RINJ RSAC Mosul Iraq – Reports

Having welcomed the security provided by capable security personnel in Mosul and assisted in the birth of a number of resistance cells in Mosul including the MUR Mosul Underground Resistance, The RINJ Foundation will not be issuing any further security, political or intelligence reports here for Mosul.

Death Sentence For Parties To Rape In Conflict

Caring for Survivors and enabling Prosecution of Parties To Rape In Conflict

 Report of April 5, 2015

Report of April 5, 2015 from Mosul by Hart Nation

Report of March 31, 2015

Report of March 31, 2015 From Mosul by Hart Nation

Update March 22, 2015

Report of March 22, 2015 From Mosul by Hart Nation

Update March 13, 2015

Report of March 13, 2015 From Mosul by Hart Nation

Update March 1, 2015

Report of March 1, 2015 from Mosul by Hart Nation

Update Feb. 15, 2015

Report of Feb. 15, 2015 from Mosul by Hart Nation


Update January 24, 2015

(Beginning this date future reports will be done by a third party: Hart Nation)

There are not too many people left in Mosul. You can’t trust anybody because even people who don’t show it, might be friends of the Islamic State rapists. Some people have said there has been poison gas coming from the East or the North. We don’t have more than three or four masks. (reported elsewhere as Chlorine escaping from bombed tanks). Right now the bombs are falling and there are explosions. They say they don’t see Daesh using the bridges any longer and they fear maybe they are booby-trapped.

During the explosions and fuss yesterday extra people have gone there and left again with some of the girls and workers and they are making their way to Erbil. We might need some extra housing in Erbil if all goes well starting on the 29th. If you have this available for a short period of time until these people find their families, it would be greatly appreciated. [email protected]

We are lighting candles tonight for our sisters killed in acts of gender violence in Iraq and Syria.

We are lighting candles tonight for our sisters killed in acts of gender violence in Iraq and Syria.

Update December 3, 2014

Here is a message from your friends.

The rules in Mosul are super strict like never before. Women even in the hospital must wear scarves around their face when they don’t do surgical work. Sometimes we need to steal stuff from there that we don’t have. That rule is working for RINJ observers because some don’t fit in otherwise because of Asian or other foreign appearance and would get killed. The rules help foreign women of RINJ to hide.

Many professional peoples have some member of the family stay behind and not leave the city to prevent their house being confiscated by IS but the ISIS bosses have said that doctors and nurses who don’t come back will have the people of their families killed and their houses will be gone.

Getting in and out of the city of Mosul is easy if you have someone with you who knows what to say. There once was a million people here. It is almost a ghost of what it once was because the infrastructure has failed and many people are scared and fled.

The loyalists are the worst. They are checkpoint guards and looters. They are told to find us. They know we are here. They have many weird stories about us collecting their semen as if we are devils and vampires ( sexual assault forensic evidence kits) so it would seem that they tortured and killed some women who talked to us about what happened to them. The loyalists talk about us and call us MINJ.

They know about the The RINJ Foundation Cell Phone for Survivors program. The Islamic State rapists killed all the mobile phone repeaters. Our phones are modified to talk peer-to-peer so we can talk to each other but we can’t use a data connection for our TLS uploads of our pictures. We are working on fixing that and there may be a solution. We need more volunteers. Some will go home for Christmas.

To get out of the city if you get stopped, saying you go to a bank to get some money for an errand or saying you go to pick up medicine works. We have a nurse who is very good at doing the talking. The Iraqi government is willing to provide some things from other cities to help the ordinary people of Mosul but they are afraid that you might give it to the Daesh. We can get to a rufugee camp and get just about anything there. The people know us and they care about us. Care for the care giver. We have our own problems.

Outside of the city is some loyalists to the Islamic State but mostly as you go further it is only Kurds. They don’t trust though so it is hard.

We have a lot of good information. We have secret places now where we can do Physical Evidence Recovery Kits. We have a way of getting them to a lab in London afterwards. The women are very scared. They don’t really care about anything but some are very hateful about everything and they help us but they are so mad and crazy they get carried away.



September 23, 2014

Life in Mosul is difficult because all government functions have failed or are failing, Electricity is unreliable and rare; garbage collection, road repair, sewage disposal and all infrastructure components are collapsed. Money is scarce because there is no pay for the people who worked for government and most commerce has stooped. Many people have gone to work for the Islamic State or have joined them as soldiers, splitting families and creating tensions as the Islamic State presence in Mosul morphs into a collection of local sympathizers.

Alcohol and tobacco are forbidden under Sharia law.

