The RINJ Foundation – 2014

Rape Is No Joke in 2014

Views & Musings from RINJ Foundation Volunteer Workers

It is little bit amusing and ironic at same time how differently we react to the same action done by a male and a female.

If a star football player sleeps with many girls we label him as a Hunk as a “Man” but when a girl does that she becomes a slut.

If you also think the same way it is not your fault It is the fault of the society where you are made to believe this that a woman has to be morally correct because society has always put the burdens of morality on a woman. Lets think it with our indian society a girl who goes to a pub and drinks she becomes a shame to the society but no one bats an eye if a man goes drunk.

Even in the streets where we see sex workers we will always find those people there who will comment on her morality.

Who will say she is a slut etc but no one absolutely no one will comment about those men who visits these sex workers while returning from office while their beloved wives and daughters are waiting at their home wanting to see her daddy.

One reason why war rapes happens so much is also because of the same reason that the whole prestige and honor of a society is attached with the honor of a girl and that is why history says that the brutal incidents like rape of nanking where thousands were raped in just a matter of a week. Already today its hard for a survivor to fight for her justice and it becomes more tougher if the accused is some well known person because there will always be a huge number of people saying ” it’s an act of publicity or it’s an act to put the name of the person down”….. So the main thought of the so called “Civilized” society is this close your eyes and believe that equality exist believe that men and woman are treated the same way in our society and if you believe in feminism well then you’re a extremist.” ~ Victor Chakraborty The RINJ Foundation – India

When I was a young cop (1970) I attended a call for an assault and robbery. I found the young woman badly beaten and bleeding. She admitted being a prostitute. Her trick beat her raped her and stole her money. I took the report, took her took her to hospital and had photos taken of her injuries. I then brought her to my station for a detective to investigate further. None of the whole office would have anything to do with it. “a whore can’t be raped” was my answer. Then one just one said he would handle the case. He did his job. Yes a prostitute can be raped.”~ David Baker, Toronto

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff has issued a defense of a Brazilian journalist who says she has received rape threats after launching a campaign against rape on her Facebook page.

Rousseff sent a Twitter post Monday saying that journalist “Nana Queiroz deserves all my solidarity and respect.” She adds that “No woman deserves to be a victim of violence, whether it be physical or in the form of intimidation.”

Queiroz launched her campaign in February after the release of a government survey showed that 65 percent of those questioned said that women who wear revealing clothing deserve to be raped.

The “social perception indicators survey” was conducted between May and June by the government’s Applied Economic Research Institute, which questioned 3,810 people. The margin of error was 5 percentage points.

The survey also showed that 58 percent of those questioned felt there would be fewer rapes if women knew “how to behave.”

Queiroz asked women to post topless photos of themselves on Facebook but covering their breasts and holding signs that read “I don’t deserve to be raped.” About 20,000 women showed their support for Queiroz’s cause by posting photographs of themselves on Facebook.

Queiroz said that she also received several online rape threats.

“If you could see the number of threats I have received and angry messages from women saying I should be raped, you would believe the findings of the survey,” Queiroz told the Estado de S. Paulo newspaper. “I am very scared.” ~ Micheal O’Brien – RINJ Foundation Int’l Executive Director

The nearly 90-year-old FBI definition of sexual assault described “forcible rape” as “the carnal knowledge of a female, forcibly and against her will.” 

Under the new definition, the FBI stopped calling it “forcible rape” instead simply referring to the crime as “rape”. It was also changed to drop reference to gender and is no longer limited to penile penetration of a vagina. 

The new FBI description for rape is:
“The penetration, no matter how slight, of the vagina or anus with any body part or object, or oral penetration by a sex organ of another person, without the consent of the victim.”
~ Micheal

Crimes Against Children 1689252_717090314989225_718706333_n

Around the world over 1,000,000 children are trafficked into the sex trade each year which means 2,740 children enter each day or 114 children each hour.

That’s almost two children every minute of every day. 

Hey. It’s Amanda and Sonya here. We have found some pictures of a compound like the one where Sonya and her sister were enslaved.

On this Valentines day (February 14, 20140 we want you to love some children from your heart who needs some love. ~ Amanda / Sonya

  • Would you like to face me?
  • We’ll get ÿou out in the wild.
  • Would you feel the pain that you put inside my child?
  • Would you pray to God just to stay alive?
  • Would you beg him on your knees?
  • Would you lay aside, would you lose your pride?
  • Would you say don’t hurt me please?
  • Evil Man from Krabi we’re going to put him into jail?