Trudeau Sex Groping Allegations are Media Fraud

Why do Canadians hate male feminists? Is it treason??

A male feminist is no different from a female feminist. Neither one fails on gender equality. Men and women are equal no matter their race, color or creed. Both genders have a vote and can go to public places through the same doors. They can both drive cars and sit anywhere they want on the bus. Either can be the CEO and either can be a Prime Minister. It’s just not happening much.

by Melissa Hemingway Feminine-Perspective Staff

Feminists are not well liked. They break all the rules especially the one about ’empowering women’. That is especially true in Canada where the distance that separates us has caused some isolation and a clinging to old ideals for lack of proof that an alternative is better. Ask an indigenous woman in Lethbridge, Alberta what it’s like to be an indigenous woman in Canada.

Most of the world seems to have trouble with gender-equality and those people who promote the concept. Sadly, human development is retarded by gender discrimination and will continue to be retarded until gender parity is reached.

The Canadian rape culture, brought to you by the Canadian Patriarch led by people like Conrad Black and Steven Harper like their country they way it always was. Boys will be boys. The girls can sit in the kitchen. Break out the cigars and let’s talk important things, gentlemen.

Along comes Justin Trudeau. The federal cabinet is 50% female and government is shaken from top to bottom with stupid ideals like gender parity in finance and economics.

Trudeau is called an “*******” by cops under their breath as one after another investigation into RCMP sexual harassment wrong-doing is launched. Justin Trudeau has rocked the boat as a feminist and he is going down if the misogynistic male chauvinists get their way.

Justin and his wife in Pierre's Car on their wedding day

Trudeau Was a Young Kid Once. He Met Girls. He Dated. He Also Partied. So be it. Then he met Sophie and they were married.

On May 28, 2005 , Justin Trudeau married Sophie Grégoire Trudeau. They had known each other as children but it wasn’t until June, 2003 that they became acquaintances as adults.

Trudeau had been dating casually since maybe a year or so after his brother Michel Charles-Émile Trudeau tragically died in an avalanche in 1998 while skiing in Kokanee Glacier Provincial Park. Michel was 23 at the time of his death. A family cried.

Trudeau Accused By Media Hounds Who Hate Male Feminists

Flare magazine from the bottom of the ‘Rogers Media’ tacky pile demands that Trudeau stop being so hard on men who commit sexual assault until he comes up with a better explanation of what happened at the wild, drunken music festival in Creston BC , August 2000.

So, if Trudeau is going to continue to enforce his own zero-tolerance policy on sexual misconduct and assault, we suggest he do some explaining — Flare

He was a handsome, wealthy young  brat very few times but Justin Trudeau has never been disrespectful toward women. Nobody has said otherwise. In fact no leader in any country has advanced the cause of gender-equality and safety for women and children more than Justin Trudeau. Women should not to be too quick to let that go for the sake of some electioneering games.

Feminine Perspective: We are not going to let go of our champion for the safety of women and children so easily. This is a political Tempest in a Teapot.

Photo of an anonymous article in the Creston Valley AdvancePhoto of an anonymous article in the Creston Valley Advance, 14 August 2000, following the August 5-6 festivities to raise awareness of the Kokanee Glacier Alpine Campaign – a memorial to his late brother Michel.  Posted 18 years  later on Twitter by an avowed Trudeau critic. Source: Twitter

Anonymous author writes in Creston Valley Advance:   “It’s not a rare incident to have a young reporter, especially a female working for a small community newspaper, be considered an underling to their ‘more predominant’ associates and blatantly disrespected because of it.

“But shouldn’t the son of a former prime minister be aware of the rights and wrongs that go along with public socializing?

“Didn’t he learn through his vast experiences in public life, that groping a strange young woman isn’t in the handbook of proper etiquette regardless of who she is, what her business is, or where they are.” 

Trudeau was on hand for the festivities to raise awareness of the Kokanee Glacier Alpine Campaign - a memorial to his late brother MichelJustin Trudeau gets inducted into the Order of Saquatch Hunters at the Columbia Brewery’s Kokanee Summit Festival held in Creston, B.C. on Sunday August 5-6, 2000. Trudeau was on hand for the festivities to raise awareness of the Kokanee Glacier Alpine Campaign – a memorial to his late brother Michel. CREDIT: CNW/Handout photo

“Justin Trudeau salutes the crowd while being inducted into the Order of Sasquatch Hunters. The son of former prime minister Pierre Trudeau also received a cheque for his family’s Kokanee Glacier Alpine Campaign.” Courtesy Creston and District Museum and Archives

An August 6, 2000 photo published in the “Creston Valley Advance” shows Trudeau holding a large mug of beer during his induction into the “Order of Sasquatch Hunters” at a rowdy Creston BC music festival.

