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The type of work: The Nurses Without Borders/

Rojava or Western Kurdistan is a de facto autonomous region in northern and north-eastern Syria. The region gained its autonomy beginning in November 2013 as part of the Rojava campaign, establishing a society based on principles of direct democracy, gender equity, and sustainability.

Women's Health

  • Trauma care;
  • Physical injuries treatment and minor surgery;
  • Sexually transmitted disease detection treatment and prevention;
  • Sexual assault forensic testing;
  • Obstetrics-Pregnancy issues, from abortion to delivering your baby;
  • Legal course of action counseling;
  • Criminal prosecution assistance;
  • Mental health care; and
  • all needed follow-up care. For Rojava Now! Rojava Now!
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Rojava RSAC's are Nurse-led medical clinics treating patients in combat zones and refugee camps. Similar units are in or on their way to many parts of the Middle East and African nations. New locations are planned.

The RSACs offer free medical care to women and children. Community related services such as general medicine, general health care (the latter two categories apply to Rojava), victim advocacy, crisis hotlines, community outreach, & education programs are provided based on each RSAC's resources at the discretion of the local RSAC nurse-led team.

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Women's Health Care Clinics

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