RINJ News Releases

1. Canadian WireService Releases

WebRadio Canada & Feminine-Perspective Mag Sign Content Deal   (News)WebRadio Canada (WebRadio.ca) has announced that it will now feature Feminine-Perspective Magazine’s daily features and news reports on its site. FPMag is a Canadian World News publication since 2017 and WebRadio Canada has been digitally broadcasting music and news content to Canadian humanitarian and military outposts since 2003. In a release, WebRadio.ca says it will leave the

Generated on May 7, 2019.

Global Women’s Group Threatens Global Women’s Strike   (News)

Generated on March 15, 2019.

RINJ Women urge men & women to read “Scars of Survival”   (News)
The novel women and men need to read today: Here is why ‘The Scars of Survival’ should be on your reading list.

Generated on March 13, 2019.

International Women’s Day Vow: RINJ to Block Video Rape Games   (News)
The RINJ Foundation WAR on Scumbag Rape-Game Developers.

Generated on March 8, 2019.

RINJ, a global women’s group denounces Canada’s war on China   (News)Trump and Trudeau are going to war with China and nobody told Canadians.

Generated on January 29, 2019.

Cdn. Women’s Group in Syria: Iran Usurped Syria to Attack Israel   (News)UN Security Council urgently asked to invoke ICC to put leadership of Iran under ‘Examination’ for the Crime of Aggression against Israel.

Generated on January 26, 2019.

Women’s group RINJ is outraged at Marzieh Hashemi Kidnap by US   (News)
Toronto-based Global Women’s Group RINJ says John Bolton may be behind the kidnapping of successful women in order to miff

Generated on January 21, 2019.

RINJ: Canada Should Release Sabrina Meng Wanzhou   (News)group is urging Canada not to be duped by an American ploy to attack the women cherished by its enemy in its Cold War on China.

Generated on December 7, 2018.

RINJ Foundation Women say Tony Clement Must Go   (News)Tony Clement just opened a can of worms with his philandering and gamesmanship in a lovers’ quarrel with his admitted sexting partner.

Generated on November 7, 2018.

Civil Society Women Propose Saudi Arabia Release Activists   (News)Seeking the Release of Human Rights Defenders RINJ Makes an Extraordinary Offer to Mohammad bin Salman of Saudi Arabia

Generated on October 31, 2018.



Court will be asked to rule Donald Trump is a Baby Killer   (News)
9 August 2018 Bombing of a School Bus in Dahyan Market that Killed Dozens of Young Children

Generated on October 28, 2018.


USA Women Must Carry gun & shoot rapists says Survivor   (News)
Look what happens in the US when Survivors Come Forward

Generated on October 5, 2018.


RINJ (Rape Is No Joke) Women’s Group Slams Donald Trump   (News)
Trump Just Made Teaching Men Not to Rape a lot Harder

Generated on October 3, 2018.


RINJ Women Warn of Crisis: Urging Calm Stand Down in Idlib   (News)
Bashar al-Assad Crosses deadly line in the sand if he ‘Exterminates’ Civilians in Idlib.

Generated on September 7, 2018.


Women’s Group prods Trump/Kim: Global Nuclear Disarmament   (News)
Trump & Kim have the key to Global Nuclear Disarmament: They Talk

Generated on September 4, 2018.


RINJ Women Threaten end of House of Saud if MbS Kills Israa   (News)
House of Saud under threat not to kill Israa.
RINJ Women Threaten end of House of Saud if MbS Kills Israa   (News)
House of Saud under threat not to kill Israa.

Generated on August 27, 2018.


Women’s Civil Society Group RINJ Offers Yemen Peace Plan   (News)
“It’s a simple, straightforward interim plan for peace, while certain details are ironed out.”

Generated on August 18, 2018.


RINJ Women Challenge 3 Countries on Yemeni Child Slaughter   (News)
More sadness and mourning in Yemen following the massacre of children in a school bus by Saudi Arabia bomber jets in a country labelled the worst humanitarian disaster. Rows of graves prepared for school children bombed by Saudi Arabia Air Force on 9 August 2018. ~ Photo by Naif Rahma / Reuters

Generated on August 13, 2018.


Women’s Civil Society Group Tells Trump “Be a Man” & Resign   (News)
US President Donald Trump ordered the arrest and prosecution of all migrants attempting to enter the US illegally. He also ordered the confiscation of their children.

Generated on June 25, 2018.


RINJ Foundation Women Warn Mothers to Prepare for War   (News)
US Metal Tariffs & Closed Borders are Nuclear war Preparations as China takes control of Asia Pending a US attack on DPRK.

Generated on June 1, 2018.


Civil society Women Seek UN Sanctions Against Kuwait   (News)
Here in Toronto, we are the focus of Incel MRA websites lauding murder/maiming of 25 Canadians by a man who says he soldiers for armies of misogynists. Concomitantly in Kuwait, a group of equally misogynistic men are hurting a South East Asian country because they feel Kuwaiti men have the right to rape, beat & even murder their Filipino maids. Women are angry.

Generated on April 26, 2018.


RINJ says Canada Loves What Trump Hates: Women   (News)
As Donald Trump enforces his #GlobalGagRule attack on women & girls, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau launched a countering project that will save lives Trump imperils.

Generated on March 20, 2018.


RINJ Women Slam McDonald’s Big “W” Brain Fart   (News)
McDonald’s where girls are underpaid and sexually harassed, thinks that we are so stupid that flying their M inverted will make up for decades of continuing misogyny.

Generated on March 9, 2018.


International Women’s Day follows bad year say RINJ Women   (News)
We celebrate United Nations (UN) Day for Women’s Rights and International Peace. The RINJ Foundation Women welcome International

Generated on March 8, 2018.


