RIP Cherice Moralez


This is the story of a failed community.

Billings Montana, Sept. 26, 2014: Stacey Dean Rambold, 55, is a rapist. He raped Cherice Moralez (14), in 2007.

It wasn’t until 2008 that the case came to light. A friend told Cherice’s mom about the rape.

The rapist Rambold got a month’s time in jail for raping this girl.

He was sentenced by a judge who blamed the girl for her own rape.

The minor child Cherice Moralez did not survive her ordeal, perishing on a sad day in 2010 by her own hand, after what must have been a grueling time of tortured, conflicted life. She never saw her 17th birthday. 

The world was angered and embittered. 

Cherice Moralez (14)

Cherice Moralez (14)

The appearance of justice stunk.

The sentence revisited today: the rapist Rambold got ten years in Montana prison! (15 years with 5 suspended) from Judge Randal Spaulding.

Rambold better serve every day. And if Rambold so much as sneezes the wrong way he should have his full 15 unsuspended.

The self-confessed rapist’s re-sentencing comes at the end of a State’s Attorney’s long perseverance in the matter and a State Supreme Court Justice (Michael E. Wheat) left shaking his head in horror. 

Judge G. Todd Baugh who disgraced himself repeatedly was censured in a superior court and shamed into retirement. 

In the case of a 14 year-old there can be no consent. Intercourse without consent is rape. 

Even though he is not the rapist, the child’s death is on the Judge as well as the rapist. There can be no cavalier buffoonery from the bench on the issue of teachers sexing the children in their care. The lesson should go to all jurists: If you can’t handle a case like this, step down. 

This isn’t fixed. Baugh’s name shall ever be remembered in infamy. This isn’t a mistake it is an apparent maladjusted way of thinking. Learning of Baugh’s atrocious handling of a child rape case casts into doubt every case the bad judge with his bad law and his misogynistic hatred has ever presided over. This is the proverbial bad apple that has begun the rot in the system and its appearance of being just.

What remains to be seen is how these two “men” can honour and respect the beautiful life and family destroyed by their callous words, thoughts and deeds.


Stacey Dean Rambold teacher who raped his student Cherice (Cherry) Moralez (14), now deceased. Get’s new sentence. (15 years, 5 suspended)

This is also on the larger community of Billings Montana. Without an argument, Billings Montana needs to delve into some public education. Read this paper about the definitions of rape and consent: learning from there. Whatever it took to breed this rape culture into your two senior citizens, a teacher and a judge, is emblematic of something wrong with your community. Fix it. Let’s not even get into how you bullied this child after her rape was reported to police. Fix your community.

And think of this. As your American brothers and sisters bring a fight to a vile group of people in the Middle East, ISIL men who think its ok to rape kids and their moms, your American airmen and soldiers don’t want to be looking back home over their shoulder at cases like that of poor dear, Cherice Moralez. 

Billings, make good on this. Somehow.
~ Micheal