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Are you ready for change
Are you ready for change?



As 2010 closed, people were pumped and still talking about the horrific abuse of power against citizens of Canada in Toronto by 20,000 mostly creepy cops under the leadership of Chief Bill Blair. Legal cases and ordinary street anecdotes made the government look worse than Hitler's Nazis.

Michael Sanguinetti, a very ordinary cop, while speaking in a typical, arrogant manner at a personal security class at York University in Toronto  told the group "women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized."

Michael Sanguinetti aroused every benign quill in the porcupine's back after months of ill-will toward the Toronto Police Services had begun to calm them.

For real, this was a poke in the eye with a hot needle.

There are many consequences. Many! The TPS is now a vile thing to be feared. It is also incompetent, money-hungry, consumed in power struggles and insensitive to the citizens/taxpayers who pay their salaries. Those are the perceptions and likely the reality.

I am Katie. I am an ecofeminist and a specialist in women's studies. I am the founder of a number of things female. I connect with many women the world over. Why are so many of them rape survivors? Why?

My American white friends' rape stories are their business and seem horrible but I have met people who fought their way out of war-ravaged countries where you get raped two and three times a day by another few strangers with guns.

Rape by the dirty, bloodied soldiers and other killers means it is about things they can't do with consenting friends or partners like urinating and defecating improperly; violent beatings; and painful  intrusions.

Victims describe militia and soldiers grunting in their face; bad breath; horrible pains; unimaginable invasion; sticky pinching and tearing in a dry bleeding worn out socket of their body; horror; trauma; silent screaming or just screaming; death inside; and ...

Yeah. The youngest and the prettiest ones get it worst. "Women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized." is how this cop said it. Here is the irony. We wail but he speaks the truth in a perverted way: don't dress like a woman but appear to be a man and you might be OK. It shouldn't be that way but it is that way. Ask Cambodians, Congolese, Afghani women, Pakistani woman. And yes, check out Somalia where if you are a woman, you better hide.

Hide your pretty girls is what they say in Somalia.

A woman I read about was in such a place. Her little sister, they said, was  "the pretty one". She died as the "soldiers" fought among themselves to be in her next. They killed her in the squabble. She, torn to pieces like an animal attacked by hungry wolves, frail, young and so pretty, didn't have a chance.

It's a horrible story of a kid's desperation in a nothing-to-lose survival bid that arose when confronted by the blooming obvious: kill or be killed. She was only 13. A child woman.

To be female is to be in danger in some parts of the world?
A women I have spoken with face-to-face, when she was a child, ignited by angry outrage, fueled by hell's fire, she led an escape of broken kids from a place in Cambodia, an egress that had a vile taste of blood. She was then 13. Some of those raping animal pimps were sent to the grim reaper after killing this woman's sister.

Years later my friend is physically a woman, facing her demons. She must still avenge her baby sister but she will still die with her broken heart. Knowing that, breaks my heart. Why do humans behave this way.

"I have a better idea. Instead of dressing as sluts let's put on our business suits and run for office."

A wilful response to wrong is how Slut Walk started in Toronto. It then distorted and wound its way around the world. Slut walk's proliferation was fast and is as all such things that go viral, somewhat distorted and twisted away from origin. I have a better idea. Instead of dressing as sluts let's put on our business suits and run for office.

I ask you to think about that dead little girl; somebody's darling sister; and somebody's baby girl. Not that she isn't the most important little soul in the universe, but there are millions of pretty little souls who went the same horrible way. India alone is missing 50 million little ones. Please think about what they say around the world about "hide your pretty girls". What kind of a world is that?

Yes, that cop Michael Sanguinetti said 'hide your pretty girls' in his own way in Toronto and I lost it! Many others did.

When you were little your mother and all your family made a big deal of looking pretty. Are we not supposed to be pretty? But if we are pretty... we are fair game? Our desire for attention is not a license for aggression.

It really hurts to hear the daily news. I really feel it. Truth is, every misogynist thinks pretty much the same way as the Toronto cop does. There are a lot of misogynists out there: misogynists like Rush Limbaugh.

Do you see that Rush Limbaugh's assertion that "Slutwalk is only about ugly, fat women seeking attention" is actually another way of saying "women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized" or "hide your pretty girls", just like they say all over the world.

Are you ready for a solution to the rape epidemic?

Are you ready for change?

I assure you, before this changes, the patriarchy must die.

Before this changes, wars must end.

Before this changes, the value of human life needs a new esteem.

Before this changes, men and women must find their equality and eventually women must take over the reins of world power and bring the planet to a more nurturing and nourishing posture. Most men can't do it without a woman at the helm.

Before this changes, every election must have more women candidates than men.

Are you with me?
[Katie Alsop]

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