#RapeIsNoJoke Duterte, Roque – The RINJ Women   (News)
Generated on February 9, 2018.


RINJ Foundation Women urge nations Stop Killing Koreans   (News)
“There are many paths to a nuclear-weapons-free world. I appeal to all states to intensify their efforts to contribute to the shared vision in their own ways.”

Generated on January 17, 2018.


Ahed Tamimi is The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest   (News)
The RINJ Foundation Women have protested the brutal treatment of children in the Israeli-Occupied Palestinian West Bank.

Generated on January 15, 2018.


RINJ Foundation Women Sue Israel for Abuse of Children   (News)
Ahed Tamimi (left) and her mother jailed without bail nor charges in Israel.

Generated on December 31, 2017.


Challenging UN SC Harm to NKorea Civilians   (News)
The United Nations Sanctions Committee has issued a statement claiming impunity for harm that comes to innocent civilians of North Korea (aka DPRK – Democratic People’s Republic of Korea) as a result of criticisms and possible misunderstandings about the extreme sanctions against that nation since 2006 and more recently escalated to a naval blockade.
A Civil Society NGO, the Canadian-based RINJ Foundation, has issued a statement proposing a contrary view and urging for immediate direct talks between the warring parties of the DPRK/USA ongoing war.

Generated on December 10, 2017.


North Korea ICBM Test – RINJ Foundation Women Urge Calm   (News)
North Korea is a Nuclear Nation With Bombs and Missiles says A Global Womens Group.

Generated on November 29, 2017.


RINJ Foundation Women Open Letter to UN Secretary General Incipient East Asia War   (News)
Open Letter to the United Nations Secretary General Regarding Incipient War in East Asia

Generated on October 30, 2017.


RINJ Women Offer Peace Plan for USA-DPRK   (News)
The RINJ Foundation Women working with sisters in the DPRK and in Seoul,South Korea have published their own “11-steps to survival”

Generated on September 30, 2017.


Women’s Scolding Rebuke of Dotard & Rocketman: Stand Down   (News)
Asia is close to nuclear holocaust.

Generated on September 24, 2017.


UBCP/ACTRA Announces 2017 Nominees   (News)
Proudly representing BC’s performers, each year the UBCP/ACTRA Awards Gala honours five members for work done in the past year.

Generated on September 19, 2017.


Women’s Group Thanks China & Russia   (News)
China and Russia have been Fighting for the safety of Women and Children in North Korea. Efforts by the leadership of these countries has not gone unnoticed.

Generated on September 12, 2017.


RINJ Foundation: Plea for Rights of Millions in Philippines   (News)
Message to Filipinos who Elected a Rapist & Murderer President and a Plea to the World for help.

Generated on August 27, 2017.


USA To Start Bombing Filipinos says RINJ In Mindanao   (News)
Canadian Women’s Group Protests USA Bombing of Marawi

Generated on August 8, 2017.


RINJ Women Escalate Hunt for Lethbridge Teen Shaylene Dixon   (News)
According to Sharon Santiago, a RINJ Expert in Child Recovery, “The children we track into the global child sex slavery trade meet a fate that makes death look good. You need to find Shaylene Dixon because you in Canada are not even capable of imagining what we have seen that happens to kidnapped children.

Generated on July 5, 2017.


RINJ Foundation Women Furious at “Arcane” Irish Abortion Laws   (News)
While the Irish Court said yesterday, “It’s not up to us.” RINJ Women say it is not up to the government either. “Get rid of your foolish legislation that dates back to the days when men thought they existed to slay dragons and drag women around by the hair.

Generated on June 30, 2017.


RINJ 5th Annual Campaign Against Child Slavery – Don’t Buy A Kid   (News)
5th Annual RINJ Foundation “End Child Sex Trade” Campaign

Generated on June 21, 2017.


RINJ Women Accuse Facebook of Smothering FGM Warnings   (News)
In the name of God, people are doing horrible things, like Female Genital Mutilation.

Generated on June 18, 2017.


RINJ Foundation Reports Rape by Mindanao Martial Law Soldiers   (News)
Philippines Soldiers Rape &  Plunder under Martial Law

Generated on June 11, 2017.


RINJ Women Warn PH Army ‘Don’t Obey Duterte Order to Rape’   (News)
Message to Duterte’s Troops: Do not rape. Huag Mangrape.

Generated on June 6, 2017.


RINJ Women Evaluate Trump–Duterte Complicity HR Violations   (News)
Trump’s America can’t seem to get enough Human Rights Violations. Bombing Hospitals in Mosul ~ Murdering Civilians Huddled over a Water Purification Pump in Mosul on St. Paddy’s Day then Lying About It ~ Cuddling up to mass Murderers in South East Asia.

Generated on June 2, 2017.


The RINJ Foundation Martial Law Update from the Philippines   (News)
Abu Sayyaf, A very Small Home-Grown Philippines Group, April 2016

Generated on May 26, 2017.


Global Women’s Group Suggests Philippines’ Duterte Self-Exile   (News)Mr. Duterte. You killed our boys and girls. You say they are just collateral damage. Why? Collateral damage is when you are defending an immediate lethal threat of magnitude and kill occupying civilians accidentally. You murdered our babies because you say you were tying to kill drug users.

Generated on May 22, 2017.


RINJ Woman’s Group Says Trump Invite to Duterte is Illegal  Canadian-Based Women’s Humanitarian Group Expresses Shock and Dismay at Trump’s “Illegal Invitation” to Rodrigo Duterte to visit President Trump in the White House

Generated on May 1, 2017.

