One Million Mosul Citizens Risked By ‘Liberation Illusion’

*1 Million including Nineveh Governate
Liberation Illusion is killing civilians @ destroys whole cities. Kobane, Tikrit, Ramadi, now Mosul? – 
[Updates May 09/16] The RINJ Foundation a global humanitarian organization with offices and clinics in North America, Africa, Asia, and Europe has issued a terse warning about the risk imposed by the invading Shia Army of Iraq to over a million persons in the Iraqi province of Nineveh and in particular the 750,000 citizens of Mosul, Iraq.

The warning concludes that removing the Islamic State would be a humanitarian act; but that must only be done if each civilian life is cherished and protected. That will take time. The risk of premature invasion is the worst war-time humanitarian disaster to impact a single city and a million or more innocent lives. This so-called ‘liberation’ cannot be rushed.  

Daesh kills an average of 26 citizens a day; how many civilians will be killed by an Iraqi Shiite invasion?


“Don’t come if you are going to kill us! Attending prayer every day; avoiding alcoholic beverages; quitting smoking; eating halal and wearing Sharia-approved-garb is not so tough compared to death. This so-called ‘liberation’ cannot be rushed.”

press-release-the-RINJ-foundation-4-Iraq's F-16IQs-bombing-Mosul

The RINJ Foundation has released a statement in which it describes a dangerous life in Mosul, Iraq for its dwindling citizenship; a growing black parade of evil crimes done by Salafi-Jihadists who once thought they were following the orders of a pious religious group but realize lately they are pawns of just another Middle-East patriarchal crime syndicate; many jihadists are fooled, manipulated conscripts ready to abandon the cause by melting back into the citizenry–a citizenry that is driven by a confusing array of traditions and sectarian prejudices that provide only bad advice and a false sense of security; and a grave misunderstanding of what is really just another anarchistic crime syndicate driven by men who believe in nothing but their greed for wealth and power.


As many as one million innocent civilians are at risk of imminent death under some invasion scenarios including the city being set upon by enraged Iran-backed Shiite Muslim militants now embraced by Baghdad and steadily usurping control of the Iraqi military”, reads the statement released by the foundation on the weekend. The statement talks about the ‘time-bomb’ scenario of the failing Mosul Dam which if breached could kill hundreds of thousands in the path of its enormous tidal wave; and the Islamic State’s willingness to destroy much of Iraq in the event of it failing to maintain its substantial foothold in this country.


The RINJ Foundation Adduces That Invasion of Mosul is Wrong


1) Removing Islamic State from Iraq is a needed Humanitarian Act.

The RINJ Foundation women staffers in the Middle East since 2012 observed that Syria was erupting in Civil war as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant was born as a quasi-official merger of disenchanted offshoot groups from of al-Qaeda and some angry remnants of the political party and secret armies of Saddam Hussein (Ba’athists), many from Mosul Iraq.

Vanquished but still brutal Saddam loyalists from Mosul had promised the merging al-Qaeda crews and the evolving Islamic State leadership that they could bring their city into the “Islamic State” (IS) fold. This is a group of men renown for their detachment from their fellow human beings and their ability to manipulate, hurt or kill any members of their own species without remorse nor even a grimace.

On June 4th, 2014, following a campaign of many months seriously recruiting municipal leaders and city works foremen within Mosul–a Sunni Muslim city suffering horrible abuses under a corrupt Shiite Muslim government sanctioned by Baghdad and Iran–a weeklong military campaign by the Islamic State (IS) resulted in the capture of Baghdad’s northern jewel on June 10, 2014, with much help from established and new local supporters who welcomed any kind of change.


That extraordinary day marked just another day of changing ownership for Mosul which has been under siege by one group or another during all the time of its existence, but the invasion and occupation of Mosul by ISIS marked a day of global change.

The world will never be the same after a dozen pickup trucks of armed Salafi-Jihadists toppled the Iraqi Army and booted out the local police of a 2.2 million population city, a popular tourist destination and Iraq’s second largest city after Baghdad.

