RINJ Women Director Rose Catalano Launches new book

RINJ Literature

RINJ Literature

RINJ Director Rose Catalano will be promoting her new book this fall in the USA, Canada and Europe. More to follow  :o)

Five RINJ Women media talking points for fall 2021

1) Women’s and girl’s “HelpLine” is worldwide responding to the parallel pandemic of ‘violence against women’.
Report Violence, Rape, Incest, Sexual Assault to the rinj.org/helpline.
Audio, Video, or Text using smartphone or computer via https://RapeIsNoJoke.com where the number is listed for Signal, Telegram or WhatsApp.

2) The RINJ HIV Test and Treat project for HIV rinj.org/hiv is available around the world.
RINJ Women use modern test kits all over the world.
Remember “R I N J dot org slash H I V”

3) RINJ Operates women’s safe-house shelters for women and girls in the Middle East, SouthEast Asia, Africa and South America. Contact rinj.org/helpline

4) RINJ.Press is Communicating women’s issues to power in Feminine-Perspective Magazine
Remember “F P M  dot N E W S “

5) Get Vaccinated
RINJ RSAC Medical Clinics (RSAC-nurses.orgare vaccinating children and their families in Yemen, Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq and Venezuela

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RINJ Foundation Literature

RINJ Foundation Literature. Photo Credit: Melissa Hemingway. Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto FPMag

Thank you for your continued support of civil society women.
Stay well, stay safe:
Micheal John and Katie Alsop


Love and be loved by other women because when we work together we are a force to be reckoned with.

Media Contact This Event: Micheal John
CEO@rinj.org The RINJ Foundation
Global Offices: USA: +1 (607) 241-9885
Toronto Canada  416-836-2497  use WhatsApp / Telegram / Signal
Manila +63 939 933 3266 Text / Voice
Baguio City Landline +63 074 246 3961 Voice Only
For Kandahar, Deir Ezzor, Sana’a Use Signal +1(647)739-9279

Be Kind Always

Let’s face it. We’re all tired of this pandemic. For many of us it has been the most confusing, anxiety-provoking time of our lives. It sometimes leaves us short tempered and frustrated. Public health staff, however, should not be on the receiving end of your anger.