RINJ Mosul Nurses see Global Tolerance for Slaughter of Civilians  RINJ: Nurses Without Borders, Mosul, Iraq See Global Tolerance for State-Sponsored Civilian Death

Generated on April 26, 2017.

PH Justice Minister OK’s Murder of a Class of People   Vitaliano Aguirre calls drug addicts, ‘not-humanity’ and implies it is therefore ‘OK’ to murder them.

Generated on April 23, 2017.

RINJ Foundation Legal Notice: Arrest/Detention ISIS War Criminals  Claim of Unfettered Right to Arrest & Detain War-Criminals caught in Criminal Acts Contiguous to War Crime

Generated on April 21, 2017.

RINJ Foundation Warns of Increased Abortion Abuse in America  United States President Trump is Forcing the Abuse of the Medical Abortion Procedures as a form of Birth Control

Generated on April 16, 2017.

Anti-Groper Training offered By RINJ Foundation Women   The RINJ Foundation has begun teaching self-defence courses for children and adults learning how to combat gropers – and it is vicious.

Generated on April 1, 2017.

The RINJ Foundation Is Soliciting Corporations for Food   ready to hit the road to provide care, food, health-training and support to millions of Filipinos, says Canadian Women’s Group.

Generated on March 27, 2017.

RINJ Foundation Anounces #BawalAngDroga Project for Filipinos  Instead of Shabu how about a big helping of ‘Nope!’ says the Global Women’s Group Campaign against drugs in the Philippines.

Generated on March 14, 2017.

RINJ Says to Philippines: Thou shall not kill   (News)Unequivocally the death penalty is a cruel and inhumane punishment, no matter the crime.

Generated on March 7, 2017.

The RINJ Foundation asks Euro Parliament: Oust Korwin-Mikke  Women and kids are in dire trouble in the 21st century because Korwin-Mikke’s type of marginalization campaign against women contributes to an already upward spiralling increase in gender-based violence in Europe and around the world.

Generated on March 4, 2017.


RINJ Foundation Warns Sex-Offender Priests in Philippines   and turn themselves over to Philippines police, The RINJ Foundation says it is poised to out numerous offenders on its web site.
RINJ is a humanitarian global women’s group based in Canada.

Generated on March 2, 2017.

RINJ says Not About de Lima: More about Duterte’s Fascism  The RINJ Foundation, a global humanitarian women’s rights group has released an in-depth report on fascism in the Philippines in which it says that allegedly persecuted “political prisoner” Senator Leila de Lima will likely go to prison for the rest of her life.

Generated on February 26, 2017.

Lowering age of Criminal Responsibility to 9 Yrs. in Philippines Enrages Women’s Group  The women of The RINJ Foundation say they are seeing more red these days than their soft pink logo colour and style.

Generated on February 15, 2017.

Ex-PM Harper’s Time Bomb for Justin Trudeau – Genocide
The Yezidi Betrayal and Genocide

Generated on February 10, 2017.

RINJ Explains why USA must Seek Indictment against Eminem  The RINJ Foundation, a Canadian-based global women’s rights group has released a statement containing the outline of an indictment of Marshall Bruce Mathers (Eminem) and Sean Michael Anderson (BigSean).

Generated on February 8, 2017.

RINJ Condemns & Urges Boycott Rape-Rap Eminem & BigSean   women have issued a statement on their ‘Boycott web page” condemning the promotion of rape in stage performances and “rap” albums.

Generated on February 5, 2017.

RINJ Proposes UN Peacekeepers Be Women Following UN Peacekeeper Rape Scandal  A need for radical change follows France Court Decision last week not to prosecute UN Peacekeeper Child Rapists.

Generated on January 18, 2017.

Knit Pussy Hats March on DC – The Drama of Two Misogynists  “Human Rights Includes Women’s Rights!”

Generated on January 15, 2017.

Duterte Must Resign says Global Women’s Group   (News)Following its assertion that Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte will be indicted for the systematic murder of thousands of weak, sick and poor Filipinos including hundreds of street children, The RINJ Foundation has demanded Mr. Duterte resign.

Generated on January 8, 2017.

Canadian Women’s Group Aims at Men Who Cross Red Lines in 2017  As we enter 2017, can we think positively about the future? “Yes,” says The RINJ Foundation Women, “if we adopt an action-oriented way ahead in lieu of past apathy.

Generated on December 30, 2016.


Largest Global Woman’s Group sees Fierce Fight For Women & Kids’ Safety“Every mysogynist despot rapist needs to realize that somewhere close to them is a women who while she may not be our member she daily confides to RINJ her life’s story in order that she can stay sane in her own mind; and to avail for others the safety of women and children, a step forward,” warns Southeast Asia leader of Global Woman’s Group.

Generated on December 22, 2016.

2016 Women-Heroes are Filipino: Sen. Leila deLima & VP Leni Robredo says Canadian Women’s Group Canadian Global NGO The RINJ Foundation has announced the selection of two women as its choice for 2016 Women Heroes of The Year.

Generated on December 12, 2016.

Catastrophic Result of Bombed Water Mains in Mosul is Disease & Death In a man-made humanitarian disaster filled with bombs, artillery shells, grenades and chemical weapons, nature has begun to expel the antagonist humans. Parasites, viruses and bacteria are invading civilians’ health. The image of destroyed environment of Mosul Iraq with nearly a million people in conflict, might be a poster for Armageddon.

Generated on December 7, 2016.

Coalition Boots on the Ground Needed – Stop Massacre of Mosul Innocents Canadian NGO in Mosul Iraq – The RINJ Foundation – Explains Why US-Led Coaliton must put Boots On The Ground in Mosul
“In the alternative”, say the nurses in Mosul, “there is a risk of a massive humanitarian catastrophe and hundreds of thousands

Generated on November 16, 2016.