The first thing the Islamic State jihadists did was completely eliminate tens of thousands of non-Muslims from the population. The criminals within mere hours murdered a few dozen people in the streets by crucifixion, burning and shooting and in their churches with bludgeons and guns. Next they marked Christian homes with a Nazarene “N” and offered Christians and others a chance to pay a fee and flee or to stay, pay a fee and probably die or become a prisoner or sex slave if they did not convert to Islam.


Those Christians who stayed, converted, swore a contract, and went to daily prayer ever after. Others fled. Hundreds died.

Most Christians left and became displaced persons elsewhere in Iraq or Turkey (or any place on earth they could find family/friends offering shelter.).

Apart from the minority groups of non-Muslims persecuted by the Islamic State the bulk of the population of the City of Mosul fled in hordes reducing the number of inhabitants to about 750,000.


Hundreds of women who fled the city of Mosul since the jihadists arrived had been widowed, or raped by the Islamic State Salafi fighters. This fact alone amplifies the need for governments of the world to protect children and their families.  The failure of the Iraqi military and the Iraqi government to protect its children and their families in Mosul, Iraq should go down in the annals of history as the most unspeakable atrocity committed by a patriarch. The RINJ Foundation considers the Iraqi government to comprise greedy fat men who are unspeakable monsters corruptly running a failed country further into the ground. As it is, Iraq should not exist.

Probably thousands of Nineveh women in 2014 and 2015, but hundreds of women for sure, who fled the city of Mosul in since the jihadists arrived had been widowed, or raped, or raped and infected with serious sexually transmitted diseases; or were raped and pregnant; and even pregnant-and-infected with STDs–this in a country where honour-killing and abortion-opposition make just being a woman, a nightmare.

Why the people of Mosul must evict Daesh – (watch the video in a new window).


Many families on their own or with the help of others, smuggled their children out of Mosul and into a safe place where they could continue their studies at school and live in safety while the parents and grandparents held onto their homes and family possessions.

Many of the children of Mosawlis have not been so lucky.

The-RINJ-Foundation-Children-and-their-families-3 Only female toddlers and older women seem present in areas of ISIS occupation in Nineveh. ISIS has effectively removed the women & girls of or near child-bearing age.

Kids below 14 are captured on the streets by jihadists, kidnapped at their schools and taken away to be taught extremist religious views in special schools while kids as young as ten but mostly over the age of 14 are taught war-fighting in boot camps in TalAfar, Raqqa and Mosul.

Walking through the streets and markets, playgrounds and schools of Mosul you do not see young girls. Any female above the age of eight is a candidate for kidnapping, enslavement, rape and murder. Under the jihadists’ Sharia Rule, an extreme form of Islamic common law, a worthy member of the group may marry a nine-year-old female and make her his wife.

The RINJ Foundation‘s RSAC-Nurses have reported cases where impregnated children were not able to give birth because they were too small and appropriate action was necessary, including the hiding and eventual evacuation of the child. In some such cases, those family members that refused or for other reasons could not be hidden or evacuated were found, shot and killed by the jihadists.


Salafi-Jihadists who believed they were fighting for a religious cause were sent to wage war elsewhere in Iraq by this Middle-East group of  men formerly ousted from despotic regimes like Saddam-Hussein’s Iraqi dictatorship and the global terrorist regime of al-Qaeda, a crime syndicate which resulted from a rapid rise in infamy after killing 3,000 Americans in New York City on September 11, 2001 and enduring a slow decline in significance ending with the murder of  it’s puppet-leader Osama Bin Laden on May 2, 2011 in Abbott bad, Pakistan. They called themselves The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant but their aim, their leaders and supporters claim, is world domination under the banner of Islam and the people of Mosul know for sure, despite whatever the IS-duped pious Islamic scholars may think,  the gang as a whole is nothing more than a criminal organization–a gang that marauds ordinary citizens for power, wealth and control.

As more and more battles were fought outside of the city by the Salafi jihadists, more fighters were needed and the conscription of males in Mosul began in earnest. Rivalry between al-Raqqah, Syria and Mosul/Tal Afar, Iraq led to a more earnest and more brutal training program that aggressively sought fit fighters from the age of ten to sixty. Those men who were of fighting age who refused to launch into the Islamic State’s causes were murdered publicly. Many who joined the Islamic State continue to desert to this day and are often captured in large groups and mass murdered in a creative manner that makes Adolf Hitler’s brutal holocaust team look like beginners. Last week 37 deserters were marched into the morgue’s freezers and slowly frozen to death. Other conscripts were forced to remove the bodies two days later and haul them off to an area of hard ground and dig a mass grave.

