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Be A Cop, Girl

The World Needs Police Women!

The world needs more policewomen, now!

There is anecdotal evidence from the United Nations that female officers as part of a police team bring about a better working environment in which male officers are usually on their best behavior.

Female police officers play important roles as mediators, investigators, protectors, and trainers. Women fear turning to male uniformed personnel for assistance and yet women comprise 51% of global population but are only 5% of the world's police forces.

Fixing this problem will stop the growth in sexual assault crime.

Do you care?

Please not only add law enforcement as a career option, girl, but Go Do It!

Be a cop, Girl!

Be A Cop, Girl

Katie says, "The RINJ Foundation  urges all women to consider police services as a career."

"It's not a matter of when the police forces of the world are balanced 50/50 on gender, it's a matter of when the RAPING OF WOMEN BY COPS STOPS AND WHEN THE BLAMING OF VICTIMS STOPS. We need police to arrest rapists and do a proper job of getting a conviction on rapes. We don't need cops telling women to avoid dressing up and avoid drinking in order not to be raped. Those are my nicest possible words. I feel more strongly than I sound on that issue. Currently rape is the most under-reported crime because it is as awful to go to police and report rape as it is to be raped."