From Inside Mosul – Daesh Winning Nurses inside Mosul Warning Civilians: Get Out

Generated on November 10, 2016.

Mosul Liberation Invasion is a Humanitarian Tragedy

British, American and Iraqi “special forces” in white APC’s (Brit), drab mine counter-measure vehicles (USA) and Mad-Max-looking HumVees bang around in the villages outside Mosul’s southern outskirts while Takfiris march hundreds of residents to their eventual death and the Iraqi Army is nowhere near Mosul to protect citizens.
Inside Mosul the salafi jihadists randomly slaughter civilians out of pure anger.
According to “coalition” numbers, more civilians have been killed in Nineveh than Takfiris.
Iraq’s PM Abadi misspoke himself about Shiite Militia & evacuation of Mosul, the Shia Militias are tighter to the fight than the Iraqi Army.
The worst of this fiasco is yet to come as Turkey mobilizes troops to counter Shia Militia preparing to slaughter Turkmen and Takfiris in TalAfar.

Generated on October 29, 2016.

Medical Volunteers Needed For Mosul / Shingal / TalAfar Crises
Humanitarian Action Needed
All nurses, doctors, orderlies, midwives, psychologists: Volunteer online or mail your application and resume to:
Human Resources c/o The RINJ Foundation3219 Yonge Street, Suite 119, Toronto M4N3S1 ON CANADA

Generated on October 29, 2016.

Iraq’s Disgruntlement with Turkey may be About Iraq’s Abuses of Moslawis Why Baghdad has a beef with one NATO country but not the others who have a military presence in Iraq.

Generated on October 23, 2016.

New War-Crimes In Mosul are Now on Obama & Abadi The world is smaller; new laws apply to the globe; and small men can never again be abusers of massive numbers of ordinary citizens with impunity, say RINJ Foundation international lawyers.

Generated on October 21, 2016.

Harsh Truths From Inside Mosu From Inside Mosul: Imprisoned by Abadi & Daesh, Debunking the case against Mosul Citizens.

Generated on October 18, 2016.


Get the CIVILIANS out of Mosul before you kill us all Millions of leaflets telling people to stay home are only useful to burn. The vast majority of people have no food here. No fuel; no water; no confidence. Daesh are moving into living rooms of Moslawis at gun-point. Escape from Mosul is needed through a safe-passage corridor to clean camps with fresh water, shelter, food and health care.

Generated on October 17, 2016.

Canadian NGO Provides Medical Aid To Mosul Citizens As Liberation Invasion Begins   Mosul, Iraq has begun and the risk of a man-made humanitarian disaster as warned by the UN and others is closer to realization.

Generated on October 16, 2016.

RINJ Women Attack ISIS For Recruiting Girls with Lies   (News)
“So sister, the actual “Islamic State Caliphate” are a group of male impostors, and are the worst kind of patriarchal Kufar

Generated on September 10, 2016.

RINJ Foundation Urgent Warning To Women In The Philippines   Serious risk to all women in the Philippines exists today & in days ahead.

Generated on September 2, 2016.

RINJ Nurses’ Video Challenges ISIS Video “Beckoning Women to HELL”    Nurses’ Video From Inside The Islamic State says to women, “NO! Don’t Go.”

Generated on August 19, 2016.



Nurses Without Borders Fundraising to help ISIS Victims    RSAC Nurses Without Borders have launched a GoFundme Campaign setting out their goals and milestones in taking care of ISIS Victims in Iraqi Kurdistan.

Generated on August 13, 2016.

Canadian NGO Lambastes American-Led Killers of Civilians in Mosul, Iraq    Iraq and America Must Rethink Mosul Slaughter! The WOT has become too complacent about killing civilians.

Generated on August 7, 2016.

Why Americans Don’t Care About The Kids They Bomb   NGO HealthCare Project for Iraq Refugees Seeks $Money but Like The UN, the NGO’s pleas on behalf of 4 million Children and their Families are ignored in America and humanitarian aid is suffering.

Generated on August 3, 2016.

NGO CEO Speaks out on Humanitarian Crisis in Kurdish Iraq     The RINJ Foundation Chief Executive Officer, Micheal J. O’Brien has issued the following plea to the people in the countries currently bombing and

Generated on July 27, 2016.

Medical Support for 1.2 Million Refugees in Kurdistan   (News)Sponsor A Medical Clinic For Kurdistan 
The RINJ Foundation has announced a medical clinic sponsorship program for Kurdistan.

Generated on July 20, 2016.

RINJ Foundation asks “Why Is Judge Persky On The Bench”   (News) The RINJ Foundation on its Facebook page asks the rhetorical question: 
Don’t Stanford’s Misogynist Scumbags make you furious?

Generated on June 11, 2016.

RINJ Foundation Message To The USA & Iraq: Get Back Into The ICC   (News)Because of a pressing need to prosecute crimes against humanity allegedly committed by the Islamic State in both Iraq and Syria The RINJ Foundation is urging all nations to become full signatories to the Rome Statute and full members of the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Generated on June 5, 2016.

International Woman’s Group asks, “Is Erdogan a Monster”   (News) The RINJ Foundation has issued a statement in one of its blogs, on Facebook page slamming Turkey’s President Erdogan and begging the question, “Is

Generated on June 2, 2016.

RINJ Women Accuse ISIS of Crimes Against Humanity, Mosul, 2016   (News)We, the women of The RINJ Foundation, accuse The Islamic State men in Mosul, Iraq of daily raping children and dozens or more women of various ethnic and spiritual origins — often brutalizing or murdering them — and also causing in total this year more than a thousand deaths by morbid assault, gynecologic hemorrhage in children; failure to survive; and even child obstetrical hemorrhage. 

