WhyIDidntReport: a Reaction to Donald Trump attacking Survivor

This article first appeared in Feminine Perspective Magazine
WhyIDidntReport Why RINJ is alarmed at Trump's attacks against Dr. FordA global women’s movement on Google Plus and Twitter with the hashtag #WhyIDidntReport was a female reaction to a Donald Trump Tweet we won’t repeat. Feminine-Perspective: Why RINJ is alarmed that President Donald Trump is aggressively attacking Kavanaugh-survivor Christine Blasey Ford. Photo Credit: Official White House Photograph

Is Trump Transferring His Impunity for Crimes against Female Children to SC Candidate Brett Kavanaugh?

by Melissa Hemingway Feminine-Perspective Magazine Senior Staff Writer

Proposed by Dr. Roxanne Agnew-Davies, a clinical psychologist and an expert on the effects of sexual violence: victim-blaming correlates with fear. “It is not surprising when so many rape survivors blame themselves. Female jurors can look at the woman in the witness stand and decide she has done something ‘wrong’ such as flirting or having a drink with the defendant. Believing that she can therefore reassure herself that rape won’t happen to her as long as she does nothing similar.”

“It’s an anxiety syndrome men like Trump know about,” says a director of The RINJ Foundation, Sharon Santiago.

Expert in helping child rape survivors in the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and the Middle East, Santiago says,  “RINJ knows the greatest number of rape survivors are children.”

In absolute terms, children ‘don’t tell’.

Children don’t report rape crime out of fear“, she added.

“Oftentimes when we learn a child has been raped it is because she has been observed to be pregnant.

That opens up another controversial issue. No right-thinking doctor is going let a tiny nine-year old try to carry a baby to term. That decision will kill the two of them.

Hence the complications of children not reporting are so numerous it would fill a book. Look at the problem with males. We may never learn about male child rape until maybe later in their lives or from their suicide notes. Clearly this is a horrific crime and I am very concerned the US President makes light of this in supercilious tweets attacking Dr. Ford who has made an allegation against Judge Kavanaugh. I can’t imagine what emotions Dr. Ford must be enduring and at the same I feel so sad for Mrs. Kavanaugh and her daughters.”

Santiago notes that, “The sexual violence crimes men commit against women have far reaching consequences for so many people.”

Feminine Perspective: That is why, Mr. Trump, your attack on Dr. Ford is upsetting to everyone.

Santiago says she has a message for the US President, from many child rape survivors in South East Asia:

President Donald Trump, you stand accused of raping children, with Jeffrey Epstein, while the kids were dressed like models.”


Expert accuses Trump of trying to transfer his own perceived impunity for rape to KavanaughExpert accuses Donald Trump of trying to transfer his own perceived impunity for rape to Kavanaugh. Photo Credit: The RINJ Foundation, Melissa Hemingway.