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The RINJ Foundation COVID-19 Statistics Update

GMT: 27-02-2020 Time: 14:48

In all there have been 84516 reported COVID-19 cases of which 50 territories report 48373 active cases with 33279 recoveries and 2864 deaths.

In China there are 42814 reported active cases. There were 2747 deaths, 32953 recoveries in a history of 78514 cases.

Territories (50)CasesDeathsRecovered
Outside China 6002117326
World Totals84516286433279
Hong Kong92224
Iran *20847625
North Macedonia100
South Korea17661324
(Diamond Princess)
United Arab Emirates1303
United Kingdom1508
United States *7406

Countries with no active cases currently.

India 303
Sri Lanka 101

*USA case numbers include 14 known infected persons who returned to the U.S. via State Department-chartered flights which CDC says are not included in its reports. See appendix in full report.
* Iran Read notes in full report.

Important Content Note:

Toronto: Thu Feb 27 09:48:12 2020
Data reflects only cases which presented at a medical facility and were tested. Included are persons aboard The Diamond Princess cruise ship docked at Daikoku Pier in the Japanese port of Yokohama, attributed to "Transient". Those cases are treated in Japan medical facilities until they are cautiously relocated to their home nations.

Additional notes.

50 Known territories had an historical 84516 COVID-19 cases of which 33279 have been sent home from hospital with a clean bill of health and sadly there were 2864 deaths among all territories, of which deaths most (2747) were in China.

Did we make an error? Quick contact. Upload data. Share a view.

FPMag has learned of 438 cases and many deaths in the DPRK (North Korea). This information is not officially stated by Pyongyang however it has been suggested that the same number of persons have come under "observation".

"The world should be ready to assist," say anxious RINJ Foundation Members living close to the DPRK border with China and communicating with persons who relay the information to RINJ workers in Shenzhen.

"She told Lin that the spread comes from former students in China who came home; and at least one official who ignored quarantine rules and was assassinated in public," the worker said on Tencent QQ. "She also says that many people still go back and forth from either side of the border because they trade in the black market," added the worker. The DPRK border with China has been closed officially since 30 January 2020.

China logs some outstanding successes including five different vaccines some of which will near test phase in early May.

Current information at GMT: 27-02-2020 Time: 14:48
  1. All time total cases: 78514
  2. Deaths: 2747
  3. Recovered: 32953
  4. Current active cases: 42814

Aljazeera has reported on 27 Feb (local) that Qianjiang, a city of around one million people in China's Hubei province, will pay residents as much as 10,000 yuan (,425.96) if they proactively report symptoms of the illness and it is confirmed after testing.

"The Chinese are focussed on identifying only severe cases," says Professor Neil Fergusson of the Imperial College of London. The government of China confirms that there are hundreds of thousands of other possible mild cases.

The effort that is made to report the numbers of significant COVID-19 lower respiratory (pneumonia) cases around the world, and their outcome, is extremely important to researchers and nobody FPMag is talking to sees that any other way. We trust our sources are doing their level best to state the true facts.

China Medical workers

* Over 3,000 Medical workers in China have become COVID-19 patients. 7 have died.

Recent China Reports

At 04:00 on February 26, 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) and the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps reported 433 new confirmed cases and 29 new deaths (26 in Hubei and 1 in Beijing, Heilongjiang, and Henan). 508 new suspected cases were added.

On the same day, 2,750 new cases were cured and discharged, and 1,823 people who had been in close contact with medical observation were released, and 406 severe cases were reduced.

As of 24:00 on February 26, according to reports from 31 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities) and the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, there were 43,258 confirmed cases (among which, 8,346 were severe cases), 32,495 were cured and discharged, and 2,744 were dead. A total of 78,497 confirmed cases have been reported, and there are currently 2358 suspected cases. A total of 652,174 close contacts were traced, and 71,572 were close contacts in medical observation.

There were 409 new confirmed cases in Hubei (383 in Wuhan), 2288 new cured cases (1,535 in Wuhan), 26 new deaths (19 in Wuhan), and 39,755 confirmed cases (32,392 in Wuhan). Among them, 7984 were severe cases (7049 in Wuhan). A total of 23,200 discharged patients were cured (13,328 in Wuhan), 2,641 died (2,104 in Wuhan), and 65,596 confirmed cases (47,824 in Wuhan). There were 403 new suspected cases (341 in Wuhan), and 2019 suspected cases (1459 in Wuhan).

A total of 133 confirmed cases were reported in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan: 91 cases in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (24 cases discharged, 2 deaths), 10 cases in Macau Special Administrative Region (7 cases discharged), 32 cases in Taiwan (5 cases discharged, 1 case died ).


GMT: 26-02-2020 Time: 20:35 -

The United States CDC is only reporting cases "detected and tested in the United States through U.S. public health surveillance systems since January 21, 2020. It does not include people who returned to the U.S. via State Department-chartered flights. Numbers closed out at 4 p.m. the day before reporting."
Reported and known cases: Travel-related 12, Person-to-person spread 2, from Wuhan 3, likely infected during two Diamond Princess to USA flights 42 (out of 340 initially non-infected aboard aircraft) and those the State Department is responsible for: 14+ unknown infections among 340 souls aboard 2 Boeing 747 cargo aircraft evacuated from Yokohama and over 44 among the remaining 60+ Americans who stayed with the Diamond Princess or in Japanese hospitals. American reports are now coming from several different sources as are cases from other nations which had passengers aboard the cruise liner docked at Daikoku Pier in the Japanese port of Yokohama, attributed to "Transient" in the chart above.