Generated on May 29, 2016.

Let The People Of Mosul Leave – Stop Besieging Civilians as A Tactic of War   (News)As a global humanitarian foundation based in Canada, The RINJ Foundation today urges all parties to the 2016 Civil War in Iraq to “Let The People Of Mosul Leave and Stop Besieging Civilians as A Tactic of War”.

Generated on May 23, 2016.

2016 RINJ Foundation “Don’t Buy A Kid” Campaign is 4th Annual   (News)“Don’t Buy A Kid” is a campaign mantra the world needs to abide in order to “End Child Sex Trade”, says a global NGO based in Canada.

Generated on May 21, 2016.

The RINJ Foundation Establishes Strong Presence in the Philippines   (News)As part of a long time RINJ plan for The Republic of Philippines and consistent with the optimism for crime prevention and gender-equality programs following the election of President Rodrigo Duterte last week, The RINJ Foundation has opened a permanent office in the Phillipines.

Generated on May 15, 2016.

The RINJ Foundation Plans 2 RSACs & Lab in Ethiopia   (News) The African nation of Ethiopia has generously hosted hundreds of thousands of refugees in the past few years. With many of these refugees arriving in Ethiopia from Yemen, Somalia, Sudan and elsewhere, so too come their original problems. Gender-based violence is one of those imported-to-Ethiopian-camps problems and The RINJFoundation seeks to provide care for these women and offer full service basic health care to as many as possible.

Generated on May 15, 2016.

The RINJ Foundation’s Rape Survivor Help Line Expands into Digital Globe   (News)Global Digital “Rape Survivor Help Line” Expands its Choices = WhatsApp – SMS – Video – Talk

Generated on May 11, 2016.

1 Million Mosul / Nineveh Citizens’ Lives Risked By ‘Liberation’   (News) The RINJ Foundation a global humanitarian organization with offices and clinics in North America, Africa, Asia, and Europe has issued a terse warning

Generated on April 25, 2016.

Hey Muslim Girl! Don’t Join Daesh. Here’s why.   (News)Video from Women in Mosul… sends message from Muslims in The Islamic State Caliphate: Don’t Join Daesh 

Generated on February 7, 2016.

Grave Warning Syria/Iraq Wars Spreading – The RINJ Foundation   (News)Civilians are being killed in the thousands and displaced in the millions by countries that have no right to attack them.

Generated on January 26, 2016.

The RINJ Foundation Will Seek Intervenor Status on Tina Fontaine Case   (News) The RINJ Foundation is alleging criminal incompetence, negligence and racial discrimination in the conduct of police such that the RCMP mandate of crime prevention was ignored in the matter of Tina Fontaine on many occasions in 2013 and 2014. 
Justice will not be served until this precious child’s murderer is sentenced to life in prison and the pervasive incompetence

Generated on December 11, 2015.

Women in Mosul Warn Others To Use Birth Control – RINJ Foundation   (News) The RINJ Foundation has released a video showing that clinics inside and near ISIS occupied territory have been aggressively prescribing and using

Generated on December 9, 2015.

The hatred storm. Warning from The RINJ Foundation   (News)A message from humanitarians behind enemy lines.

Generated on November 23, 2015.

The RINJ Foundation Urges Women In ISIS Occupied Areas Use Birth Control   (News) RINJ Foundation says, “Women and children within the Islamic State Caliphate are not respected physically, sexually or psychologically,” and urges

Generated on November 5, 2015.

RSAC Nurses Launch CrowdFunding for Syrian Refugee Health Care   (News) The RINJ Foundation’s RSAC Nurses led by the CEO of the Foundation have launched a fundraising drive to kickstart the Rojava Syria Health Care Project.

Generated on September 12, 2015.

RINJ says Girls are Bought & Sold in Kurdistan by ISIS & Corrupt KRG   (News) The RINJ Foundation says girls are being bought and sold in Kurdistan by ISIS and corrupt members of the KRG.

Generated on September 6, 2015.

RINJ Says “Solve Refugee Crisis with Safety & Health Care In Syria”   (News)Solve Refugee Crisis with Safety & Health Care In Syria (Rojava).

Generated on September 3, 2015.

The RINJ Foundation says “As predicted, ISIS Child Sex Trade Expands Rapidly”   (News)As predicted a rush of internet CrowdFunding scams has begun in the wake of an ill-fated attempt by a Montreal man to raise money for the ISIS Child Sex Trade.

Generated on September 2, 2015.

The RINJ Foundation says Iraq Failed To Protect Its Children and their Families   (News)According to a statement issued by the CEO of The RINJ Foundation, the government of Iraq has failed to protect it’s children and their families. 
“External action is needed,” said Micheal O’Brien, the Foundation’s executive director.

Generated on August 31, 2015.

The RINJ Foundation requests written gender equality policy paper from Canada Federal Election Parties   (News)May, Tom Mulcair and Justin Trudeau are now asked to prepare a written, signed policy paper on gender equality issues and more..? 
Cancellation Conclusion: Women and girl’s issues key to the well-being of children and their families don’t matter to the

Generated on August 27, 2015.

The RINJ Foundation says “Don’t Buy a Kid – It Is Now A War Crime”   (News) The RINJ Foundation’s campaign: “Don’t Buy a Kid – End Child Sex Trade” might be better worded: “Don’t Buy a Kid – It Is Now A War Crime” because

Generated on August 24, 2015.

The RINJ Foundation TO: The Buyers Of ISIS Child Sex Slaves   (News)Don’t Buy A Kid – End Child Sex Trade. Every $10 to 100$ spent on buying human slaves from ISIS swells the ranks of the captured/enslaved by 25 kids or more.

Generated on August 23, 2015.

