RINJ Women Propose Solution USA-NK Debacle

Is there a way to stop the Nuclear War.

USA-NK Crisis heading for nuclear war.


The solution is simple. This is what America, France, Britain, China, Russia, Pakistan, India and the United Nations must do to prevent a nuclear war in 2017.

North Korea now has a Hydrogen Bomb

Welcome the DPRK to the nuclear club, immediately lift sanctions against North Korea, and sit down for talks on a new non-Proliferation Agreement. Plan to disarm multilaterally and start caring and sharing for human development instead of destruction.

To do this America might need to engage a statesman to represent its new position and pull everyone to the table. Not Barrack Obama. Perhaps someone like Justin Trudeau or Emmanuel Macron would be willing to make the rounds to each nation and get this moving forward.

You must know we prefer Sophie Grégoire Trudeau as the go-between emissary of peace. That scenario would work best if the nuclear-armed group is willing to accept that a woman mediator/messenger is needed to bring about a peace the men are unable to achieve. In any case, do whatever it takes to get this done. Agreed?

Prelude to nuclear war: Fight for the safety of women and children.

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