Stay home, Hong Kong Families. Violent actors hijacked peaceful assemblies.

September 30, 2019 – Hong Kong – Foreign influences in Hong Kong have adduced multiple levels of violence which is now out of control. Some activists have injected attempted pipe bombings and petrol bombs. Worse may yet be in their planning.

Protesters have promised violence in Hong Kong for the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China.

British and American provocateurs have done their best to stimulate unrest, say Hong Kong women close to the volatile and  over zealous activists.

Xi Jinping pays respects to Mao Zedong

Xi Jinping pays respects to Mao Zedong as prelude ceremony to the 70th Anniversary of China.

RINJ Women are urging families in Hong Kong to stay home as foreign provocateurs attempt to stimulate unrest already inflamed during 2019 arguments with Carrie Lam, Hong Kong’s  Executive Officer.  Stay clear of violence.

Stay home, say the RINJ Women of Hong Kong, those who have not already fled to other countries.

“When civilians take to the streets with weapons, like pipe bombs and gasoline bombs, they are terrorists. They are also misled and deceived by those who encourage this deadly conduct,” says a RINJ member living in Hong Kong with her three children.

Peaceful demonstrations have apparently ended.

Sadly, RINJ Woman Michele Francis working in Venezuela where there is never absence of violence under the oppressive Maduro regime says:

“Protesting against the unfairness of eroding freedoms is everyone’s duty, but violence is not. If your children are killed, there is no amount of freedom that will make you feel better. You will in fact never be free. Stay home.”

“Myself and my fellow humanitarian workers are so terribly afraid for children and their families being drawn into violence of agents provocateurs in Hong Kong.  Families must please stay home and teach your children in this manner that violence is not the way forward.” —Michele Francis RINJ Women