Sex-Offending Philippines Catholic Priests Warned

Impunity for Sexual Misconduct Expired

We are not talking about the many good men, fine priests who have defacto [secret] marriages to adult, consenting, informed wives and a lovely hidden family of one or more youngsters. You may be the sane, rational people who can help thousands of people victimized by deviant sex offenders hiding inside the Church who prey on the children of your ‘flock’.

  • RINJ is warning about sexually violent priests who rape boys and girls. Many are pedophiles but many are no more than promiscuous deviants, imposters pretending to do the work of God.
  • RINJ invites survivors or their parents to avail of free clinical help in absolute confidentiality. (Phone, Text, Whatsapp or Telegram this dedicated number: 09287164921 Email here.)

Pedophiles are ill men who cannot control their feelings. The stigma to this sickness has prevented a fair hearing. Let’s change that. It is a sickness of men who need help. They don’t want to be sick.

 Also ReadAltar of Secrets: Sex, Politics, and Money in the Philippine Catholic Church is the first of its kind in the country. Journalist Aries C. Rufo shows a Church that is cloaked in secrecy. It keeps the wrongdoing of its bishops and priests – in sexual misconduct and financial mismanagement – within its confines and lets them get away, unpunished. Accountability, after all, is not a strong suit of the Church. Rufo also delves into how the Church influences policy, as nowhere among Catholic countries in the world is the Church deeply involved in the shaping of policy than in the Philippines. Overall, reforms are taking place, but these are highly dependent on the Church leaders, the bishops who try to change mindsets and systems.”  Footnote: Rufo passed away at the young age of 45 in Sept. 2015. We knew him as an extraordinary investigative journalist working for the exceptional publication Rappler.

They cannot be priests.

  • Criminals belong in jail;
  • these ill people need remedial mental health care in appropriate institutions or as out patients; and
  • they cannot be priests nor have children in their unsupervised care.

The Catholic Church of the Philippines needs a more learned approach to this problem.

Remember that just one man’s many crimes in a life time in this context damages thousands of lives indirectly and directly. That tragedy can seem to foil all the good work of many Saints.

There are an overwhelming number of cases RINJ cannot intervene immediately but dialogues have begun.

Offenders are warned that dozens are under a watchful eye and the world is going to back your prosecution. Stop your sins now and turn yourselves in.

Surrender to police now before child molestation and rape  becomes a death-penalty-crime. Act fast. In the alternative, you will be caught and you will be prosecuted and you might drag the Catholic Church into that rare circumstance of being one of Duterte’s first hangings for a ‘heinous’ crime. And it is a heinous crime. 

RINJ (Rape Is No Joke) came to the Philippines in 2015 to deal with this enormous problem.

The world became sidetracked when President Duterte came to power and in the excitement that followed the widespread sexual molestation of children in the Philippines lost prominence.

Today the warning is on the table to a certain few priests & other members of the Catholic Church.

Stop sexing the kids!

Child abuse in the Philippines is nothing new. Many online businesses set up to exploit children for the sick pleasures of pedophiles exist exclusively in the Philippines. Cebu City and Manila have terrible reputations.

Rodrigo Duterte, the President of the Philippines apparently hates kids and wants to be able to put them in jail or have them killed at the gallows by the age of nine.

  1. The Philippines government does not care about children and their families.
  2. Much of the population behaves the same way as mom’s are sent to other countries to earn as personal care workers, sending their money home, while the children are being molested be the men.
  3. Watch a crowd in the Philippines. Kids are trampled uncaring. In stores, children are pushed aside by strangers trying to get a better place in line. This is a country that hears every day how evil children are.
  4. The President says they are enlisted by gangs and are responsible for robbery, rape, murder, drug crime, embezzlement and fraud as early in life as 6-years-old.
  5. Duterte will lower the age of criminal responsibility to 9 and throw in the death penalty.
  6. Sidewalks for children to walk safely to school do not exist
  7. Streets where there are schools have children hit by cars and trucks, also molested, kidnapped, beaten, intimidated, or exploited every single day.
  8. In the Philippines children are an annoyance, wandering around begging for food. If you live in a city you will see this poverty If you live in the provinces you will likely live that life.
  9. And some Catholic priests are raping the children  too.

The Catholic Church in the Philippines is an enormous influence on public policy but its past behaviour has caught up and the President is calling the Bishops foul names, and reminding of the many unpunished child molesters still doing their crime. Jesus is losing his influence in the Philippines. Many clergy fear death as Duterte “wacks” many more opponents or throws them in prison.

Fight for the safety of Women and Children

The RINJ foundation is fighting these violent men for the safety of women and children; and that includes child-molesting priests.

Today during a Human Rights Calamity the Catholic Church is doing good work in the Philippines providing safe harbour for women and children who are targets of Duterte’s death squads, or just desperately hungry. The world has no idea how sad this situation is and how much the Church has tried to help lately. Thank you for that work.

The Catholic Church, sleeping in 2016, has come alive in opposing Rodrigo Duterte’s killing spree and the insane legislation that Duterte has bullied the Congress into passing.

Thank you. Now help us fight to keep women and children safe.

“Because of its nature the Catholic Church has unwittingly become a safe harbour for some very dangerous sex offenders and some very cavalier, promiscuous imposters. Help us help you bring justice to survivors, jail to the perpetrators, and a chance to forgive and heal,” says Sharon Santiago of The RINJ Foundation

RINJ seeks to make sure that in the midst of the Church the bad apples are sent to jail and no longer exploiting the weak, poor and ill children they pretend to help.

This will help the Church continue its good work.

Because child abuse is such a normal occurrence in the Philippines, it is like Duterte’s murders, it goes ignored by the average Filipino.

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