USA Bombs Wombs Too

The US President has gone to war against women.

Reproductive human rights belong to families who must have the unfettered ability to choose freely and responsibly if and when to have children. The RINJ Foundation

The second of two reproductive rights legislative acts of U.S. President Trump, signed into law Easter Week, has again assailed the rights of Americans and set a deplorable example to the world.

The United States is sliding downwards in many areas of human rights but on gender equality it has gone to hell.

President Trump thinks he is making a political statement against his opposition party but the man who says he has dragged women around “by their pussies” has launched an attack on American reproductive rights while by example saying to other misogynist leaders in the world that its “OK” to do that.

Global values just took a big hit. ‘Leaders’ like Trump invite revolutions.

Trump Violation 1: Attacking Universal Reproductive Rights (Family Planning) including family counseling, contraceptives, child care education and reproductive education.
Trump Violation 2: Ignoring the enforcement of responsibility of partners, males in particular, for the care and well-being of children and in general creating a sexist, anti-woman environment.
Trump Violation 3: Legislating women’s wombs in a medical context.
Trump Violation 4: Banning funding of humanitarian groups that include in their crucial services, support for patients needing non-spontaneous pregnancy termination.

Only Arrogant men legislating the American Womb. It takes a certain arrogance to even be in this picture. That of itself is a beacon to the bad character and intellectual dishonesty present in this room. Revolution is invited.

Patriarchy Rules The Womb


  • Why are not learned men and women leading this reproductive rights discussion?
  • Why has the discussion excluded human rights considerations?
  • Why is this American discussion only about political considerations.
  • The result of these failures is a calamitous buffoonery, instead of fruitful public policy consistent with global values. Contraception and family planning is damaged and the potential for a rise in abuse of forced abortion procedures is likely as a result of this ill-advised series of actions.

President Trump and his bevy of businessmen planning American parenthood are the same Americans that bomb babies in Mosul, Iraq. The RINJ Women are aghast at American hypocrisy.

The RINJ Foundation continues to urge women to use validated contraception until they and their partner’s well-considered decision for child birth has been taken.

Furthermore, The RINJ Foundation adduces that governments have no business in a woman’s womb; induced abortion is a medical procedure that does not need government legislation; RINJ discourages women from using induced abortion as a method of birth control; and the foundation will seek professional sanctions against medical practitioners who abuse this crude and dangerous method of birth control. Proper contraception is the universal way ahead.

A cavalier attitude toward birth control is dangerous thinking that can have painful results. Please consider that where misogynistic governments fail to provide health care and valid public information on contraception and family planing, there are global scholarly and medical advisers available online with good medical information and advice. What you do with your own body must be your decision. Make that an informed decision. Effective and safe contraception is available today, more so than ever before. It is also far more important than ever.

President Trump promised public policy to the betterment of Americans but in these two malignant actions has only managed to annoy his political opponents and clobber the basic reproductive rights of Americans and many other people who once relied on US-supported NGOs for their reproductive health care.

If President Trump seeks to prevent abuse of induced abortion procedures as a replacement for proper birth control, The RINJ Foundation women would like to help that cause. Trouncing family planning, however, is not the way ahead.

President Trump would be well advised to take steps toward:

  1. Improving American education on universal reproductive rights and responsibilities;
  2. Providing free of charge to any woman an IUD or equally valid contraceptive and its supportive medical care;
  3. Making available to American patients the broadest possible range of contraceptives; and
  4. Forbid states from creating any legislation on induced abortion.

Mr. Trump. Use your noggin! Removal of funding for American institutions that correctly provide contraceptives and patient education on reproductive rights will increase the number of abortions done as a method of birth control.

What is abortion?

  • Mostly, termination of pregnancy is a spontaneous “miscarriage” done by a woman’s body. These spontaneous abortions happen for numerous biological reasons. Trust nature which has on its own rules that it applies to its own biological data, decided, “this won’t work”.
  • The deliberate termination of a human pregnancy by a doctor is a medical procedure required when life-threatening conditions arise. Like any form of triage the question becomes, “who can we save?”. Life threatening conditions of mother and fetus are so many and so complicated you would need to be at least a well-briefed attending nurse practitioner or preferably an experienced, attending medical doctor to comprehend and diagnose them all. That’s why those decisions must be made by the patient and her veteran attending medical team at the moment a decision is needed.

Any other form of terminating a human pregnancy is likely to be the taking of a human life which no person has the right to do. If you don’t have a compelling reason to force terminate a pregnancy, don’t do this procedure. You may be violating your oath and sacrificing your right to practice medicine. Enough said. No laws are needed. Professionals in the medical field act responsibly with their patients health and safety kept foremost important.

Advice to Family Partners

Family partners have responsibilities that come attached to their universal human rights.

First and foremost is every child’s right to life.

Then there is children’s basic needs for food, clothing, housing, medical care and education all of which parents must provide.

Instead of trying to legislate medical procedures, governments would be well advised to focus on reproductive rights education and enforcement of the responsibilities of men who randomly impregnate women and leave.

If you can’t fulfill your parental responsibilities, don’t create a baby; don’t have sex unless it is planned, consented and ‘protected sex’ using a valid contraceptive. Know for sure you can prevent pregnancy before having intercourse.

Contraception and Reproductive Rights

With readily available contraception, the debate over abortion is simplified. Abusing induced abortion as a method of birth control murders a child and changes the health outlook of the mother. No medical professional worth their weight is going to tell you otherwise.

Once conception has taken place in a healthy woman as a result of consensual sex; and once a fertilized egg has validly attached to the uterus wall, you have a baby inside you. Talk to your baby. Love and care for your baby and have many joyous days in your lives together.

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