Missing young aboriginal women. There are too many.

Canada Has a Rape Culture:
Missing young aboriginal women. There are too many.

Missing Canadian Aboriginal Women

Missing Canadian Aboriginal Women

The Prime Minister of Canada has recently declared that this is a problem police should solve, not one for a national inquiry. With this intellectual dishonesty he has inflamed the situation to a boiling point. What everyone knows and nobody says is that both policing the perverts; and policing the police in Canada is a collective failing.

Please read about the Rinnelle Harper Case (Request for briefs).

Police have shown indifference.

Among the problems one encounters when investigating missing aboriginal women is police brutality, police crime, police indifference, police malfeasance, and in all, a quagmire that the conspiracy of police ‘brothers’ covers up. (Only a small percentage of police officers in Canada are women many of whom suffer terrible sexual harassment.)

Many missing women, and child-victim crimes involved police officers in some form of malfeasance.

This is not  a problem police are able to do anything about.

In the past thirty years the problem has grown.

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An independent inquiry, federally funded and led by aboriginal experts including investigators, lawyers and aboriginal NGO leaders should dissect the entire problem from criminal intent to police investigation and yield an answer as to why police in the last 30 years of Canadian history have not solved the sex crime and murder problem endured by aboriginal Canadian women. This criminality has roots, trunks, and branches that extend into all the wrong places owing to misogyny among police forces, widespread bigotry, poverty, vulnerability and exploitation.

Canada's Shame - Missing Aboriginal Women and Children and Canada's Rape Culture

Canada’s Shame – Missing Aboriginal Women and Children and Canada’s Rape Culture

The Royal Canadian mounted Police  revealed late in August 2014  that nearly 1,200 aboriginal women have been murdered or gone missing in Canada in the past 30 years. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. How many were raped and murdered is only a guess but it seems that maybe 160 were not raped and murdered.


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