The RINJ Foundation Asks Is PM Harper Buying Kids from ISIS Child-Sex-Traders?   (News)Prime Minister Harper is supporting a group paying $USD millions to Islamic State Child Sex Traders to buy Child Sex Slaves from ISIS, according to a GoFundMe project using the seal of the office of the Prime Minister of Canada.

Generated on August 22, 2015.

The RINJ Foundation Says Nothing Mitigates The War Crime of Sex-Abuse of Women & Children   (News) The RINJ Foundation salutes Taiwan’s president for a passionate & enlightened speech condemning war-time atrocities against women, Aug. 16, 2015

Generated on August 17, 2015.

RINJ Foundation Boycott of RooshV ‘State Of Manosphere Tour’ Concludes Aug 15 with Protest in Toronto   (News);@RapeIsNoJoke ROOSHV Boycott and Demonstration 
Come on out to Queens Park Toronto at noon on August 15th, 2015 and be prepared to spend a little bit of time. The RINJ Foundation

Generated on August 11, 2015.

The RINJ Foundation Says The U.N. Security Council Must Destroy Islamic State Caliphate  (News)
The RINJ Foundation is asking the U.N. security Council and all governments of the world to destroy by killing or capturing the Islamic State Caliphate

Generated on July 19, 2015.

RINJ Foundation Proposes 2-Part Plan to Reduce Rape In USA   (News) Foundation Offers *Rape Kits & Testing 
(* Financial support for either supply of kits or testing of completed kits. Rape kit = Sexual assault evidence collection

Generated on July 18, 2015.

The RINJ Foundation seeks Change In USA Law   (News) The RINJ Foundation will seek to overturn existing USA Indictment limitations on rape crime. It is a serious, indictable crime that should be open-ended for prosecution as in some other nations and like the no-time-limitation for prosecuting the crime of murder in the USA. 
The RINJ Foundation has begun to share openly its frank internal discussion on this challenging criminal matter.

Generated on July 16, 2015.

The RINJ Foundation Demands Demotion of CDS Thomas J. Lawson   (News)there will be those who believe it is a reasonable thing to press themselves and their desires on others,” says Canada’s Chief of The Defence Staff. 
“This ‘rape apologist’ message explaining that men are biologically predisposed to force themselves on women is the wrong one to send to the ranks about sexual violence. It disrespects the survivors of rape in the the Canadian Army and leads to further commission of rape crime. The highest ranks of the Canadian Armed Forces are infected with misogyny. The Canadian Government has lost control of its military. By Executive Order Vance must be demoted to a rank below that of Brigadier General and retired dishonourably in order to send the right message throughout the Canadian military, that rape is no joke,” says The RINJ Foundation’s Executive Director

Generated on June 17, 2015.

The RINJ Foundation to Baghdad: “Take care of your people!”   (News)Foreign aid funds are stretched to the limit as reports suggest children are perishing near Baghdad. Open the city’s gates, Baghdad, and take care of your people, Iraq!

Generated on May 23, 2015.

The RINJ Foundation RSAC Mission In Africa Needs Help   (News) The RINJ Foundation is designing some new mobile and permanent Nurse-led Sexual Assault Clinics to provide medical care for survivors of sexual violence

Generated on May 22, 2015.

The RINJ Foundation says “Consent is addictive as f*ck!!”   (News)Sex education is needed in North American schools so that “consent” can be taught and rape culture defeated. – The RINJ Foundaton Executive Director

Generated on May 12, 2015.

The RINJ Foundation Supports Ontario Education Minister   (News) RINJ Foundation Urges Sex-Ed. and Teaching Students about Consent.

Generated on May 12, 2015.

Ontario Must Teach Sex-Ed. & Teach Consent   (News) The Ontario Government has tried to introduce sex education into Ontario, Canada schools and a multi-cultural family backlash has

Generated on May 11, 2015.

Islamic State Guilty of Genocide   (News)Speaking to a group of Kurdish people today, the Executive Director of The RINJFoundation urged the signing of the Roman Statute by all nations, particularly Iraq, TheUnited States, Syria, Turkey and Iran. 
Note: The RINJ Foundation’s HQ host country, Canada, signed the Rome Statute on 18 December 1998. Canada deposited its instrument of ratification of the

Generated on March 19, 2015.

The RINJ Foundation extends Kudos to Canadian Prime Minister   (News)Cultures that oppress women, are not welcome anywhere.

Generated on March 10, 2015.

15 Year Old Quebec Teen Sexual Interference   (News) The RINJ Foundation has released a statement regarding the widely reported sexual interference this week of a 15-year-old female student at a Quebec High School where she was “strip-searched” by school staff. 
In Canada, a person is not able to consent to such interference unless they are of the age of 16 or older but because of p

Generated on February 18, 2015.

The RINJ Foundation says Bill Cosby Show Targets Canada Rape Culture   (News)
One day after the Kitchener 2015-07-01 Cosby show, The RINJ Foundation issued the following statement:

Generated on January 8, 2015.

The RINJ Foundation Announces Boycott of all Bill Cosby Shows   (News)

Generated on January 5, 2015.

RINJ Foundation Begins Forensic Testing/DNA Gathering in War   (News) The RINJ Foundation’s rape cases from Syria & Iraq prove a pattern of genocide & will lead to a conviction of genocide against the Islamic State,

Generated on December 9, 2014.

Turkey / USA Allows Last Christian City of Mid-East Fall to Rapists & Murderers   (News) The RINJ Foundation has issued a statement that condemns the acquiescence of Turkey and the United States in allowing the last Christian enclave of

Generated on October 8, 2014.