There has been enough time of the Islamic State’s existence to see that it is not a popular uprising with any kind of ground swell growth but yet another anarchistic crime syndicate committing brutal and bloody murders; and committing all the crimes normally associated with international crime syndicates like kidnappings; sex trade; embezzlement; confidence rackets; drug trade; narcotics manufacturing; weapons trading; weapons manufacturing; money laundering, counterfeiting and more.


 2) Remove Islamic State but Cherish, Protect Each & Every Civilian Life.


Since June 2014, Atheel al-Nujaifi, then governor of Nineveh, began to assemble former police officers and soldiers who had been driven from Mosul and its outskirts in Nineveh and he formed what local members of The RINJ Foundation and some of its security staff have called for two years the “Mosul Freedom Brigade” which is training not too far from Bashiqa in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI) and supported significantly by the Turkish Military (no secret there), and quietly by the Peshmerga and the American military. The Brigade now stands at 7,000-plus strong and is modestly-armed with weapons but more generously equipped with zeal. These people have family in Mosul and also have the hearts and minds support of the citizens in the city who have by now forgotten how these men failed to protect them in June 2014. It’s complicated. The people of Mosul do not want to see that conduct again. “The Mosul Freedom Brigade” may well be supported by a small amount of tracked armour from the Turks we have seen traveling back and forth along the back roads to Turkey’s Eastern borders with Iraq.



The-RINJ-Foundation-Turkish-fighters-1 Turkish Army near Bashiqa protecting Turkey’s interests and supporting the people of Mosul. Turkey has taken in hundreds of thousands of Nineveh refugees. The area was once part of Turkey under the Ottoman Empire. Currently Turkey suspects as a threat to its national security the activities of the PKK terrorist group in the KRI and it’s interest in Mosul.

The Turkish participation with the Sunni “Mosul Freedom Brigade” of Atheel al-Nujaifi is said by some media pundits like Mahmut Bozarslan in  al-Monitor to be motivated to keep in check the Kurdistan Workers Party of Turkey (acronym PKK) which is a globally acknowledged terrorist group that has killed thousands of Turkish citizens in Turkey over a great many years because  it says it has land claims and a bid for some kind of autonomy for the ethnic Kurdish regions of eastern Turkey. (After 90-some-odd years of dispute and civil war, the “no” vote of the Turkish people should be obvious!) The PKK has been ‘pushy’ with Baghdad to be a part of the ‘Mosul Invasion Force’

Of late the Turkish President, Recep Erdogen has been accused of meddling with Turkish law to award himself near absolute powers of governance while also claiming Turkey to be an Islamic patriarchy where women are lesser beings (so why waste Turkish government money educating them) and that a crisis of Civil War has emerged, thus commanding some abominable behaviour of the Turkish military is excusable despite these actions also resulting in the deaths of hundreds of Turkish citizens. Nobody wants that conduct coming into Mosul.


Notwithstanding recent changes in Turkey with which most of the world is uncomfortable with (although most of the world is somewhat unaware of what is happening), the Turkish people have a longstanding connection with Mosul which once was part of Turkey centuries ago in the days of the Ottoman Empire.

In Mosul there are many Turks and others friendly to the Turks who are very comfortable with the historic Turkish culture and because of citizenship history through marriage and birth are legal to be living in either Turkey or Mosul Iraq. Mosul is not unlike most Turkish cities and is quite sophisticated and developed on a par with most of the older cities around the world.


In February 2016, Atheel al-Nujaifi, now former governor of Nineveh since Baghdad canned him in favour of a Shiite who feels more compelled to abide Baghdad’s wish for a Shia invasion of Sunni Mosul, warned publicly that Mosul residents would rise up against invading Shia Militia if they participated. On April 11, 2016, Iraqi pollster Munqith Dagher presented what seems like a straw-poll survey’s results in which “of the 120 Sunni respondents in Mosul, 100 percent do not want to be liberated by Shiite militias or the Kurds who have been responsible for misconduct and war crimes against citizens they have allegedly liberated”. Whatever the merits of the survey it is no less true that nobody wants that conduct coming into Mosul.

