A war-zone nurses’ note: Is there a light in the life of a little girl?

I was telling this to someone and thought I should share a happy thought with you too.

I have been doing inoculations for shelter patients who will soon travel to freedom afar. I have  a little girl in a blanket with her arm around my leg and her thumb in her mouth sound asleep. She was saying that she is never leaving me. :'(

lol she is sleeping like a puppy on the floor
Latched to my leg
lol she means it. she is not going to leave
she is a very sick little girl. Family all killed.

She was lying about her age for a long time. I needed to sort that out because there are some inoculations she cannot have if too young. She swears she is 8.

We now know she is 5 :/

Some kid told her that all the children under 7 will be taken away from this shelter to another country and a fresh hospital.
So she says she is 8. She will not leave her nurse. :/

She is half the size of an 8-year-old. I just nod and say yes you are a big girl. She will not be told we know.


She will only know that she is precious and that we will take care of her forever

Anytime you can get these childs to express what is in their minds no matter how they express that is a true blessing from God and a gift so precious. Maybe it is sad in the context of how one might perceive that things SHOULD BE but not really so sad in the context of life n Nineveh. She was sick. We diagnosed and treated. She will get well. In the process she found caregivers at the most formidable and important formative time of her life. She will be a child with a great conscience and a beautiful heart because she found love at exactly the right time, before it was too late for her to become a human soul in the natural way love provides.

Resolving her sickness became her good opportunity and bolden fortune and the world’s blessing because she will be saved come hell or high water as long is there is a breath left even if it is in the last member of our team here. We will protect this little girl, future of humanity. Be careful what you do to her. How our species is tomorrow is how she will be now. Give her a good light.