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Should Men Be Cops?

Will the police officer who responds to your “911 Rape Call” be a rapist or a victim blamer?

The amount of victim blaming from police forces is growing. The number of police who are convicted of rape is increasing. The number of police women is too few, less than 5%.

The RINJ Foundation is asking the question,
“Should Men Be Cops?” following a recent spate of victim blaming episodes around the world which coincidentally followed dozens of criminal charges being brought against cops for rape.

The recent conduct by police forces around the world suggests that the patriarchal thought process is incompetent for solving crimes against the person when a woman is the victim. It isn’t working. Cops are raping women. Cops are ignoring the rape of women. Cops are blaming women for their rape. This isn’t an isolated problem it is an epidemic.

The under-representation of women at all levels in the modern police agency negatively impacts the culture and operational efficiency of law enforcement agencies all over the world. The same ‘boys-club’ mentality that has promoted rape in the military is also present among police agencies which are sworn to protect the public. Nothing could be more horrible than having a male police officer who is a rapist or a victim blamer come to your “rescue” to take a statement and investigate your rape.

Most women never even consider a career in law enforcement to begin with, due to their misunderstanding of the nature of the job, and the aggressive and authoritarian images portrayed in the media. Once hired, however, women still face discrimination, sexual harassment, or even peer intimidation, and they often lack the necessary role models or mentors to help them move up the ranks. Many never even take promotional exams, giving first priority to family or personal relationships.”-Jon Felperin(

Efforts to recruit and retain more women are thwarted by the patriarchal nature of law enforcement, and, in part, that is why numbers remain stagnant or continue to decline. And yet, recent changes in policing philosophy, emphasizing problem solving and community over intervention, have brought to light glaring inefficiencies and injustices.

Widespread excessive force, rape and corruption scandals, overwhelmingly attributed to male police officers, are costing cities millions of dollars a year in lawsuit payouts.

Because female officers utilize a different policing style and rely less on physical force and more on communications skills, potentially violent confrontations and are less likely to occur, or escalate into excessive force situations. Thus citizen complaints, or civil liabilities, are substantially less likely to occur. The implications of not having a representative number of female officers is clear.

Substantially less than 5% of the world’s total policing is done by women. Sworn female police officers are rare.

In the United States a little less than 15% (only half are sworn officers) of law enforcement are female but that includes a large number of Corrections Officers in female oriented institutions and a large number of women who are not in front-line positions as sworn officers. The percentage  of female sworn officers seems to be around 7%.

In Britain almost 25% of the police forces are women, but many are just “making tea”. Nevertheless has nearly the best record on the planet (second to Scotland) for hiring female staff including officers although its record on rape is deplorable. (The current Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales is the head of the judiciary and President of the Courts of England and Wales and he seems to be doing a great job of provoking positive change.)

Much better than the USA, but still, Australia also has a terrible gender imbalance in policing. Less than 14% are sworn female officers. As in many G8 nations, on the surface there is no barrier to the employment and promotion of women in Australian police services, this is not reflected in the current numbers of women police officers who are employed and who receive promotions.

Get More Women In Policing Careers
Katie says, “The RINJ Foundation  urges all women to consider police services as a career.”

“It’s not a matter of when the police forces of the world are balanced 50/50 on gender, it’s a matter of when the RAPING OF WOMEN BY COPS STOPS AND WHEN THE BLAMING OF VICTIMS STOPS. We need police to arrest rapists and do a proper job of getting a conviction on rapes. We don’t need cops telling women to avoid dressing up and avoid drinking in order not to be raped. Those are my nicest possible words. I feel more strongly than I sound on that issue. Currently rape is the most under-reported crime because it is as awful to go to police and report rape as it is to be raped.”

In Japan, women are irrelevant to policingbut the country seeks to hire more females to bring it’s number of women to a token percentage of 10% women 90% males on its police forces by the year 2025. Presently the number of front line female officers is statistically insignificant.

In Canada the percentage of women on police forces is under 20%. Canada has one of the lowest number of police officers per capita in the world.

Scotland boasts the highest percentage of females on its police forces: 26.8%, most of whom are sworn officers according to the claim. This is the highest percentile in the world, a very close second to England although there seems to be some discrepancy in the number of sworn officers in both instances. In any case, 75% of these forces are male dominated.

Many countries do not have front line female police officers. Many nations report a token number of females in law enforcement but on closer study it is learned that these are clerical or support staff of other types of non-policing duty employment like cleaning and food services personnel.

China has a small number of women involved in policing but it is not quite what you might think. Authorities in the southwestern Chinese city of Chongqing have advertised for new female recruits to their traffic department, but only women of “above average appearance” and about 165 cm in height need apply.

In India there are statistically no police women. OK, Kolkata has 280 women to 25,720 men. These 280 women personnel are not necessarily cops but they often find  it awkward to work in a male dominated force. As in the case of most parts of the world, necessary infrastructure is missing. For example, women police officers and support personnel find it difficult to get separate toilet, showers or changing rooms in police stations.

Cops Who Rape Their Protectorates

Among the more notable rape charges brought against cops are two cases in New York City while hundreds of cases around the world get little attention. This is a very much under-reported subject.

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Some women are saying, “Men must not be cops. That now must be a woman’s job“. Surely you can understand how frustrating it is to see so many police officers convicted of rape and know of so many more whose crime is never reported. Police Forces around the world have a victim-blaming attitude about rape and that is the primary reason why rape is the most underreported crime on earth.

After so many centuries of male ownership of this role, it is time women took a stronger hand and even led a few police forces. This has happened in isolated cases and it worked well. Women make better police officers than men because they focus on communication rather than raging testosterone fights or bullet-blazing shoot outs. Statistics prove that it is not women officers who are raping their protectorates. Society will be safer, especially women and children, when women have equality within or even better yet, dominate the law enforcement.  If men can dominate so many roles for so long, why not women?

Male Cops are raping women using guns and knives.

Other male cops who are not rapists maybe, appear to cooperate in a campaign of victim blaming.

Toronto cops say don’t dress “slutty” as Brit coppers say don’t drink if you don’t want to be raped.
Conclusion: Do not trust a male cop, women.

The RINJ Foundation  urges all women to consider police services as a career.

RINJ Foundatin Asks, "Should Men Be Cops"?