She Is A Kid – Don’t Buy A Kid

Don't buy a kid. She is a kid.

  • She has a name.
  • She is a kid.
  • Don’t buy a kid.
  • End child sex trade.

U.S. border control authorities have apprehended 52,000 unaccompanied children attempting to cross illegally into the United States from Mexico just in the nine months since October, 2013, a dramatic spike at the south west border that has created a major humanitarian crisis. Many children came from Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras, driven by violence and poverty and the desperation of parents who make the wrenching decision that it’s better to send them away on their own than keep them at home.

As the global economy worsens and as food scarcities escalate, more children enter the market place as child sex slaves. They can look like what you see in these pictures.

People in danger of falling prey to human traffickers are even more vulnerable as a result of the global economic downturn, according to a new State Department report that downgraded Cambodia and Malaysia for failing to do enough to fight the multi-billion dollar global trade in children.

Under the Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000, governments with a Tier 3 rating, the lowest that can be assigned by the report, can be subject to sanctions including the suspension of U.S. aid.

Don't Buy A Kid - End The Child Sex Trade - RINJ Foundation

Commercial sexual exploitation of children includes all of the following:

1) The use of girls and boys in sexual activities remunerated in cash or in kind (child prostitution) in the streets or indoors, in such places as brothels, discotheques, massage parlours, bars, hotels, restaurants, and online within Facebook, Backpage .Craigslist, Kijiji and so on.

2) The trans-border trafficking of girls and boys and adolescents for the sex trade.

3)Child sex tourism.

4) The production, promotion and distribution of internet and and hard copy pornography involving children.

5) The use of children in sex shows (public or private.)

In no way, under no circumstances should you stand by and allow anyone to buy a kid in any manner whatsoever.
Convincing people not to buy kids is a good way to end child sex trade. Be vigilant for any signs of this conduct and notify law enforcement immediately.


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Note: None of this information is confirmed. We have contacted Manilla police and sent pictures but are being ignored. ~ RINJ Foundation


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