Rape and Abortion

Pondering Rape and Abortion

After U.K. And USA Politicians Let The Pig Out of The Poke

The percentage of pregnancies resulting from unprotected sex are the same no matter if the sex is consenting or not. To suggest that nature has a different course of action for the different “types” of sex, consenting or non consenting, as certain USA lawmakers seem to be conjuring in their apparently limited scope, is to ignore science and human anatomy.

This recent dialogue about rape and abortion doesn`t speak highly of the skills of USA leaders of humans. Maybe they would be better off dealing with another species, for example as dog walkers, leading dogs until they can graduate to leading people. Perhaps they should not be trusted yet at that level until they learn and understand their own species’ reproductive system. It’s important stuff.

Can this really be true that legislators are speaking this drivel from a legislative institution mandated to make public policy “of the people and for the people”?

Maybe the USA is stuck in a Hollywood moment of alchemy and dark, incense-scented, damp corridors in old castles and dungeons, but to be so ignorant openly from a position of public-policy-making authority is to betray all those who put you there in that position of authority, Mr. Lawmaker.

RINJ Foundation has a very basic stance on all aspects of a woman’s private parts (men too): “it’s not your business”. Stay out of her (any ‘her’) pants unless you have consent.

What about abortion? What about abortion in the case of a rape victim? Well. Ask the woman and her doctor if they would like to discuss that with you. If not, STFU because it is not your business.

Is the so-called abortion issue about male control over a woman’s body?

Is the patriarchal Catholic Church working hard to maintain its ownership of the quintessential definition of a collective patriarchal misogynist? (yes?) (no?)

Listening to and reading the words of the Roscoe Bartlett’s, Todd Akin’s and Paul Ryan’s of this world is making some women very nearly apoplectic. Can this 500AD thinking still exist in 2012? Apparently the USA is very backwards in collective thinking and is ruled by some bizarre morality that overrides science, knowledge and common sense.

In the modern and sophisticated world where the Homo Sapiens came to outrank the Neanderthals in the evolutionary path of species-survival; and where intelligence quotients exceed a slanted-forehead moronic icon; and where intellectual honesty relies on sophisticated proof that says men and women are equal, abortion is a valid medical procedure done on a woman’s body. Hey guys… you can’t keep your hands off them, can you? Start. Now. When you were born, you came through that vagina. You can’t go back unless you have consent, no matter what your story is.

You old farts sitting around in upper chambers debating your right to rule over the vagina need to step down. Now.