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ISIL War Rape Criminals Identified by DNA

The RINJ Foundation's rape cases from Syria & Iraq prove a pattern of genocide & will lead to a conviction of genocide against the Islamic State, in the the International Criminal Court, a permanent international tribunal to prosecute individuals for war-time rape, genocide, crimes against humanity, and aggression.

Toronto 2014-12-09 - The RINJ Foundation's ( NGO workers in Syria, Iraq, Turkey, Lebanon and parts of Africa assigned to the ISIL Gender-based Violence Crisis (rape, forced marriages, child-molestation), since mid-2013, elected to go beyond witness statements, photo-lineups & telecommuting database research to set up in-theatre rape clinics collecting DNA identification evidence from cooperating rape survivors. 

The RINJ Foundation has allied with Peshmerga women & other female fighters of a like mind for protection, translation, and general assistance to RINJ medical and logistic workers implementing sexual offence forensic evidence collection & eventual testing. 

The new process compiles a pattern prosecution of two dozen Islamic State Command & Control ordered cases of sexual violence in war, contravening international conventions. 

The RINJ Foundation adduces to ICC the aggressive pattern of sexual violence against women in the combat zones of Syria & Iraq comprises a crime against humanity of "Genocide". 

The Foundation's experiences in ISIL-occupied cities provide no evidence of humanitarian intentions for the civilians of the conquered & occupied lands. Notwithstanding what if anything the Islamic State would offer as evidence at a tribunal, nothing apparent mitigates Islamic State conduct. 

The RINJ Foundation further adduces that any person associated by wearing the "uniforms" or acting under orders of an officer of the Islamic State is despicable to the world and guilty of the crime against humanity of "Genocide". Punishment on conviction is severe. 

Young people today may not remember the impact of Bosnia-Herzegovina & Rwanda but it is no less true that global organizations are poised to eradicate this conduct with harsh measures. 


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