workers investigate and catalog crimes of rape in war zones. We send out a message that rape is no longer a trophy of war but a serious war crime that will be prosecuted as a crime against humanity.

Read more about Rape as a War-Crime.

Don't Buy A Kid - End Child Sex Trade

"End child sex trade | Don't buy a kid", is the mantra of The RINJ Foundation's international campaign against child sex trade. Educating for better safety of children; education of governments for better laws; and by leveraging existing law enforcement with evidence & crime cataloguing evidence the RINJ Foundation seeks to minimize & eventually end child sex trade.
Read about Statutory rape and Pedophilia.

Read about Suggested penalties for convicted rapists.

The RINJ Foundation advocates a global age of consent of 16 years of age.

Looking at the extremes in age of consent.

The ages of 12/13 are (i.e.: Korea, Paraguay, Philippines, Malta) extremely dangerous. This immature age is a borderline child-bearing age where pregnancy would likely kill child and baby in a significant percentile of the population. Informed consent seems impossible and puberty may not have been attained at this age. The State has a significant burden of responsibility to help parents protect children and fails on that burden when encouraging sex with such young children.

The imposed age of consent of 18 to 21 is pretentious, draconian patriarchal law with one purpose only: oppressing young women. Lawmakers of these laws intend to make young women the chattels of the state or the family and community.

Sixteen years of age should be the age of consent globally and that would apply to any person no matter who they have sex with. Defining age of consent on the basis of same versus opposite sex coupling is another violation of the rights of the individual. Learn more about consent and rape by clicking here for the definition of rape.

Read more about our Don't Buy A Kid Campaign.

Know What To Do

If you have an emergency, go here now.

Read more about the definition of rape and sexual assault; and what to do if you are attacked.
[ Define rape? Have I been raped? ] [ I was raped. What do I do? ]

RINJ Claims the right for any of its members capable, to arrest and detain for transport to the Hague any ISIS person who
1) in a contiguous set of actions to the moment or from the moment of being observed doing an act in contravention to the Rome Statute;
2) who in so doing also simultaneously claims to be or showing that they are, by uniform, flag bearing or outright statement, members of the alleged War Criminal Group known as "The Islamic State".

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