The Iraqi army has made an attempt to invade the southern portion of Nineveh province from a base in Makhmur, in Erbil governorate, toward Qayyara, 70 kilometers south of Mosul, but one month later, only a few nearby villages had been captured, the soldiers were better at running away from the jihadist fighters, and were defeated dishonourably. While wiping egg from their faces they aawait the day this force will be replaced by the Hashd al-Shaba – Iraqi Shia quasi-military force now officially part of the Iraqi Military and for all appearances, pretty much in control.


Despite a negotiated truce following weeks of fighting between the Iraqi Shia Militia and the KRI  military, armed clashes have resumed late April, 2016 between Kurdish Peshmerga forces and Shiite militia in the town of Khurmatu in northern Iraq. The fighting had begun over the actions of a few youths and evolved into street-to-street fighting in a small urban war. Deaths on both sides have resulted and there are numerous civilian casualties.

The-RINJ-Foundation-Two-Amricans-Fighting-with-Peshmerga Many Americans have joined the Peshmerga fighting ISIS but today they are fighting Shia Muslims in Khurmatu. KRI President Mamoud Barzani has now sent the “Black Squad” into Khurmatu to deal with the extremely awkward problems there of having so-called allies in the fight against ISIS now killing each other on the Syrian/Iraqi border over the same ethnic reasons that has caused the people of Mosul to categorically reject the idea of having Shiite Militias enter the city, promising to bear arms against these so-called rescuers.

What has been happening in Khurmatu is the sign of a political movement aimed at committing ethnic cleansing against groups living in the area, and the [KRI] state apparatus, in that regard, has been targeted,” Ali Adib, an Iraqi MP from the State Law faction in the parliament, told an Iraqi news outlet.

Iraq’s Prime Minister says Hashd al-Shaba will lead the invasion of  Mosul but according to the war crime list this Iran-directed force has amassed in Iraq so far, the only Sunni they are good at killing are civilians. Nobody wants that conduct coming to Mosul.




Hashd al-Shaabi now call themselves “Popular Mobilization Forces” and their officials publicly say they are coming to Mosul to kill Sunni Muslims. That description fits almost everyone in Mosul.


Iraqi law contains no specific provisions for war crimes, crimes against humanity, genocide or rape in a war zone. Iraq is not a signatory to the Rome Statute and is not a supporter of the International Criminal Court (ICC). The same applies to the United States insofar as the Rome Statute and the ICC but the USA does have strict domestic laws governing the conduct of its people anywhere on earth and it enforces those laws somewhat vigorously when that action seems to suit the national interest. According to the Human Rights Watch the United States has a number of coalition ‘partners’ which are guilty of very serious war crimes.

The cities they have thus far invaded and driven IS from are totally decimated by the so-called “liberation” and are completely uninhabitable.


Notwithstanding the seriousness of war crimes committed by Kurdish and Iraqi forces and their so-called ‘militia friends’ it is no less true that the cities they have thus far invaded and driven IS from are totally decimated by the so-called “liberation” and are completely uninhabitable.

Ramadi is rubble.

Kobane in Rojava which suffered over 700 bombing missions is a decimated pile of rubble riddled with buried corpses, unexploded ordnance and booby traps left by the Islamic State fighters.

Despite what its American allies tell Baghdad officials, the Iraqi government is proceeding with a recipe for disaster in Mosul.


press-release-the-RINJ-foundation-2-Iraqi-Army-Mad-Max-Machines Iraq’s Customized ‘Mad-Max’ Hummers Failed To Gain Much Ground South of Mosul



The American plan for The Islamic State and Mosul, (pretty much summed up by killing off the IS leadership; starving the Islamic State’s cash flow; and stifling its ability to communicate) is a solid winner but will take some time.


