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New Data Collection Methods

Mosul, Iraq: August 22, 2014 -- The RINJ Foundation currently uses mostly conventional methods for gathering information for each war-crime victim including a basic three page information data-collection form which provides sufficient information for the collection of evidence that would bring to jurists for each victim or survivor-witness,

1) evidential details of the specific criminal event,
2) motivation of the crime,
3) evidence of criminal intent,
4) evidence of the criminal act,
5) identification evidence,
6) connected evidence of similar crimes, trends and patterns, and
witness lists.

Meanwhile we are testing a peer-to-peer Android (linux kernel) application that allows data sharing and real time communications between field operators; interviewing witnesses; taking photographs and sharing in real time; and coalescing reports being worked on by several people in the field at the same time. . .

More to follow

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It has been proposed by Dr. Roxanne Agnew-Davies, a clinical psychologist and an expert on the effects of sexual violence, that victim-blaming correlates with fear. "It is not surprising when so many rape victims blame themselves. Female jurors can look at the woman in the witness stand and decide she has done something 'wrong' such as flirting or having a drink with the defendant. She can therefore reassure herself that rape won't happen to her as long as she does nothing similar."

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