How Can America Help Solve The Problem of Rape In India?

Can America Help Solve The Problem of Rape In India?

India, like the rest of the world is joining the information highway with hendheld devices powerful enough to connect like desk computers and spread news and information in real time better than ever before.

The globe is just now beginning to hear about a problem that was always there. A few notable cases went viral. Wait till more people have smartphones in Uttar Pradesh…
(Sadly they will probably have cheap cell phones each long before they have enough toilets for the population.)

Human rights failings in India are unbelievably prolific.

Meanwhile a kid goes missing every eight minutes. Presently there are estimates of some 60 million kids missing. Most were sold into sex slavery.

The RINJ Foundation ( tells people, “Don’t Buy A Kid!” Guess who we most often need to deliver that message to? Sex tourists? From where? Read on.

RINJ "Don't Buy A Kid" campaign

RINJ “Don’t Buy A Kid” campaign

Somehow it seems here is a monstrous disconnect and probably the typical politician in India does not have the first clue about what it is like to be an ordinary citizen in India.

Rape is not just a woman’s issue. It is a people problem. Everyone loses. Whether it is statutory rape of an underage or the forcible rape of a male or female person, the right-to-safety-of-the-person is held in contempt, and that erodes the future prospects of the human species.

The RINJ Foundation (@rapeisnojoke) is trying to tell people in India not to rape as two girls are taken down from a hanging tree, meanwhile George Will in the Washington Post said “victimhood” is a coveted status. (He referred to ‘campus rape’ but rape is rape anywhere and he and his ilk are breeding a rape culture.)

The Post’s Fred Hiatt said Will’s column achieved the goal of a good op-ed by sparking a [discussion] but The RINJ Foundation’s position is unequivocal: rape is unacceptable : no discussion.

This is just one example of the reason why The United States has no influence anywhere on earth talking about ending rape culture at least until it does something within its own borders. (

Hey America! Would you spread the word: “Don’t buy a kid” — End the child sex trade.

The RINJ Foundation has in each of the past three years run vigorous campaigns to tackle the issue of “Child Sex Trade”.  (

The people we most often need to convince to stop buying children are Americans. “Don’t buy a kid!”

Don’t be discouraged, America. Change the paradigm.

Rape is everyone’s problem. Think about domestically and internationally communicating the will and the need to assure every person equally the basic human right of personal safety. Start at home. Encourage every fellow U.N. member-nation to do the same.