ISIS has been killing roughly an average of 26 civilians per day in Mosul for almost two years. Some days they kill a couple hundred or more. Some days they kill none. Some days they throw a couple f people they claim are homosexuals off tall buildings over in the Left Coast near the municipal buildings and the big bank the Americans bombed a couple of months ago. In the last five months the Daesh have killed many of their own people including the fools who make bomb harnesses and suicide cars but mostly so called deserters who are none other than local people who were forced to become Daesh fighters but whose resistance is to effectively organize massive desertions that have been occurring regularly for the last year.



The Daesh have black parades and public murder ceremonies for as many as a thousand people wherein they stone women and kids; they chop off people’s heads, hands and ears like its a normal thing for misdemeanor offences. They send cars with loudspeakers to gather people for public brutality and the people come in hordes. We have counted groups as large as a thousand.

In total The RINJ Foundation has a recorded, witnessed count of 17,120 murders of civilians committed by Daesh. There are likely more but there would be an argument about whether the differences relate to their people (war fighters) or “ours” (civilians). Roughly 26 murders per day, average.

If the American method of reducing the Islamic State coupled with the efforts of Mosul Underground Resistance were to take two more years to drive out IS from Mosul, would that cost another 17,000 civilian lives? Would a Shia-inflicted bloodbath result from the Iraqi’s plan for invasion and kill tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands in 2016?

It may be time for the world to recognize that Iraq is at the brink of becoming a failed state. It’s ideas and plans for Mosul are invalidated by its lack of a constituency and its awful track record for serious war crimes and ineptitude. Probably Iran recognizes the pending death of a state and like a buzzard awaits close by for the fresh carcass. That would explain Iran’s intense interest in propping up the southern portion of Iraq. But Basra and Wasit provinces, a substantial portion of the south of Iraq want out inasmuch as they seek an autonomous self-governing status similar to that of the Kurdish Region of Iraq which has been self-governed for some years and now seeks complete independence from Iraq. Iraq is as splintered as it ever was but has no authoritarian dictatorial regime to hold it together as Saddam Hussein’s Ba’athists once did for decades. Can the ever-conflicted tribes of Iraq effectively create state entities based on their own self-determination? What will happen to Mosul if Iraq fails?

For Turkey, Syria and Iraq, continued civil war is as certain as the nightfall. The calamity for children and their families in these regions is the worst in history as the world’s ghettos of displaced persons and refugee camps total over 60,000,000 and the people of the developed nations fail to respond adequately with financial support.

In the KRI the United Nations will build two enormous camps capable of housing nearly one million people near Mosul.

There are an estimated 3 million displaced persons in Northern Iraq at the present time although many have migrated into Turkey.

The United Nations’ budgets are so inadequate right now that roughly 30 million people around the globe are unable to find hosted refugee camps and live in their own makeshift ‘tent-cities’ or ghettos of the cities they originally were displaced from.

We know for certain that some of the people of Mosul are saying in their prayers, “Don’t come if you are going to kill us! Attending prayer every day; avoiding alcoholic beverages; quitting smoking; missing  another two Super Bowls; eating Halal and wearing Sharia-approved-garb is not expensive compared to death.”


The chaos in Iraq is what beckoned to the brutal former Saddam Hussein loyalists and their Salafi-jihadist friends and allowed the Islamic State to seize so much of the country and bring it under its Sharia control. That chaos appears to be worse now than ever and Mosul city with its 750,000 inhabitants is in serious jeopardy, more than its exposure under the Saddam-like brutal Islamic State control alone. The premature fight to seize control of Mosul by war criminals who are just as bad as the Islamic State (but less effective) will kill Mosul’s remaining children and their families.

The so-called ‘liberators’ of Mosul must go home and sort out their differences. Iraq and its people need to decide if it is a governed country or not. Currently not a day goes by without a challenge to the Iraqi government’s authority and some version of a fistfight in its parliament.

Meanwhile the American plan for ‘beheading’ the Islamic State ‘monster’ (capturing or killing its murderous leaders) and killing its business model (crime-syndication) is solid and it works over time.

Mosul’s problem is the people of the Middle East’s problem. Only time (moving forward with education & prosperity) will heal the Middle East as its people learn that nothing is more important than caring for children and their families. Only time will fix Mosul.

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