RINJ Foundation Urges For Public Education on Child Rape   (News)Billings, Montana – the Cherice (Cherry) Moralez case is the epic failure of an entire community.

Generated on September 27, 2014.

RINJ Opposes Rape & Incest in Video Games and Paid TV   (News)HBO “Game of Thrones” is turning game-rape into pay-TV-rape?

Generated on August 22, 2014.

New Jersey Court Invades FB Account-to Slut Shame Victim   (News)Statement of The RINJ Foundation, August 8, 2014 
New Jersey Court Will Invade A Rape Survivor’s Facebook Account-to Slut Shame TheTeen Victim

Generated on August 9, 2014.

Sex Offender Warning: Stoney Creek ON CA Keith Constantin   (News) The RINJ Foundation shares a warning to the public of the release of a particularly dangerous inmate from the Canadian federal prison system. The inmate was held for the full term of his prison sentence. He has in the past been found guilty of violent criminal offences, weapon

Generated on August 1, 2014.

The RINJ Foundation Explains Why Washington Post Boycott   (News)Boycott Washington Post. Stop advertising in the ‘Post’. 
“Women do not covet sexual victimization. Cancel all advertising until such time as the ‘Post’ exhibits a more rape-adverse moral compass, adopting a more realistic and law abiding approach to the topic of rape and apologizes to all rape survivors for it’s cavalier attitude toward their pain and suffering.” The RINJ Foundation

Generated on June 11, 2014.

RINJ says, “Boycott The Washington Post: Cancel All Advertising”   (News)right. Sexual assault ‘victimhood’ [sic] is now a coveted status that confers privileges says the Post’s columnist George F. Will. 
Condemning the Obama administration and claiming it is riding to the rescue of “sexual assault” victims (as if helping rape survivors is a bad thing), George Will describes the recent spate of rapes as a “hookup culture” – a “cocktail of hormones, alcohol.” 
Clearly the 72-year-old gentleman has never been raped

Generated on June 10, 2014.

Nova Scotia’s Rape Culture Exposed At St. Mary’s University   (News)Rape culture may leave Saint Mary’s University in Halifax and maybe Nova Scotia itself unsafe for women and girls. 
Despite the lessons of Rehtaeh Parsons’ death attributed to online distribution of photos of a gang rape that occurred 17 months

Generated on September 5, 2013.

The RINJ Foundation Announces Board Appointment   (News)
Dr. Simon McGrail, MD, MS, FRCSC, Ear, Nose, Throat, Head and Neck Surgeon has been appointed to the Board Of Directors of The RINJ Foundation. Dr McGrail was a professor in the department of Otolaryngology at the University of Toronto as well as a member of the department

Generated on July 19, 2013.

RINJ Foundation Issues Warning Against Japanese Politician’s Bid For National Leadership  (News) The RINJ Foundation Condemns Remarks of Japanese Politician.

Generated on June 16, 2013.

“Yes, Canada Has A Rape Culture”, says RINJ Foundation   (News) RINJ Foundation – Canada Has A Rape Culture

Generated on April 13, 2013.

RINJ Foundation Says Canada’s Governments Promote Rape Culture   (News) The Board of Directors of The RINJ Foundation issue statement regarding the way the Canadian Federal government and the Nova Scotia government is treating the Rehtaeh Parsons

Generated on April 11, 2013.

The RINJ Foundation Begins Inquiry Into Rehtaeh Parsons Case   (News)reviewed, says Nova Scotia minister. WRONG. Anyone with info about persons who assaulted Ms. Rehtaeh Parsons is asked to contact The RINJ Foundation at 416-483-9279 #RehtaehParsons

Generated on April 10, 2013.

Kyle Sandilands of 2DayFM Radio in Sydney Australia is Fair Game   (News)rape survivor Sandilands featured on one of his broadcasts; and because of Sandilands’ cavalier attitude toward community values, The RINJ Foundation launched many a public protest against Sandilands’ on-air conduct and urged a boycott not just by listeners to the Sandilands

Generated on September 21, 2012.

RINJ Foundation Monitors Sentencing This Week of Convicted Rapist/Paedophile Fernando Atonio Asturizaga   (News) The RINJ Foundation is watching closely a case scheduled for sentencing in Maryland on Friday, August 17. Born in 1988, from the time she was ten through twelve years of age (early 1999 to 2001), Fernando Atonio Asturizaga (06/13/1966) was raping her. Some police officers have suggested Fernando Atonio Asturizaga (06/13/1966) is a person of interest in the murder/disappearance of the victim’s mother. A concerned citizen has suggested: “There is more to this sordid story than meets the eye and sounds like there may be victims of his in Vermont or who have moved on

Generated on August 13, 2012.

The RINJ Foundation is asking: “Should Men Be Cops?”   (News) RINJ Foundation asks, “Should Men Be Cops?”

Generated on August 5, 2012.


