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Men rape women. Men rape men. Men who rape are the problem.


According to the U.S. Department of Justice, rape of men by women in the United States is reported at less than 1% is a statistically insignificant number because the margin of error in the poll is greater.

Men rape men. Men rape women. Men are the problem.

Some people are making assertions that male survivors are 'statistically insignificant'.

Lara Stemple, of the University of California's Health and Human Rights Law Project is one of the few people to have done significant research on male rape. Her study "Male Rape and Human Rights" notes incidents of male sexual violence as a weapon of wartime or political aggression in countries such as Chile, Greece, Croatia, Iran, Kuwait, the former Soviet Union and the former Yugoslavia. Twenty-one per cent of Sri Lankan males who were seen at a London torture treatment centre reported sexual abuse while in detention. In El Salvador, 76% of male political prisoners surveyed in the 1980s described at least one incidence of sexual torture. A study of 6,000 concentration-camp inmates in Sarajevo found that 80% of men reported having been raped.

In these instances it is men raping men, not women raping men. The confusing array of allegations by right-wing Men's Rights Activists are often reflections of a deep-rooted patriarchal misogynistic attitude. It is no less true that no person should ever suffer as the victim of a false-rape claim.


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RINJ seeks removal of media content condoning sexual assault and rape. Allowing this content on social networking sites and in other media further normalises a rape culture and the high instance of sexual violence in global society.
1) RINJ reports all inappropriate content to the public, advertisers and law enforcement where that seems appropriate. 
2) RINJ reports to advertisers any ads appearing on pro-rape, pro-child-molestation media content, web pages and social network groups. 
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