Bill Cosby has been accused by more than a dozen women of committing unlawful sexual acts. Some of the allegations are horrible. Some allegations fit The RINJ Foundations definition of rape.

Mr. Crosby has not been convicted in any criminal court for his actions thus far and he has denied all allegations of wrongdoing throughout the period of time of seventeen allegations the first of which was heard in the year 2000 and the most recent allegation became known to The RINJ Foundation in 11 December 2014

Mr. Cosby is set to perform in the Canadian cities of Kitchener on Jan. 7, London on Jan. 8 and in Hamilton on Jan 9. The RINJ Foundation  urges people not to attend these or any shows where Cosby will appear as an entertainer.

It is the position of The RINJ Foundation that Mr. Cosby is a significant promoter of "rape culture" and sets a bad example to all persons. 

The RINJ Foundation: Jan. 1, 2015 Urges The Boycott of all public events of this alleged sexually violent predator.

For further: +1647-739-9279 or Email 

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