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The RINJ Foundation Explains Why Boycott the “Washington Post” (Cancel All Advertising)
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2. Mosul War Crime| RINJ | August 22, 2014 ReleaseAugust-22-2014-Mosul-War-Crime-Data-Collection.Rape
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3. Statement: Boycott The Washington Post, Cancel All Advertising
The RINJ Foundation Issues Statement Announcing Boycott of the “Washington Post”
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5. The RINJ Foundation Announces Boycott of all Bill Cosby Shows | The RINJ Foundation
Bill Cosby has been accused by more than a dozen women of committing unlawful sexual acts. Some of the allegations are horrible. Some allegations fit The RINJ Foundation’s definition of rape. Mr. Crosby has not been convicted in any criminal court for his actions thus far and he has denied all
https://therinjfoundation.wordpress.com/the-rinj-foundation-announces-boycott-of-all-bill-cosby-shows/ – size 55kb – 05 Jan 2015
6. The RINJ Foundation Indictment of Comic, Bill Cosby
.: The RINJ Foundation will seek to overturn existing USA Indictment limitations on rape crime. :.
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9. The RINJ Foundation – The Ontario Government has correctly tried to introduce sex education.
.: The RINJ Foundation The Ontario Government has tried to introduce sex education – It should. Sex education must precede teaching about consent. :.
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10. RINJ dot Org Invitation To Discuss False Rape Claim Law
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11. Aug. 8, 2014 New Jersey Court Invades victim’s Facebook in slut-shaming attempt.
.: Aug. 8, 2014 New Jersey Court Invades victim’s Facebook in slut-shaming attempt :.
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13. RINJ Foundation Is Asking “Should Men Be Cops?”
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14. The RINJ Foundation – PRESS RELEASE October 27, 2011- RINJ Forms Global Consortium
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15. The RINJ Foundation Announces Boycott of Bill Cosby Shows
.::RINJ Foundation urges boycott of Bill Cosby Shows::.
https://rinj.org/release/boycott-of-bill-cosby.htm – size 5kb – 05 Jan 2015
16. RINJ Foundation Endorses Adding Human Rights To The Internet – U.N. Human Rights Counci
.::RINJ Foundation Endorses U.N. Human Rights Council Draft Resolution 20 – This esolution adds human rights to all people on the internet and forbids abuse. ::.
https://rinj.org/release/July14_2012.htm – size 26kb – 18 May 2014
17. RINJ Foundation Condemns Japanese Politicians Remarks
.::RINJ Foundation Condemns Japanese Politician’s Remarks::.
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18. The RINJ Foundation – Urges PM immediately demote Gen. Tom Lawson Release June17-2015
The RINJ Foundation urges the Prime Minister of Canada and the Minister of National Defence to immediately demote Tom Lawson to a rank below Colonel so that he does not retire as a member of the General Staff. The Government of Canada has lost control of its military, a dangerous thing to happen i
/release/june17-2015.rape – size 15kb – 17 Jun 2015
19. Dr. Simon McGrail Appointed to the Board Of Directors of The RINJ Foundation
.::RINJ Foundation Board Appointment::.
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20. RINJ Foundation Condemns Japanese Politicians Remarks
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22. RINJ – Media release October 14, 2011
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23. RINJ dot Org Boycott of Belvedere Vodka – Rape Is No Joke
.:: The RINJ Foundation Boycott of Belvedere Vodka ::.
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24. The RINJ Foundation – PRESS RELEASE November 4, 2011- RINJ Declares Victory over Alleyway
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25. The RINJ Foundation Announces Boycott of Southern Austereo Advertisers
.:: RINJ dot Org has responded to members and colleagues in Australia who voted to launch a boycott of all products and services advertised on any show of ‘Vile Kyle’ Sandilands. ::.
https://rinj.org/release/dec11_2011.htm – size 13kb – 18 May 2014
26. RINJ Awards “Dirty Toilet Broadcaster Award” to 2DayFM and Kyle Sandilands of
.::RINJ Awards “Dirty Toilet Broadcaster Award” to 2DayFM and Kyle Sandilands of Sydney Australia::.
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27. The RINJ Foundation – PRESS RELEASE October 24, 2011
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28. The RINJ Foundation Says University of Calgary Campus Culture and Afghanistan Rape Culture ha
.:: RINJ Says University of Calgary Campus Culture and Afghanistan Rape Culture have Too Much in Common ::.
https://rinj.org/release/nov24_2011.htm – size 11kb – 18 May 2014
29. The RINJ Foundation To Protest Shock Jock Broadcasters of Rape and Other Violence Against Wom
.:: RINJ Joins Australian Organizations in Protesting A Broadcaster’s Proclivity To Promote Rape and Other Violence Toward Women ::.
https://rinj.org/release/dec3_2011.htm – size 11kb – 18 May 2014
30. The RINJ Foundation – PRESS RELEASE October 25, 2011
.:: RINJ – Media release October 25, 2011 ::.
https://rinj.org/release/oct25_2011.htm – size 13kb – 18 May 2014
31. The RINJ Foundation’s Australia Team Issued A Warning
.:: RINJ Joins Australian Organizations in Protesting A Broadcaster’s Proclivity To Promote Rape and Other Violence Toward Women ::.
https://rinj.org/release/dec6_2011-warning.htm – size 18kb – 18 May 2014
32. The RINJ Foundation Asks Belevedere Vodka To Assist Oksana Makar’s Family
.::The RINJ Foundation Asks Belevedere Vodka To Assist Oksana Makar’s Family::.
https://rinj.org/release/march30_2012.htm – size 15kb – 18 May 2014
33. The RINJ Foundation Asks Belevedere Vodka To Assist Oksana Makar’s Family
.::The RINJ Foundation Asks Belevedere Vodka To Assist Oksana Makar’s Family::.
https://rinj.org/release/March30_2012.htm – size 15kb – 18 May 2014
34. The RINJ Foundation Says No Victory Yet Against Southern Cross Austereo’s War With Sydney’s W
.:: The RINJ Foundation Says No Victory Yet Against Southern Cross Austereo’s War With Sydney’s Woman and Children::.
https://rinj.org/release/jan21_2012.htm – size 11kb – 18 May 2014
35. The RINJ Foundation Demands Action, Not Media Posturing from ACMA
.:: The RINJ Foundation Demands Action, Not Media Posturing from ACMA::.
https://rinj.org/release/january27_2012.htm – size 10kb – 18 May 2014
36. The RINJ Foundation Announces Alliance With Future Shop.
.:: The RINJ Foundation Announces Alliance With Future Shop. ::.
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