Read: Centers for Disease Control sidelined by Trump Administration. Americans...
Also USA political breach of infection control has bad outcome for ordinary Americans


GMT: 27-02-2020 Time: 11:31 -
In the Philippines there are 64 patients awaiting results from test labs. By this time 548 cases had been tested as negative and the patients were discharged with good outcome. Of three confirmed cases earlier this year, 2 have recovered and one has died. There are no reported active cases of COVID-19 in the Philippines at the time of their last report.

Note:Many Filipino travelers with the Diamond Princess were evacuated from the ship 25 February. They are currently located in a quarantine facility near Clark airport. It is believed that at least four dozen Diamond Princess passengers from the Philippines are infected with the COVID-19 virus. The infected passengers were left in Japan until cleared for travel as has been the case with patients from many nations.

The repatriation was conducted beginning at 11:00 am local time and was without incident. The crewmembers and seven travelers were happy to be home. Many crewmemebrs declined to return home and stayed aboard ship.

Case Summary in Singapore

(as of 26 Feb 2020, 1200h) -
Hospitalised: 31 | Discharged: 62 | Total Confirmed Cases: 93
(Source: Singapore Ministry of Health)

Note: Singapore has been dealing with a spate of disinformation and suggests "advise members of the public to not speculate and/or spread unfounded rumors. Please visit for updates on the COVID-19 situation." And that is good advise [FPMag Editor]


GMT: 27-02-2020 Time: 11:46 -

The Nurses Without Borders have been asking nurses and RINJ Foundation volunteers in Iran to check statistics from morgues, mortuaries, faith-based community groups, hospitals and clinics. The numbers in the statistical chart are consistant with the algorythm ratios around the world and particularly with weaker health care systems.

According to a senior nurse practitioner with The RINJ foundaton, Michele Francis, "Iran is going to need the help of the global community because political sanctions have restricted the advancement of its health care system and the inventory of pharmaceuticals and medical supplies."

The highly reliable Channel News Network (CNA) out of Singapore reports journalists taking statements off the street wherein one witness, a pharmacy employee who has been selling huge numbers of masks daily until stocks ran out said, "The mullahs are saying Muslims are immune because of their faith," he said. "How will they quarantine a huge city like Tehran when they cannot even quarantine a hospital?" he queried after commenting that hospitals were overrun and that officals themselves were infected.

Patients in Iran have not generally been tested during January and early February for COVID-19 because directives then said testing is contraindicated if the patient has not visited China or been in contact with a person who has been in China.

Several high profile medical administrative authorities are reportedly infected with the COVID-19 and that includes the deputy minister of health.

Also Mojtaba Zonnour, head of Iranian parliament's National Security and Foreign Relations Commission says he is infected with COVID-19.

Dr. Mohamad Reza Ghadir, the head of a medical university in Qom and the top official in charge of managing the outbreak there, was among those placed in quarantine, reports the NewYorkTimes

Dr. Ghadir said on Iran's state television network that the health ministry had ordered city officials not to publish any statistics related to the outbreak in Qom. The situation there was very dire and disease has spread across the city of 1.2 million, he said.

Nurses and doctors claim that sustained transmission from person to person with no connection to China has caused outbreaks in several parts of Iran.

Also, the number of Iranians seeking entry to other Middle East nations have a quantum of positive tests and hence visa-denials greater than what the Iranian government claims is the total confirmed number of cases in Iran. The statistics FPMag and partners provide herein are reports based on cause of death reports and witness observations from many hospitals in Iran.

In Qom, the seventh largest city in Iran, Member of Parliament, Ahmad Amiriabadi Farahani has confirmed that at least 50 deaths have occurred in his riding alone. Using the data supplied by nurses and by the Member for Qom, both of which FPMag has confirmed via other sources to be credible, FPMag has decided not to use the Iranian official numbers but to publish what the publication and its partners have been told by reliable sources. "Hopefully the Iranian Ministry of Health will catch up with nation wide reports soon," has been a general, restrained critique. The Iranian health department has said that it will now begin a transparency effort. It has since reported many a couple dozen deaths but few additional cases.

Sources for this statistical data.

The following sources are available to readers. Additionaly FPMag and The Nurses Without Borders make direct contact and interview colleagues and sources close to the information around the world to track events and statistics. Information about China comes from the official website of the National Health and Health Commission and from direct contact with health and other officials, patients, doctors and nurses.
  1. The People's Republic of China
  2. Canadian Department of Health
  3. US Centers for Disease Control
  4. Hong Kong Global Tracking (PDF)
  5. Philippines COVID-19 Tracker
  6. Iran News Agency
  7. Govt. of Ireland
  8. Australia DoH
  9. Australia Public Information (PDF)
  10. Ministry of Health, Singapore
  11. Ministry of Health and Welfare, South Korea
  12. Province of Ontario, Canada CoronaVirus Info
  13. WHO
  14. Government of New Zealand

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