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About RINJ

(Detailed outline of The RINJ Foundation acting in accordance with a ratified Constitution.)

Make you and your family safer. Help prevent rape.

The RINJ Foundation Purpose 

-      Exist for the benefit of the general public.
-      Prevent rape and sexual assault crime.
-      Assist survivors of these crimes.

  1. The RINJ Foundation has adopted a mission while supporting and caring for survivors, to also gather and compile detailed information on parties to armed conflict that are credibly suspected of committing or being responsible for acts of rape or other forms of sexual violence.
  2. The RINJ Foundation vows to be especially vigilant in its Sexual Assault Clinics (RSAC) and aggressively gather evidence where a pattern of sexually violent conduct appears to prove the crime of genocide.
  3. The RSACs offer free medical care to women and children and their families. Community related services such as victim advocacy, crisis hotlines, community outreach, & education programs are provided based on each RSAC's resources at the discretion of the local RSAC nurse-led team.
  4. In the conduct of its mandate The RINJ Foundation has learned the best way to achieve its objectives is to offer full medical care to the community served by RSAC mobile units and to establish long-term relationships with female and child clients for the purpose of establishing and understanding in absolute privacy the complete range of needs of the patient. Any patient seen at our doorstep can be assumed to be a health care patient.
  5. Patients who report sexual assault crimes are canvassed for as much information as possible about perpetrators so that any assistance they may provide is made available to investigators. All communication is absolutely private. The patient has the option of reporting the crime and seeking a prosecution in which they will participate. If that is the patient's decision the nurse follows the prescribed intake and forensic evidence collection procedure as set out in pre-intake, primary exam and forensic kit protocols.

RINJ Opposes Gender-Based Violence

RINJ seeks a safer world for you and your family by preventing gender-based violence and supporting survivors of this crime. The foundation educates public officials, the general public, social media providers and traditional media outlets about the dangers to society of misogyny; monitors and reports on actors who commit or order the commission of acts of sexual violence as a tactic of genocide or war to humiliate, dominate, instill fear in, disperse and/or forcibly relocate civilian members of a community or ethnic group. The RINJ Foundation monitors and reports on global court proceedings related to rape / sexual assault; educates for a more learned and open discussion of the issues of sexual assault; provides education, general information and study resources to enhance the safety of the person; and overall seeks a higher adherence to safe community standards. The RINJ Foundation seeks better criminal justice while advancing a rape-averse social conscience.

Helping Rape Survivors & Encouraging the Prosecution of Rapists:

1. The RINJ Foundation offers funding assistance for counseling; medical aid; reconstructive surgery; and special care and attention otherwise unavailable owing to funding or specialist resource issues.

2. The RINJ Foundation raises funds for the purchase of 'rape kits' and/or the funding of rape kit testing. First responders and hospitals must have rape kits and completed rape kits must be immediately tested with results sent posthaste to police and prosecutors.

3. RINJ shares learning

The RINJ Foundation sends volunteer NGO workers to assist United Nations War Crime investigators catalog crimes of rape in war zones.

The RINJ Foundation Objectives

1. To educate and increase the public's awareness of the basic principle of The RINJ Foundation, that "Rape Is No Joke".

2. Educate the public and professionals about prevention of, and responses to, rape and all sexual abuse against all people by offering courses, seminars, conferences and meetings and by collecting and disseminating information on that topic.

3. Assist those affected by rape and sexual abuse through counseling and treatment programs.

4. Train police officers, military personnel teachers, social workers, and crisis response workers on how to recognize and respond to sexual abuse, sexual exploitation, online sexual exploitation, and to assist those affected.

5. Assist institutions where possible in using the most modern methodology for gathering and evaluation evidence for the prosecution of rape crime.

6. Assist and encourage a new United Nations' effort to end the use of rape as a weapon of war.

7. As an NGO (Non-Government Organization) to assist the United Nations efforts of monitoring and investigation of reports of the rape of persons in regions of conflict or war and to assist agencies bring support to victims and (through accurate and impartial evidence gathering by volunteers and paid workers) bring justice to perpetrators.