Some people prefer the ISIS invaders to the Iraqi “occupiers”. The Iraqi security forces have a long track record of abusing women in Iraq. So to do the Americans to a lessor degree. The Islamic State occupiers are, however, the worst seen in a while and easily ( if not worse) compare to the brutal gender-based violence of Africa and India.

The streets of the city are quiet and there is little sign of the occupiers who are apparently planning for the strategic defence of the city. There are still signs of the urban warfare that took the city but as the stories go, so go the signs of battle: the American-trained Iraqi army surrendered in the first days of the ISIL invasion.

American bombing is making a show and spectacle but on the ground women and children as young as nine are still being raped, and they are sold among the ISIS sadists as wives and sex slaves.

In the very large Badush prison here in Mosul, women are kept in enslavement and raped daily or more often.  The prison also is used as a holding tank for the ISIS sex slave dealers who apparently operate black market slave trade without the consent of all of their commanders. They are targeting women and children based on their sectarian affiliation. In the first days they separated Shias and Sunnis and took the Shias out to a deserted valley area nearby in a truck and murdered them all with automatic weapons.

There are few Christians left in Mosul. They have either been driven out, converted or murdered. Those who remain are being forced to surrender their homes to Islamic State foreign fighters.

The all-female population of the Mosul prison is growing and they are being tortured and raped.

Only the people on the ground will make a difference and an urban war in Mosul will likely kill more civilians than ISIS fighters because of the latter there are very few here.

Among the people on the ground:
* the Peshmerga to the south are ferocious and well-organized fighters but limited in numbers;
* the Iraqi fighters are barely up to the task and so fasr have shown cowardice al though rumours from the south say it is a different story and in large numbers the Iraqi soldiers are hacing good success;
* a bevy of independent actors behave like armed hooligans in small villages; and
* travel by road is dangerous.

Iraq and Syria are now Islamic State Real Estate. Many of the Sunni people of Iraq are joining them. The others are being killed off or fleeing into an unknown life as a refugee.


09/23/14: Since Saturday, 20 Sept., as many as 200,000 people have left the Syrian Kurdish city of Kobani and surrounding areas, in just four days as ISIS advances into the area. An estimated 130,000 have fled into Turkey and the remainder are now in Iraq or scattered around Syria.

The RINJ Foundation Volunteers Depend On Home-based RINJ Researchers

Telecommuting RINJ Members are Fighting ISIL

RINJ Members are doing research online from home.

RINJ has investigators in the field who are identifying persons who have been accused of committing a war-crime of sexual violence. This is an arduous task and many elements of the work come in the form of individual researchers’ contributions to the database.

RINJ Telecommuting volunteers working from their home all around the world:

  • Find photographs of ISIL Jihadists in selected areas and upload here.
  • Try to identify these people and Report Here

Researchers are needed to scour the internet for news pictures taken in the field. They are then uploaded to the RINJ Foundation and other researches make the data available to people in the field. By searching social media and other resources, identifying the offenders is a tedious but rewarding task.

The Concept of A Photo Lineup


The RINJ Foundation has volunteers in the field who are collecting evidence and doing survivor support and case work reporting.

Women and children survivors of war-crime rape in the field use The RINJ Foundation’s mobile web reporting functions to tell their story and make a complaint which RINJ then investigates.

Any RINJ Foundation Member  can file a report of war-crime rape of their own experience or their knowledge of crime against another person by submitting photographs (especially identification photos of perpetrators before, at, or after the material time) and documents here on this page. You can file a detailed report here.


ISIL continues to rape and kill

ISIL/ISIS Fighters are raping thousands of women in Iraq and Syria to mass-produce spawn who’ll follow in their  obnoxious footsteps.
The motivation of the loathsome ISIL rapists is twofold:

  • They want to make ISIS babies — and
  • they are in this for twisted thrills.

Once a prosperous and happy, rich country, Iraq, is for its inhabitants, a disaster.

  • Catholics will soon no longer exist in Iraq–those not leaving are raped and murdeed.
  • The swath of genocide being done by ISIL follows a pattern from medieval times.

    One million people fled homes in Syria to Iraq.

  • In Iraq 1.2 million people have fled their homes from the advancing ISIL Jihadists.
  • Of the estimated 2.2 million refugees The United nations is helping some 30,000 of these people.
While supporting & caring for rape survivors in war zones, compile detailed data on rapists. A detailed white paper on Gender-Based Violence War Crimes.

While supporting & caring for rape survivors in war zones, compile detailed data on rapists. A detailed white paper on Gender-Based Violence War Crimes.