Valerie Bourne who was the publisher of the local newspaper at the time told CBC News that the “reporter” was interviewing Trudeau when he touched her. “It was a brief touch,” said Bourne.

“I would not classify it or qualify it as sexual assault… After my conversation, with her I did not see it going further.”

Other articles in the publication talked about Trudeau’s attendance and the mission of raising funds for a memorial cabin dedicated to avalanche survivors in the Rocky Mountains.

“It [the party] was really gross,” one woman told the Advance. “There was garbage everywhere and there were so many drunk people it was unbelievable. I mean like they were puking and staggering everywhere.

“And it wasn’t a good place to be if you’re female. It was a 10-1 ratio of men and women. I got my ass grabbed I don’t know how many times. It was scary. I was just surprised nothing happened. I’ve never been so disgusted in my life.”

Something happened that day to offend a young lady. Apparently the globally popular son of one of Canada’s most loved Prime Ministers did not treat the alleged reporter with the respect she was owed from the son of a man she had great disdain for. She apparently despised Pierre Trudeau.

In her words she sets out that she actually is important and not just a local-yokel scandal-rag reporter. She is disdainful of Justin Trudeau’s stature and the adulation that was being heaped on the 28-year-old at this bizarre (but typical) Rocky Mountain event.

No witnesses have come forward to corroborate a story of wrong doing and no allegation of substance has been made. Moreover, the words of the anonymous accuser are more than ambiguous. She did not sign the editorial so she could have said anything. The reality is that she said nothing and did nothing but gripe about being in the presence of one she perceived as nobility without herself being recognized as important. We have read far too many accounts of sexual assault to be fooled by the various interpretations of this unsigned article.  (She is easily identified because at the time there were only two reporters listed with the Advance, one was her and the other was a guy who knew absolutely nothing about this alleged “groping” event which the writer’s confidant claims was not a touching of a sexual nature but something in the blink of an eye she felt was not appropriate decorum for the son of a Prime Minister of Canada . We’ll ask you to respect the lady’s privacy as we are doing.)

Tanya Oliva, the festival’s PR manager said Trudeau was “letting off some steam like everyone else” and “having a good time,” but he remained professional and respectful at all times.

“He was an excellent guest. He met a lot of people. He was very generous with the crowd.”

Oliva had hired the same female reporter to take photographs of the festival for her. At no time, she said, did the reporter relay any concerns to her about Trudeau’s behaviour.

“She never mentioned it to me,Oliva told the National Post.

Trudeau may well have been three-sheets to the wind as maybe was the reporter. Trudeau, she says, was confronted at the time for being ‘forward’ and he said he was sorry. He did not behave as entitled but acted apologetic. Her conduct and her expectations seem to have been inconsistent with the rowdy, drunken, sloppy party they all attended.

Did the young bachelor try to get to know the young lady a little better? Was it the other way around? We know nothing, really. Nothing.

The Anonymous ‘Groping’ Author Hated Justin’s Dad

Canadians either hated or loved Pierre Elliot Trudeau. This girl despised the famous Prime Minister. In the Creston BC area, during the Pierre Elliot Trudeau years from the mid 60s to 1984, an alien landing was more likely than a Trudeau Liberal winning a seat in Nelson-Creston.

Sadly, at the time of this event, Justin’s father was very ill. A month later, on 28 September, Pierre Trudeau passed away.  Roughly a year later, the Creston area finally elected a Liberal Member of Parliament. But in Creston, they still remember and despise Pierre Trudeau.

If you don’t like someone, you can tell a story in a certain way that others can interpret cruelly. That’s happening. It does not seem that any sexual misconduct of the Prime Minister ever took place nor has there been such a genuine allegation, only wishy-washy innuendo from the politically motivated.

There have never been any allegations against Justin Trudeau of sexual misconduct. Trudeau has not demonstrated any of the ‘entitlement’ often associated with men who are guilty of sexual misconduct.

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