Saddam and ISIS Succeeded – There Is No Kurdistan

Erdogan, Saddam & ISIS Succeeded – There Is No Kurdistan… yet!

Not yet. Millions of Displaced People – Many Thousands of Fighters. Many thousands of raped and displaced women who are repeatedly victimized. A people who have been bullied for centuries. (Now there is Rojava)

11081087_830245850374936_8489981207455266790_nKurdistan: A Bullied Society With A Violent History, Fighting Even Among Themselves & With Neighbours | Read about Kurdish Female Suicide by Fire

Ethnic Kurds are an Indo-European people of the Iranian branch.

The Kurdish people, largest ethnic group on earth without a state,bullied for centuries. Saddam Hussein, Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the Islamic State Caliphate have strived to prevent there being a Kurdistan.

Kurdish Region Iraq (KRI)

Delivering health care services to women in Northern Iraq requires coping with people fighting at the clinic doorstep. That is often how you provide medical care in Northern Iraq.

Northern Iraq is the home of the Iraqi Kurds and many other oppressed minorities including Shiite Arabs, Assyrians, Yazidis and Christians.

The Aramaic-speaking Assyrians are the indigenous people of Iraq and descendants of those who ruled ancient Akkad, Assyria and Babylonia. The Assyrians are descendants of the ancient Mesopotamians (Sumer, Akkad, Assyria, Babylon, Adiabene, Osroene and Hatra). They speak dialects of the Aramaic of the Assyrian and Babylonian Empires and have their own written script.

We have met more than a few Assyrians -/- Syriac Orthodox Christians. They are fascinating people. They began to convert to Christianity in the 1st and 2nd centuries AD formerly having followed the ancient Sumerian-Akkadian religion (also known as Ashurism). There are an estimated 250,000 – 300,000 Assyrians still remaining in Iraq. They are Iraq’s third largest ethnic group after the Arabs and the Kurds.

The Yazidis (also Yezidi yah-ZEE-dees) are a Kurdish religious community whose syncretic but ancient religion Yazidism (a kind of Yazdanism) is often linked to but not exactly like Zoroastrianism and ancient Mesopotamian religions. They live primarily in the Nineveh Province of Iraq which is part of the non-state nation of Kurdistan.

In all, the raped and displaced women of Northern Iraq are a beautiful collection of people with such sadness. Many are perpetually nomadic, homeless, displaced, victimized refugees.

Yazidi people fleeing ISISYazidi people fleeing ISIS

Displacement of The Kurds (bullying)

Displacements of Kurds began long ago within the Ottoman Empire, on pretext of local rebellions’ suppression, over the period of its domination of the northern Fertile Crescent and the adjacent areas of Zagros and Taurus.

In the early 20th century, massive displacements were forced upon Christian minorities of the Ottoman Empire (especially during the First World War and the Turkish War of Independence), but many of the Kurds, as well, suffered similar attitude as some of their tribal confederations cooperated with Ottomans, while others were opposing it and revolted in several areas.

The situation for Kurds in the post-Ottoman nation of Turkey which has become a horrible state for Kurds turned totally disastrous in the 1920s and 1930s, when large scale Kurdish rebellions resulted in massive massacres and expulsion of hundreds of thousands. Since the 1970s, renewed violence of the Kurdish-Turkish conflict created about 3,000,000 displaced, many of which remain unsettled.

In Iraq, the Iraqi Kurdish drive for autonomy and independence morphed into armed conflicts since the 1919 Mahmud Barzanji revolt.

The displacement however became most significant during the Iraqi-Kurdish conflict and parallel active ‘Arabizations’ programs of the Saddam Hussein Ba’athist regime, which sought to cleanse northern Iraq of its Kurdish majority. Those violent Ba’athist people are back in Nineveh wearing ISIS Uniforms.

Tens of thousands of Kurds became displaced and fled the war zones following First and Second Kurdish Iraqi Wars in the 1960s and 1970s. The Iran-Iraq War, which spanned from 1980 to 1988, the first Gulf War and subsequent rebellions all together generated several millions of primarily Kurdish refugees, who mostly found refuge in Iran, while others dispersed into Kurdish diaspora in Europe and the Americas. Iran alone provided asylum for 1,400,000 Iraqi refugees, mostly Kurds, who had been uprooted as a result of the Persian Gulf War (1990-91) and the subsequent rebellions.

Today, a large portion of the Iraqi Kurdish population is composed of Kurdish refugees & displaced persons plus their descendants.

The-RINJ-Foundation-Refugees-In_Iraq-and-Syria3In and from Kurdish Region Iraq (KRI) so many thousands of raped and displaced women are victimized over and over again by everyone.

