“Rape” It’s a bad word. Try “Help”

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We have noticed “rape” is a bad word when we try and advertise our services. Most organizations and media don’t want us to say “rape” or complain about women and children being raped. But you can talk to us about anything.

Funny story. We got thrown out of a church for walking in and asking if we could talk about their rape crisis. “Rape” is a bad word. It’s the fastest growing crime in the world. Maybe that is too embarrassing for most countries to admit. I guess maybe the “battle of the sexes” (genders) is spreading to the developing nations. Gangs of men are raping women and kids to prove they have the power and are in control. Wow.

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Here is what we do: Anything.
We will do anything we can to help you. We have people who fight for the safety of women and children. We have legal and health advisors to counsel those in distress and where possible provide full health care and forensic evidence gathering for prosecutions.

We prosecute rapists individually or groups. Yes.

A group of women talking about rape and other violence against women and kids and raising hell to stop it. Yeah. For men too.

A few men get raped too …sad thing is that the few men who are raped are raped often and the damage is severe. We know. We can help.

We won’t get upset if you use bad words. We might share your tears but we are not going to be offended.

You were raped?

Don’t despair.

We can help. We love you. We exist for you.

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