Mosul Citizens Need a Safe Evacuation Corridor

Message from HealthCare Staff Inside Mosul

Ordinary citizens here are in grave danger.

“Get Moslawis Out Of Here Safely”

A safe corridor out of Mosul, to shelter/clean water/food/healthcare guarded and guided to safety by Coalition forces is a must.

  1. You have no right to do what you do otherwise.
  2. You currently are committing a crime against humanity.

Millions of leaflets telling people to stay home are only useful to burn. The vast majority of people have no food here. Daesh are moving into living rooms of Moslawis at gun-point. Escape from Mosul is needed by a safe-passage corridor to clean camps with fresh water, shelter, food and health care.

This is a humanitarian plea to all people on earth to urge, encourage the Coalition invading Mosul with surrogate militias to create a safe-passage corridor by which Moslawis can leave to safety!

Seriously, few people have fuel so the leaflets are appreciated.

Even if a person has money it is hard to buy water and food. But who has money? Baghdad cut salaries over a year ago. Most children have not had a good healthy meal in months.

Explosions have been happening constantly for months and you people have admitted dropping 50,000 bombs in Syria and Iraq. Believe us when we say we got more than our share of your bombs. You have killed our children and friends and blown up things we need. Don’t tell us that bringing 70,000 angry men into the city to kill 2,000 Daesh is going to make us safe.