Kurdish Refugees in the KRI are comprised of a significant proportion of Iranian and Syrian Kurds. The Syrian Kurdish community was allegedly granted civil rights as part of the supposed reforms by Bashar al-Assad, an attempt to “pacify” the 2011 Syrian uprising. However, human rights groups said only 3,000 out of some 200,000 Kurds were given an official status in Syria. It flopped.

That failure became history later in 2011 when the Syrian Civil War erupted into a full scale armed conflict. Syria has some 10 million displaced persons. Many Syrian Kurds have migrated to the KRI.

The KRI now has nearly 3 million or more displaced persons & refugees.

Canadians are among many Western nations spending some of their money trying to help the Iraqi Kurdish people with $100s of millions in humanitarian aid; with fighter-bomber airplanes attacking their enemies; with armaments and troops to train their Peshmerga militia.

Thus far the most notable feat seen by the West of the Kurds was their violence causing injury to several Canadians and killing Canadian Forces Sergeant Andrew Doiron. Doiron was gunned down accidentally on March 6, 2015, at night, near an observation post along the front lines west of Erbil, in northern Iraq.

Much of Northern Iraq in June 2015 is controlled by the Islamic State.

Where was the “Peshmerga”?

Taking care of a reputedly corrupt Kurdish government’s needs?

An investigation by The RINJ Foundation has unearthed a number of things the Iraqi Kurdish leadership will be called upon to explain at some later date in an international court.

Wherever the Peshmerga were they did not stop a handful of ISIS fighters from helping themselves to anything they wanted. What isn’t occupied now by ISIS lies in ruins or is overpopulated with displaced persons sleeping in the yards, hallways and rafters of churches and any open spaces that can be found.

Forever bullied, violence is the way of the Kurds for centuries.

Poor-to-none education levels together with poverty, hatred and religion has been the result of oppression.

There is little employment for men except in tribal militias wandering around looking for a fight. Instead of doing productive work the men have nothing to do and bide their time with raging frustration, fighting, stealing, raping and murdering (family violence is also a problem) — or doing nothing.

Prior to the 2011-20?? Syrian Civil War and the creation of ISIS, a measure of prosperity had seeded the KRI and young adults were attending post-secondary schools in higher numbers. The trend was looking good. But then came yet another war–another oppression of the Kurds.

If the land in Northern Iraq was arable the men could perhaps go to work doing agriculture. Much of the land is barely pasturable. That which is arable has good yield. But the men are again fighting battles in a war brought by ISIS and aided by Iran, Saudi Arabia, Canada, the USA and by Baghdad: a war related to the Islamic Schism that has little purpose if any at all.

This is a part of the world were government does not acceptresponsibility for taking care of its children and their families and therefore there are millions of ordinary civilians in a land of plenty who have nothing but terror and persistent homelessness.

Cities like Mosul, of which there are few, were before the current war, incipient beacons of ethnic cooperation, and could survive because the homogenous collection of different but of industrious people had begun to work at a very functional level. The Iraqi Sunnis prevailed. The city managed to prosper for a while. It is now controlled by the disgusting anarchist gang called ISIS and has drifted back to the worst dysfunction, oppression, violence and barbarism of the 12th century.

Kurdistan Statehood May Lie In Rojava

Despite efforts by Erdogan, Asaaad, Barzani and ISIS to prevent Rojava becoming a Kurdish state, Rojava has been taken back from ISIS and claimed by the Kurdish people.

To the West of KRI Rojava as a Kurdish state is taking shape. As soon as prosperity takes root and is shared by all the Rkjava people (it shouldn’t happen is it has in the KRI that governments create prosperity for their leaders because people must create and own propsperity for a nation to exist and survive) and a viable democratic government emerges that functions for the people instead of existing only for itself, the ethnic Kurds will have education, employment, nice homes, and that is what they identify as the thing they really want, but they call it statehood instead of prosperity. THe Kurdish people deserve to benefit from their own achievements and of their ability to achieve and to earn there is no doubt based on their track record. The Kurds are of an industrious and goal oriented culture.

Statehood does not deliver those things. The Iraqi Kurds need to achieve these goals of stability first to some measure before becoming a state. Their future may lie with Syrian Kurds in Rojava where the formation of an ethnic Kurdish state is a probablity. For as long as ethnic Kurds continue violence they will not have the collective compunction necessary to earn the goals they wish to achieve which hinge on stopping the violence.

The family of Kurds is at war among themselves. There is a surrounding dirty war between muslim groups. The people of the Middle East are horrible to each other. That attitude hasn’t worked for centuries and it still doesn’t work. Violence throught the region needs to end. The developed nations have avoided war for over 50 years. The developing nations must learn to stop their violence.

Maybe the Iraqi Kurdish people will pay attention and be the driving force fix these things. Some of these issues have been addressed by the Syrian Kurds in Rojava. Then and only then the world will truly welcome the peaceful nation state of “Kurdistan”.






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