Trump “Total Destruction” of 17M North Korean Women & Kids

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How many people will be killed in North Korea?
How many people were killed trying to get rid of Saddam Hussein?
How many people were killed trying to get rid of Bashar al-Assad?
How many people were killed trying to get rid of Muammar Gaddafi?
Probably a couple million.

Trump says he will Kill 17 Million Women and Children to slay Kim Jong Un, 25.4 Million in Total

China and Russia have been Fighting for the safety of Women and Children in North Korea. Efforts by the leadership of these countries has not gone unnoticed. The world has begun to see America as the Pariah it has become. American Patriarchs boldly slaughter civilians to kill the men it does not like.

 But the people of North Korea have already been punished to the point of starvation since 2006 with crippling sanctions. In this June 20, 2014 photo, young North Korean school children help to fix pot holes in a rural road in North Korea’s North Hamgyong province.

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Koreans are all innocent, beautiful, hard-working people, and our friends.

Women in North Korea have been told since 1953 that the USA will come back some day and wipe out the country’s 25 million population in a brutal conflagration of fiery destruction. US President Trump’s un-presidential words of violence inflame this fear. His statement before the United Nations is not a sick joke but a sickening reality of American violence used to solve all problems.

This North Korean Child Needs our protection, not angry, violent threats. Trump wants her dead. It’s time Trump and his violent America was properly challenged on its violence. China and Russia are doing that now.  Kim Jong Un, the wily eccentric with the sharpest mind between the two foes, Trump and Kim, has bested Trump each step of the way and has pursued his goal of buying a seat at the “Nuclear Power Table” without veering off course despite Trump’s ridiculous threats tantamount to destroying East and South East Asia.

North Korea’s strained allies have been condemning Pyongyang’s behaviour of testing nuclear weapons and flying intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM).

At the same time Russia and China have been adamant about there being no war on the Korean Peninsula. Lines have been drawn and crossing them is a fool’s game.

Donald Trump’s talk from the White House about slaughtering millions on the Korean peninsula has brought the world to the brink of a global nuclear war. He just made that worse by threatening to kill 25 million people.

Trump has assailed both North and South Korea with threats.

South Koreans and North Koreans are the same people except that many family members of South Koreans live in concentration camps in the north or live as best they can in North Korean communities apart from their southern family members. They are innocent, beautiful, hard-working people, every single one.

Nobody on earth has given Trump the right nor the mandate to behave this way. Trump’s threat to the United Nations General Assembly of “Total Destruction” of North Korea is a crime against humanity.

Trump needs to personally sit down with Kim Jong Un and settle their differences. 

Mr. Trump is urged to begin negotiations with North Korea while remembering that North Korea is a nuclear nation, like it or not. These negotiations must include at least an exchange aiming at an

  • embrace of North Korea into the international community;
  • an end to the Korean War;
  • relaxed border restrictions for the North and the South;
  • abolishment of North Korean concentration camps;
  • a plan for sharing in the pursuit of global values in human development;
  • positive trade relations with the UN members who seek the same; and
  • North Korean hosting of Human Rights monitors.

Conditions in North Korea reflect the many years of punishing sanctions. These people need our help not our disdain.

The RINJ Foundation Women know first hand of the terrifying results of America’s brutal bullying of this country and how the sick descendant regimes of Kim Il Sung have exploited American misbehaviour for gains in their own power and control of the North Korean people. Ordinary people in North Korea have been pushed too far by America and by their own government. This must stop.  Their cities have been emptying as peopple prepare for horrific war. Their behaviour is that of a country about to be annihilated and they intend to do their utmost best of taking America with them. That is anything but intelligent foreign policy for America, a country already ‘on the ropes’ in global disapproval for war crimes going back to 2003 and the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of civilians in the Middle East.



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