Educating about the perils.

 The RINJ Foundation has extensive past and sustaining goals, accomplishments, activities and aspirations which you can read about throughout its web site.

First created in 2010 in response to a series of viral rape content on the internet plus court evidentiary issues RINJ was formalized in late summer 2011 by the people who were involved in supporting the victim of the Canadian Pitt Meadows rape case, 2010.

The RINJ Foundation +1 647-739-9279
Working Behind the Scenes To End Rape


The RINJ Foundation Non Government Organization (NGO).

Members of the Organization
Any person 18 years or older may be a member of The RINJ Foundation. Most members are people who support the RINJ Foundation by joining as members in social media (people who join, like, follow, support The RINJ Foundation on,, Google Plus, MySpace, Pinterest, and more) and who sign up as supporters on the web site.

1. Any person who considers themselves to be a member of RINJ Foundation is prima facia accepted as such unless their conduct would indicate otherwise.

2. Members have no entitlement to any asset, share or real property of The RINJ Foundation.

3. Each member may have one vote in matters to be decided by plebiscite.

4. Each member shall have the ability to communicate their ideas, views and opinions to the Board of Directors c/o the Executive Director of The RINJ Foundation by viable means provided by The RINJ Foundation.

Organization Structures

  1. The structure of the RINJ Foundation is comprised of a Board of Directors, an Executive Director with CEO-quality functions and various appointed Project Managers reporting to the Executive Director.  
  2. The Executive Director shall appoint Project Managers.
  3. The Executive Director shall prepare budgets and financial plans for the Foundation and keep the Board of Directors informed in all aspects of the execution of its strategies.
  4. The Board of Directors is comprised of 3 to 9 persons from the general business community and is responsible for the general guidance of the Executive Director and setting overall strategies for the Foundation.
  5. The Board of Directors may, on a vote, when asked to do so by the Executive Director or following a motion and vote by the board, appoint new board members up to a total of nine.
  6. The main procedure of operational level decision-making in the organization is by general consensus of project managers with the Executive Director and where no consensus can be achieved the Board of Directors through its Executive Director, makes the decision.
  7. Strategic direction is established by the Board of Directors under advice from the Executive Director.
  8. The annual general meeting of The RINJ Foundation shall be held late August to Mid-September each year. Any member may attend.
  9. Elections and appointments for the different structures of the organization shall happen and shall be deemed to have happened when the Board of Directors so directs.
  10. All decisions of the Board of Directors shall be final.

General Work of The RINJ Foundation Volunteers
A volunteer:

1. monitors media content;

2. educates social media and other media outlets about the perils of misogyny and rape culture;

3. monitors and reports international law news;

4. monitors and reports on global court proceedings related to sexual assault;

5. promotes a more learned and open discussion of the issues of sexual assault;

6. promotes education for the safety of the person;

7. seeks a higher adherence to safe community standards.

8. seeks stiffer penalties for rapists;

9. promotes the creation of a better criminal justice system; and

10. seeks to advance a RAPE-averse social conscience.

Project Managers

Project Managers may be assigned operating instructions, budgets and full autonomy within those two constraints notwithstanding full oversight and control by the Executive Director.
Achieving the work of The RINJ Foundation is the responsibility of the Executive Director.

Executive Director

The Executive Director shall be responsible for the day-to-day.
Here is a lesson on consent: no sex without it. Only adults can consent.
The RINJ Foundation Annual General Meeting

The annual general meeting of The RINJ Foundation shall be held late August to Mid-September each year. Any member may attend.

The RINJ Foundation Financial Accounting and Audit

To be assigned by The Executive Director each year in sufficient time for completion of all financial and tax reporting.

Dissolution of The RINJ Foundation

At any such time as The RINJ Foundation shall become dissolved its assets shall be converted to cash and donated to The United Way once all encumbrances and payables are resolved.

RINJ: Rape Is No Joke @RapeIsNoJoke

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