Global protest against USA illegal nuclearization of the Asian Seas

It is seldom realized that American rival claims in the South China Sea (SCS) do not just create diplomatic hassles but also create much more severe negative humanitarian impacts on SCS citizens, in this case, hundreds of thousands of families. Asian families suffer from Militarization and Nuclearization of the Asian Seas.

America has betrayed hundreds of millions of  South Asians with the escalation of the South China Seas military conflict and the nuclearization of the region in violation of the spirit of nuclear non-proliferation and the will of humankind.

America has shit on global values and human development by escalating a military conflict with China that never needed to happen. The world must stop this global misconduct immediately

The South Asian population surrounding the Asian Seas is to be exposed to desperately dangerous peril not unlike the Children in Afghanistan America killed and the million civilians America exterminated in Iraq, according to a study by the Opinion Research Business (ORB).

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Families suffer from Militarization of the SCS

Click to enlarge and read. It is often not realized that states’ rival claims in the South China Sea (SCS) do not just create diplomatic hassles but also create much more severe negative humanitarian impacts on their citizens, in this case, hundreds of thousands of families. Families suffer from Militarization of the SCS. Photo Courtesy Feminine-perspective-Magazine

Following two successive global weekend conferences of the RINJ global team and its partners, (3-6 September and 17-20 September) a decision was reached (by some very livid women) to focus efforts on stopping the nuclearization of the south China Sea by America, while exploiting the Australian and UK taxpayers and cheating France out of a conventional boat building contract.


Global protest against polluting & militarizing the Asian Seas starting  11 Nov. 2021 redirected to America in Light of the USA/UK/Australia efforts to Nuclearize the South China Sea


America is provoking a far-shores nuclear war with China in order to stop China’s 1.4 billion people from benefitting from their own amazing achievements. It is time to take the gloves off and challenge this COVID19-spreading, arrogant, bigoted, racist, dangerous, betrayer of humanity.

Whatever is necessary to stop America provoking nuclear war with China must be done.

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[curr_date] — The South China Sea belongs to humanity and its partner species. Humanitarians are now saying that the Sea needs to be cleaned up. Renaming the China Seas to Asian Seas makes the point clear, the international waterways of the world need to be held by humanity in abidance to the “1982 United Nations Convention On The Law Of The Sea” and not controlled by any single state.

China and America have been dumping sewage into the South China Sea and China has polluted the sea by destroying the natural ecosystems with unorthodox militaristic ‘land‘ reclamations of nothing but coral and low tide rock, hence cleanup of the Asian Seas means demilitarization for ecological reasons; for human values; and to honour global goals for peace on Earth.

The solution to the crisis in the South China Sea is not the present military standoff with American, Australia, British, Japanese, South Korean, Philippines and NATO warships facing off against China’s military might with guns, bombs, missiles and nuclear hunter-killer submarines. Naval vessels with a peaceful purpose could protect users of the China Sea, but should not be jostling for nuclear military power against China. Militarization of the South China sea is wrongful and must end.

Joseph Biden and Scott Morrison.

Joseph Biden and Scott Morrison. Photo Credit: Video Feed Capture

The organizers of this protest originally to be held on a reef/island in the South China Sea,  are being redirected to American, Australian and British Cities to protest the nuclearization of the South China Sea with the illegal American/British/Australian nuclear submarine regime.

Women’s rights and family rights of the Asian people living around the South China Sea are human rights—for peaceful enjoyment of family, community, and the collective of peace-loving nations. Join us around the world on 11 November 2021 or at a time of your local group’s choosing.

Organize your own protest, large or small or join ours.

On July 12, 2016, the ‘law of the sea’ arbitral tribunal adjudicating a Philippines’ 2013 case against China in the South China Sea alleging China violated the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), ruled that major elements of China’s claim to the South China Sea—including its theoretical nine-dash line; recent militarization activities; and other malevolent activities in other nations’ coastal waters—were unlawful. China reacted bitterly to the Court ruling.

This is no cause for war. We implore China to fix its past hostilities against Asians, like sinking Vietnamese and Filipino fisher folks and their boas, and instead of alienation of the world, particularly the Asian people, unite Asia with love. Like, wake up, China. Are we going to stand together against American hegemony or do you want to be everyone’s enemy? Think over this.

Today superpowers’ piracy has an impact on millions of Asians and people all around the world because the waterways are crucial to global trade for a modest total estimate of $3.7 trillion USD in crucial goods, one third of the world’s trade.

Millions of Asians suffer food shortages during the pandemic because of China and America’s antipathy and warfare toward each other and the ensuing violent denial of coastal fisher people’s rights to take food from the sea because China and America exploit and abuse the nations surrounding the Asian Seas.

Hence we organize a global protest on the afternoon of 11 November 2021 (Beijing time, -8 GMT) in America, France, Australia, Britain and in your cities at times of your choosing.


  1. Sign up to be included in the demonstrations.
  2. You must be 18 years of age or older and sign an indemnity waiver before embarking by sea or air.
  3. You must provide a valid email address upon registration.
  4. You will be required to make your own way to Baguio City in the Philippines.
  5. Transportation pooling may be available for domestic travelers coming to the embarkation point. (Contact)
  6. You will be asked to bring non-perishable foodstuffs and a water container. Fresh, clean water will be supplied.
  7. Transportation to the island designated for the protest will be provided by air or by sea.
  8. You will be contacted by email with detailed information. (Ask any questions you like.)
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  3. Explanation-of-the-court-decision-in-favour-of-the-Philippines
  4. The-Law of the Sea Tribunal Decision-in-favour-of-the-Philippines
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